Latest Mini Trucks in India

Mini trucks epitomise versatility and efficiency, offering tailored transport solutions for diverse operational needs. Their customizable bodies allow for versatile adaptations, transforming them into mobile businesses or agile cargo carriers. Equipped with safety features such as seat belts, strong suspensions, and anti-lock braking systems, these compact vehicles ensure secure journeys while delivering optimal performance. With an impressive mileage range of 16-20 KMPL*. Mini trucks provide cost-effective and eco-friendly options, aligning with modern sustainability demands.

These mini trucks from different brands are available for sale in multiple body configurations. To know about latest mini truck price, specifications, loading capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired mini truck model from the list below. Mini truck price Rs. 4.21 Lakh to Rs. 7.07 Lakh in India.

Mini Truck Models

Top FAQ About Mini Trucks

You can buy Mini truck online from There are many options to buy here.
Mini trucks have a payload capacity ranging from 500 kg to 2 tonnes.
Yes, you can request a test drive of mini trucks before making a purchase.
The warranty period for mini trucks varies depending on the manufacturer and model.
Yes, the body of mini trucks can be customized as per your requirement.
Mini trucks come with safety features such as seat belts, strong suspension, and anti-lock braking system (ABS).
Mini trucks are powered by engines ranging from 600 cc to 2500 cc.
Mini trucks are known for their high fuel efficiency, with some models offering up to 25 km/l.
The most popular Mini Trucks in India are Tata Ace Gold, Maruti Suzuki Super Carry, Ashok Leyland DOST CNG.
Tata Ace Gold CX and Mahindra Jeeto Plus Petrol is the lowest priced Mini Truck in India.
The highest priced Mini Truck in India is Tata Ace HT Plus.

About Mini Trucks

Mini trucks redefine power and flexibility with their payload capacities ranging from 610 Kg to 900 Kg. Their fuel diversity, encompassing Electric Vehicles, CNG, Petrol, and Diesel options, empowers businesses to make environmentally conscious choices while meeting their transportation needs. Coupled with power outputs ranging from 20 HP to 35 HP, these vehicles are well-suited for urban deliveries, rural logistics, and specialised applications. Mini trucks stand as epitomes of adaptability, efficiency, and innovation, making them indispensable assets in the commercial vehicle domain.

Mini Trucks Price in India

The price of the mini truck reveals an enticing spectrum of options in the market, starting with the budget-friendly Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX at an inviting Rs.4.21 lakh* and moving up the ladder to the sophisticated. This pricing diversity underscores the industry's commitment to providing solutions that accommodate varying financial considerations and operational necessities. With the Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX, businesses and entrepreneurs can tap into an affordable yet capable hauling companion, while the Mini Truck caters to those seeking enhanced features and performance. These mini trucks symbolise the dynamic nature of India's transportation landscape, offering solutions that combine efficiency, affordability, and versatility to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

Mini Trucks Mileage

Mini trucks have gained substantial popularity in the commercial transportation landscape, thanks to their impressive fuel efficiency. These compact mini trucks offer a commendable mileage range of 16-20 KMPL*, making them highly economical options for businesses and individuals alike. With their efficient engines and optimised designs, mini trucks deliver cost savings and reduced environmental impact, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability. This mileage range underscores the practicality and utility of mini trucks, as they efficiently navigate urban and rural routes while minimising fuel expenses. Whether used for local deliveries, small-scale logistics, or various utility tasks, mini trucks' exceptional mileage makes them a prudent choice for those seeking to strike a balance between operational effectiveness and resource conservation.

Mini Trucks Dealer

Securing a reliable mini truck dealer is crucial to ensure a smooth and trouble-free purchasing process. At, we collaborate with authorised dealers all over India to guarantee your access to trustworthy vendors. Our platform includes a specialised segment designed to help you find authorised mini truck dealers near your area. We offer essential contact details, dealership information, and customer feedback to support you in making well-informed choices. Rely on our network of authorised dealers to provide you with an effortless buying journey and exceptional post-purchase assistance.

