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Gkon 3 wheeler auto offers Butterfly battery operated rickshaw, Super Deluxe battery operated rickshaw, Super DLX battery operated rickshaw, SS battery operated rickshaw, Eco Friendly battery operated rickshaw and SS Model battery operated rickshaw. Gkon Electric Motor Vehicles manufactures battery-powered rickshaws and loaders. The company serves both the domestic and international markets with high-quality products that promise durability, features, and ease of driving. Gkon Cargo, Gkon Veer Cargo, Gkon E Cart Cargo, Gkon MS Cargo, Gkon Loader, Gkon Butterfly, Gkon Super Deluxe, Gkon Super DLX, Gkon PRO, Gkon Electric Ikon Deluxe, Gkon SS, Gkon Eco Friendly, and Gkon SS Fiber are among the passenger and cargo all-electric vehicles sold by the company.

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Top FAQs About Gkon 3 Wheelers

Gkon 3 wheeler plant is located at Faridabad in Haryana.
Some of the popular and high demand Gkon 3 wheelers are Gkon MS Loader and Gkon Super DLX electric 3 wheeler.
Gkon Veer Cargo is the least priced Gkon 3 wheeler, whose price starts from Rs. 0.59 Lacs.
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Gkon 3 wheeler and e rickshaw has a wide range of payload options, starting from 400 Kg and going up to 500 Kg.
The most recently launched Gkon 3 wheeler in India is Gkon E Cart Rickshaw.
The seating capacity of Gkon e rickshaw is upto 4 passenger.
The most expensive Gkon 3 wheeler model in terms of pricing is Gkon SS Model. This Gkon 3 wheeler is priced at a whopping Rs. 0.69 Lacs.
Gkon in India manufactures a wide range of electric vehicles like Gkon 3 wheelers, loading autos as well as auto rickshaws.
The biggest Gkon 3 wheeler with maximum loading capacity is Gkon Veer Cargo. This Gkon 3 wheeler has a payload capacity of 500 Kg.
The smallest Gkon 3 wheeler with minimum loading capacity is Gkon Eco Friendly.
The mileage of any Gkon 3 wheeler depends on its gross weight, battery capacity, driver behaviour, load in the vehicle, road condition, etc. Gkon Butterfly gives 120 Kilometer range in a single charge.
The warranty period of Gkon 3 wheeler battery is 12 Months.
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About Gkon 3 Wheelers

Gkon three wheeler Features:

This three-wheeler also has a good front suspension and a rear suspension.

It also has excellent Drum Brakes brakes, which protect the driver from slippage and accidents.

Automatic transmission eliminates the need for additional clutches and gears.

Body of the three wheeler resists corrosion.

Seat is very comfortable and is very simple to operate.

New Gkon three wheeler

Gkon 3 wheeler offers a payload of 500 kg, with its gross weight of . The power mahine behind this loading Gkon 3 wheeler is Electric Motor, 1000W, producing a maximum power of and a peak torque of. Gkon 3 wheeler comes with a load body size of , allowing the 3 wheeler auto owner to carry multitude of loads. With a powerful motor, this Gkon 3 wheeler offers a top speed of 22 Km/Hr.

Gkon three wheeler specifications

When it comes to Gkon Veer Cargo 3 wheeler specifications, we can divide them into two categories: engine / motor performance parameters and configuration parameters. The Gkon Veer Cargo 3 wheeler's power machine is an Electric Motor with a 1000W engine. In terms of design and construction, the Gkon Veer Cargo 3 wheeler has a payload of 500 kg and a GVW of. Gkon Veer Cargo 3 wheeler offers a superior body size of with a wheelbase of 2155 mm and an overall vehicle length of 2770 mm. This Gkon 3 wheeler is outfitted with 3.75x12 tyres for increased ground clearance.

Gkon three wheeler model

Gkon Electric is a popular Gkon model. Gkon Electric has an Unavailable Engine that produces 1000W of power and [Max Torque] torque. It comes with an Unavailable clutch and an Automatic transmission. The truck's top speed is Unavailable, and its turning radius is Unavailable. The dimensions of the tyres are 90x90x12 for the front and Unavailable for the rear. Gkon Electric has Drum Brakes and is currently unavailable. Tubeless tyres are not available in this truck, and ABS is not available. Standard seating is provided by the company.

Gkon three wheeler price

Gkon MS Cargo Electric price is Rs 0.60 - 0.63 Lakh. The Gkon Veer Cargo ex-showroom price in India starts at Rs 0.59 Lakh*. This Gkon 3 wheeler's price varies slightly depending on configuration, variant, and optional fitments. Similarly, the Gkon Veer Cargo on-road price varies from location to location. If you want to take out a 3 wheeler loan for Gkon Veer Cargo, TrucksBuses' cutting-edge EMI calculator will show you the breakdown of instalments as well as the total repayment amount.