Switch Mobility Unveils New IeV Series in India

Switch IeV 3 and IeV 4 Mini Truck

A hinduja group company, SWITCH Mobility Ltd (SWITCH) light commercial vehicle manufacturer unveiled new IeV series of two light commercial vehicles. It is a robust modular platform.
The switch IeV series offers best-in-class payload to GVW ratio, longest coverage of upto 120 km.The vehicle has a holding capacity of a container of 340 cubic feet and has a spacious body extending upto 9.7x 5.7 feet. The vehicle can be charged upto 80℅ in less than one hour. The vehicle has a payload value ranging in between 1.2-4.5 tonne. It is the first light commercial vehicle with this payload capacity in the market. The company has invested rs. 100 crore for development of new IeV 3 and IeV 4 series.

Switch lev3 and lev4

Switch IeV 3 and IeV 4 Electric Mini Trucks Features

1.) Battery and performance:-

The new IeVs have a robust battery packaging that ranges from 25.6 to 32.2 kwh LFP and these can be charged upto 80℅ within less than one hour. From this outstanding battery pack, it will deliver upto 300 km of operation in one day. With the DC charging( 30 kw charger) it takes only 60 minutes to get fully charged.

2.) Design and build:-

The IeV 3 and IeV 4 mini truck features a robust structure, two seating layout, sliding and reclining driver seat that makes a comfortable environment for the driver and enhances productivity. It offers eco-friendly solutions for the transportation needs. 'SWITCH' is provided which plays an important role in making transportation easy, comfortable, supporting cleaner and more efficient.

3.) Switch ion connect technology:-

Apart from all features, the IeV 3 and IeV 4 vehicles also get switch ion technology which have many features like vehicle tracking, geo-fencing and real time information.
Vehicle tracking basically improves security to protect your vehicles and provide better customer service with informed communication.

4.) Electric power steering:-

The new IeV series includes electric power steering. This system is easy to maintain, it does not require power steering and the main advantage of electric power steering is that it is more fuel efficient than a hydraulic system.

5.) Safety and technology:-

The hinduja group company, which is known for its safety in all vehicles, offers advanced safety features, reverse parking sensor (which measure the proximity of object at the back of car and warn the device), real time diagnostics, switch ion to enable remote and monitoring in IeV 3 and IeV 4 vehicle.

6.) Touchscreen Infotainment system:-

The vehicle also provides a touchscreen system that delivers information as well as entertainment content.

7.) Warranty:-

For the battery of IeV 3 and IeV 4 mini trucks, the company is offering a warranty of 5 years or 1.5 lakh km while for switch, it is offering a warranty of 3 years.

Switch IeV 3 Electric Mini Truck Specifications:

Range: The IeV 3 electric mini truck offers an impressive range of up to 120 km on a single charge. This makes it suitable for urban and short-haul applications.

Payload Capacity: It has a maximum payload capacity of 1200kg, making it ideal for transporting goods in urban environments.

Charging Time: The IeV 3 can be charged using a standard AC charger, and it takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge the battery. Fast charging options are also available, reducing downtime.

Motor Power: It is powered by an electric motor with a maximum output of 40 kW ensuring adequate acceleration and performance for urban driving.

Safety Features: The IeV 3 comes with advanced safety features such as anti-lock brakes, stability control, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for enhanced safety on the road.

Cabin Comfort: The cabin is designed for driver comfort with ergonomic seating, air conditioning, and a modern infotainment system.

Switch IeV 4 Electric Mini Truck Specifications:

Range: The Switch IeV 4 electric mini truck offers an extended range of up to 120 km on a single charge, making it suitable for both urban and regional transportation.

Payload Capacity: It boasts a higher payload capacity of 1700kg, making it suitable for a wider range of cargo transport needs.

Charging Time: Like the IeV 3, the IeV 4 can be charged using standard AC chargers and supports fast charging options. Charging times may vary, but a full charge typically takes around 6 hours.

Battery Capacity: The IeV 4 is equipped with a larger 32.2 kWh LFP lithium-ion battery pack, providing the extra energy needed for its extended range and higher payload capacity.

Motor Power: It features a more powerful electric motor with a maximum output of 60 kW ensuring efficient performance even with heavier loads.

Safety Features: Similar to the IeV 3, the IeV 4 includes advanced safety features such as collision avoidance systems and lane-keeping assistance.
The cabin of the IeV 4 is designed with driver comfort in mind, offering a spacious and ergonomic environment for long-haul driving.

Switch IeV 3 and IeV 4 Mini Truck Prices in india:-

Cabin Comfort: The price of switch IeV 3 and switch IeV 4 price mini trucks in India vary depending upon location and additional features. According to its outstanding features, it offers best-on-road price.

Impact of switch IeV series:-
The IeV 3 and IeV 4 mini trucks in India are the first electric commercial vehicle, switch IeV series in India is designed to provide efficient as well as eco friendly performance. The main approach of IeV 3 and IeV 4 mini trucks in India is to develop sustainable mobility.


Why should we buy IeV 3 and IeV 4 Mini Truck :-

There are several reasons to consider for buying IeV 3 and IeV mini truck:-

Environmental benefits:- Electrical commercial vehicles use electricity to charge instead of fossil fuels like diesel or petrol. That's why electrical commercial vehicles are more efficient as well as charging electric commercial vehicles is cheaper than filling diesel or petrol.
By using renewable energy sources, we can make the use of electric commercial vehicles more eco-friendly.

Overall cost:- Electrical commercial vehicles have low maintenance cost as compared to other diesel or petrol vehicles because they do not have any moving parts as well as the servicing requirements are less than petrol or diesel vehicles. Road tax and registration fees on purchasing electrical commercial vehicles are also less than diesel or petrol vehicles.

Reliability:- Hinduja group company, known for its reliable vehicles and the IeV 3 and IeV 4 vehicles have no exception. It is built to deal with tough conditions and also provide outstanding performance.

Battery performance:-  The IeV 3 and IeV 4 vehicles have impressive battery performance. From this battery performance, it can cover a distance of 120 km easily in one charge,which is very effective.

Where can we find IeV 3 and IeV 4 mini trucks?

You can find IeV 3 and IeV 4 trucks at authorised dealerships and distributors across India. It has an extensive network of sales and service outlets. The deliveries of IeV series trucks are set to begin from January 2024.


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