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ETO Motors 3 wheeler electric vehicles portfolio consists of both loading auto for cargo and auto rickshaws for passenger transportation. The company has an expertise in manufacturing cargo e-vehicles for heavy loads which are: Bulke Plus Cargo & Trilux passenger. ETO is an all-electric mobility ecosystem for passenger and first and last-mile business logistics. Built on the back of breakthrough engineering and innovative manufacturing. ETO delivers a multitude of solutions to cater to the entire spectrum of mobility.

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Top FAQs About ETO 3 Wheelers

The mileage of any ETO 3 wheeler depends on its gross weight, battery capacity, driver behaviour, load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. ETO Bulke Plus and Trilux gives 148 Kilometer range in a single charge.
Some of the popular and high demand ETO 3 wheelers are ETO Bulke plus and ETO Trilux electric 3 wheeler
ETO Trilux is the least priced ETO 3 wheeler, whose price starts from Rs 3.2 Lacs
You can check the most updated ETO 3 wheeler & e rickshaws price list in India at along with best price offer
ETO 3 wheeler and e rickshaw has a wide range of payload options up to 518 Kg
The most recently launched ETO 3 wheeler in India is ETO Bulke Plus
The seating capacity of ETO e rickshaw is upto 3 passenger
The most expensive ETO 3 wheeler model in terms of pricing is ETO Buke Plus. This ETO 3 wheeler is priced at a whopping Rs 3.66 Lacs
ETO in India manufactures a wide range of electric vehicles like ETO 3 wheelers, loading autos as well as auto rickshaws.
The biggest ETO 3 wheeler with maximum loading capacity is ETO Bulke Plus. This ETO 3 wheeler has a payload capacity of 518 Kg
The warranty period of ETO 3 wheeler battery is 12 Months. displays the widest range of ETO 3 wheelers available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy a new ETO 3 wheeler or e rickshaw at the comfort of your home and at best price.
ETO 3 wheeler plant is located at Madhapur in Telangana

ETO 3 Wheelers Introduction

Bulke Plus Cargo 3 Wheeler - It’s ICAT Certified electric 3 wheeler loader and features huge space for big cargos so in return increases productivity and is a profitable and tech savvy vehicle. Some of their prime clients are Big Basket and Amazon. 

The passenger electric 3 wheeler which has attracted Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to be its prime client.

Trilux Passenger 3 Wheeler

It is a ICAT CERTIFIED upscale 3 wheeler passenger friendly e-vehicle which not only provides utmost comfort but also features safety accessories like seatbelts, comfortable bucket seats, IoT-based tech which makes it convenient for the driver to track charging sockets around the corner.
The pleasant ride is yielded due to the inclusion of big tyres and extra-long wheelbase in the e-vehicle

Eto three-wheelers specifications

1. Ceaselessly working towards the financial and social betterment of this often-ignored strata of society with a range of schemes, incentives, and benefits.
2. ETO aspires to empower women drivers with this 'technology to change tomorrow.'
3. Fork Dampeners & Spring and Dampeners

Eto three-wheelers features

1. Affordable prices.
2. Last mile logistics and e-commerce deliveries.
3. LFP lithium – ion – battery.
4. Aerospace grade Aluminium frame.
5. Rear view camera with alarm.
6. GPS tracking system.
7. Regenerative breaking technology.

Eto three-wheelers model with details

1. ETO Bulke Plus EV Auto 3-Wheeler -
Power- 6.7 HP
GVW (Kg) - 1112 Kg
Payload - 518 Kg
Warranty- 3 Years
Additional- 148 Km and Fast charging in 3.5hrs with 50 amps charger
2. ETO Trilux EV Auto 3-Wheeler
Power- 6.7 HP
GVW (Kg) - 871 kg
Warranty - 3 Years
Additional- 148 Km and Fast charging in 3.5hrs with 50 amps charger

Eto three-wheelers price

1. ETO Bulke Plus EV Auto 3-Wheeler 
2. TO Trilux EV Auto 3-Wheeler 

Eto three-wheelers price in India

The 2022 price of ETO Bulke Plus and ETO Trilux can vary slightly from state to state and city to city. You can check the most updated Eto 3-wheeler & e rickshaws price list in India at along with the best price offer.

Conclusion displays the widest range of Eto three-wheelers available for sale in India with best price offers. With TrucksBuses, you can buy new Eto three-wheelers at the comfort of your home and at best price.
Three-wheelers are a type of vehicle that have three wheels and are typically smaller and more manoeuvrable than four-wheel vehicles. They may be powered by gasoline, electricity, or a combination of both. There are several advantages to using three-wheelers. They are often more fuel efficient than four-wheel vehicles and can be less expensive to purchase and maintain. They also tend to be more compact and easier to park in tight spaces. Additionally, three-wheelers can be easier to operate and may require less physical strength to ride or drive. In conclusion, three-wheelers can be a convenient and efficient option for certain types of travel, but it is important to carefully consider the potential advantages and disadvantages before making a decision to purchase or use one.
Eto 3 wheeler mileage
This ensures higher productivity and better mileage with lower overall cost of ownership. check Eto 3 wheeler mileage at