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Thukral Electric Grand is a cutting-edge Auto Rickshaw designed with high mobility in mind. Because it is a Thukral Electric vehicle, this Auto Rickshaw is loaded with high-quality features. You can find the Thukral Electric Grand Auto Rickshaw here, along with its price, technical specifications, images, and variants.  The Thukral Electric Grand features a powerful motor that is powered by a battery.   Thukral EC-1 is a cargo e-rickshaw designed for last-mile cargo/logistics business transportation in urban and rural areas. This green vehicle can comfortably carry 310 kg of weight thanks to its powerful battery and high build quality.

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FAQs on Thukral 3 Wheelers

Some of the popular and high demand Thukral 3 wheelers are Thukral EC1, Thukral DLX and Thukral Grand electric 3 wheeler

Thukral ER1 is the least priced Thukral 3 wheeler, whose price starts from Rs 1.1 Lacs

You can check the most updated Thukral 3 wheeler & e rickshaws price list in India at along with best price offer

Thukral 3 wheeler and E Rickshaws has a wide range of payload options up to 312 Kg

The most recently launched Thukral 3 wheeler in India is Thukral ER1 stainless steel new E Rickshaw

The seating capacity of Thukral e rickshaw is upto 4 passenger

The most expensive Thukral 3 wheeler model in terms of pricing is Thukral EC1. This Thukral 3 wheeler is priced at a whopping Rs 1.3 Lacs

Thukral in India manufactures a wide range of electric vehicles like Thukral 3 wheelers, loading autos as well as auto rickshaws.

The biggest Thukral 3 wheeler with maximum loading capacity is Thukral EC1. This Thukral 3 wheeler has a payload capacity of 312 Kg

The mileage of any Thukral 3 wheeler depends on its gross weight, battery capacity, driver behaviour, load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. Thukral Grand gives 100 Kilometer range in a single charge.

The warranty period of Thukral 3 wheeler battery is 12 Months. displays the widest range of Thukral 3 wheelers available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy a new Thukral 3 wheeler or e rickshaw at the comfort of your home and at best price.

Thukral 3 wheeler plant is located at Adarsh Nagar in Delhi.

Thukral 3 Wheelers Introduction

Thukral Electric manufactures a diverse range of electric rickshaws aimed at India's value buyers. Built with modern motors and controllers that promise superior overall performance to help vehicle owners earn more profit. Thukral Electric rickshaws can handle any terrain, with greater climbing abilities on steep terrain in cities, towns, or rural roads. The rugged built quality, solid road presence, and durability are just a few of the key features of these entirely indigenous e-rickshaws. Thukral Electric e-rickshaws are affordable and practical to use in almost all of the daily applications of a micro transport entrepreneur, single owner on feeder routes, and are tailor-made of some of India's most popular applications.

New Thukral three wheeler

Thukral 3 wheeler are a manufacturer and exporter of Electric Rickshaw (tricycles). We have a large selection of Electric Auto Rickshaw. The three wheeler rickshaw is powered by state-of-the-art technology motors and controllers to provide the best performance on the road. The three wheeler rickshaw is cabled to handle any type of load while climbing without issue. We used high-quality tyres to support the load, and our rickshaw only has one spare wheel for the front and rear wheels.

Thukral three wheeler Price

The ex-showroom price of this passenger e-rickshaw is Rs. 1.30 lakh.

Thukral Three wheeler Features

• This Auto Rickshaw also has a good front suspension and a rear suspension.

• It also has excellent Drum Brakes brakes, which protect the driver from slippage and accidents.

• Manual transmission eliminates the need for additional clutches and gears.

• Thukral Electric Grand's rear and front tyre sizes are 3.75x12.

Thukral 3 wheeler Battery

The EC-1 has 1160 watt motors and four 130 Ah batteries. The Grand has a grade ability of 14%, making steep curves easier to climb.

Thukral three wheeler Dimensions

The tyres are 12" in diameter with a 3.75x12 iron rim. The cargo body is strong, rugged, and capable of carrying all types of cargo while also providing durability. The overall dimensions of the vehicle are 2766mm X 1384mm.

Thukral Three wheeler specifications

•Thukral three wheeler's powerful motor produces a lot of power and torque. The motor of an Auto Rickshaw performs well in tasks.

•Thukral Electric Grand has a top speed of 25 kmph.

•This Auto Rickshaw has a GVW of KG and three tyres.

•Quality Approved Range

•Experienced Professionals

•The Auto Rickshaw model features a spacious Day Cabin cabin and a 14% gradeability.

•Eco Friendly

•The Thukra three wheelerl Electric's cabin has an adjustable seat for passenger comfort.

•Sophisticated Infrastructure

•Easy Payment Modes

Thukral three wheeler price

The Thukral threee wheeler electric costs between Rs 1.20 and Rs 1.23 lakh. Keep checking back for an updated Thukral three wheeler electric price. The Thukral Electric Grand on-road price may change as a result of state-specific factors.