Mini Trucks Specifications and Features  

Customizable Body: Mini trucks offer a remarkable advantage in their versatility, allowing their bodies to be customised according to specific operational needs. This adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from cargo transport to mobile businesses like food trucks or mobile workshops.
Safety Features: Safety takes centre stage in mini trucks, ensuring secure journeys for both drivers and cargo. The inclusion of seat belts ensures that occupants are protected in case of sudden stops or impacts. The strong suspension system enhances stability, minimising the risk of accidents or cargo damage on uneven roads. An anti-lock braking system (ABS) adds an extra layer of control by preventing wheel lock-ups during sudden braking, improving overall vehicle stability.
Mileage Range: The remarkable mileage range of 16-20 KMPL* underscores the economic viability of mini trucks. This fuel efficiency translates into significant savings on fuel costs over time, making them a smart choice for businesses aiming to optimise their operational expenses while reducing their carbon footprint.
Payload Capacity: The flexibility in payload capacity, ranging from 610 Kg to 900 Kg, ensures that mini trucks can efficiently handle a variety of cargo loads. This adaptability suits different industries, whether it's transporting goods in urban settings or navigating rural terrains with diverse cargo requirements.
Fuel Flexibility: Mini trucks cater to the evolving market demands by offering a diverse range of fuel options. From environmentally friendly Electric Vehicles to more conventional choices like CNG, Petrol, and Diesel, these options empower businesses to align their transportation solutions with their sustainability goals.
Power Output: The power output of mini trucks, spanning from 20 HP to 35 HP, ensures that they possess ample strength to navigate various terrains and handle different payloads.

Latest Mini Trucks

Presenting the latest advancements in the realm of mini trucks, the Mahindra Supro CNG Duo and the Tata Ace Gold CNG Plus Cab Chassis are at the forefront of innovation in India's compact commercial vehicle sector.
The Mahindra Supro CNG Duo comes with a robust GVW of 1850 Kg, combining a 27 HP power output with CNG fuel efficiency. This amalgamation of power and eco-friendliness, coupled with a substantial 750 Kg payload capacity, positions it as a versatile choice for businesses looking for both performance and sustainability in their transportation solutions.
In a parallel stride, the Tata Ace Gold CNG Plus Cab Chassis enters the scene with a GVW of 1630 Kg, offering 26 HP of power propelled by CNG. This vehicle underscores Tata's commitment to environmentally conscious options, while its adaptable cab chassis design paves the way for versatile customizations, catering to specific operational prerequisites. Both these mini trucks encapsulate the ongoing drive towards meeting diverse market demands through innovation and versatility, promising enhanced choices for commercial vehicle users nationwide.

Best Mini Trucks

The mini truck landscape witnesses two formidable contenders that stand out in performance and value. The Tata Ace HT Plus, priced from Rs. 6.69 lakh* onwards, redefines excellence with a remarkable Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 1950 Kg and a robust power output of 35 HP. Its impressive payload capacity of 900 Kg ensures that it's more than just a compact vehicle; it's a reliable partner for a range of hauling needs. Seamlessly blending power and efficiency, the Tata Ace HT Plus is poised to make its mark as a benchmark for mini trucks in its class.
On the other end of the spectrum, the Mahindra Supro CNG Duo offers its own brand of excellence, boasting a payload capacity of 750 Kg and a power output of 27 HP. The Supro CNG Duo is designed to offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution, catering to businesses that prioritise both performance and sustainability. These two mini trucks represent the epitome of innovation and choice in the compact commercial vehicle sector, each catering to distinct needs while raising the bar for excellence.

Customer Reviews for Mini Trucks

Customers consistently praise mini trucks for their exceptional load-handling capacities, fuel efficiency, and sturdy build, ensuring reliable performance across various tasks. The incorporation of advanced safety features and well-designed cabins garners positive reviews, showcasing the dedication to driver comfort and cargo security. These mini trucks have become essential tools in industries ranging from construction to logistics, effectively meeting heavy-duty transportation requirements with ease. The overwhelmingly positive customer feedback underscores its commitment to delivering dependable solutions that seamlessly integrate power, durability, and innovation, impacting their satisfied user base.

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