Tata Motors introduces LPT 1618 powered by new 5L Turbotronn with EGR

The medium duty trucking industry is witnessing a demand shift from conventional 6 cylinder engine based heavy trucks to the more agile 4 cylinder powered Indian trucks that offer better productivity. With the increasing cost of fuel, transport owners are looking for more productive trucks that offer lesser cost/km. And therefore the evolution and flourishing of 4 cylinder engine based medium duty trucks that are based on the concept of frugal engineering and offer considerably higher mileage. Click here to check out Latest Indian trucks On the same premises, Tata Motors has introduced LPT 1618 truck powered by 5 Litre Turbotronn engine. This medium duty Tata truck gets power from a next generation 4 Cylinder engine, based on EGR technology of emission control. It is India’s first MCV truck offered in Cowl chassis version that gets powered by a 4 cylinder engine. With a best in class driveline warranty of 6 Years / 6 Lakh km, this new Tata truck chassis is bound to give serious heat to competition in the coming days.

Tata LPT 1618 EGR 5L Turbotronn

Tata LPT 1618 with 5L Turbotronn

The new 5 Litre Turbotronn motor produces 176 HP of enormous power and 590 Nm of torque, sufficient enough for this Tata truck to tackle all kinds of loads and roads. The company claims that this new Tata 6 wheeler truck offers the flattest torque curve in the industry. We would like to inform our readers here that a flat torque means uniform torque output over a wider range of engine rpm, that helps in better drivability by requiring lesser gear shifts. Turbotronn Engine While at an aggregate level, this new Tata truck is similar to the likes of Eicher Pro 3016 and BharatBenz 1617 which are both powered by 4 cylinder engine but SCR technology. At an overall medium duty trucking industry level, this new Tata 6 wheeler truck is likely to compete with Ashok Leyland 1618, BharatBenz 1617 and Eicher Pro 5016. Also Read :  Mahindra Forays into ICV trucks with Mahindra Furio range Till now, the medium & heavy trucks range of Tata Motors were powered by SCR technology which requires an additional urea based liquid called ad-blue for emission after-treatment. While SCR is a clearner technology for emission control, a lot of customers have chosen EGR powered Ashok Leyland trucks and Eicher trucks, owing to its simplicity of use by not requiring any regular consumption of additional fluid. This new introduction is likely to get all such customers back to Tata truck’s fold. Click here to Compare Trucks Also by offering the Cowl Chassis version, this new entrant is unlikely to cannibalize the volumes of the company’s own Tata Ultra 1518T, which competes with the likes of Eicher Pro 3015 and Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1214 for rated load applications.