Used Trucks for Sale in Maharashtra

FAQs on Used Trucks in Maharashtra

TrucksBuses lists the maximum number of old trucks in Maharashtra along with complete details like photos, price, and seller details.

You can find a lot of second hand trucks in Maharashtra at various platforms like OLX, Facebook Marketplace and at Used truck dealers and brokers dealing in sale purchase are available at

Any buyer of used trucks in Maharashtra can find the widest variety of second hand trucks in Maharashtra available for sale at You can choose from a variety of second hand trucks in Maharashtra with complete details and pics to choose the best used trucks.

Used truck dealers and brokers in Maharashtra , dealing in second hand truck sale purchase are available at with complete contact details

The price of any used trucks in Maharashtra depends on its year of manufacturing, vehicle condition, body type, document validity and tyre condition. Therefore, trucks in Maharashtra prices can vary a lot from vehicle to vehicle. You can check the price against respective vehicles above.

Yes, you can avail finance facility on used trucks in Maharashtra through

Yes, you can directly contact the seller if you like any particular old trucks in Maharashtra by clicking on contact seller button.

The buyer can directly contact the seller of any old trucks in Maharashtra available for sale and it is purely the buyer's choice to accept or reject the seller's offer after doing thorough due diligence of the vehicle's physical inspection, vehicle history and document check up. It is purely upto the buyer to coordinate directly with the seller whose details are available. TrucksBuses shall not be responsible for any dealing directly between the buyer and seller.

About Used Trucks in Maharashtra for Sale

TrucksBuses provides certified used trucks with complete documents. Check essential details like engine condition, body condition and tyre quality. We provide all the necessary information about the features of each truck. With TrucksBuses, buying a used truck in Maharashtra is hassle-free and transparent. Visit us now to explore our wide selection of quality trucks. You can find a reliable vehicle that meets your needs.

Price of Second-Hand Trucks in Maharashtra 

The price of second-hand trucks in Maharashtra can vary depending on factors such as the make, model, year of manufacture, tyre quality, body and engine condition, and any additional features or modifications. You can also visit physical locations such as used car markets or dealerships in Maharashtra to get a better idea of the prices in your specific area. At TrucksBuses, you can choose your desired used vehicle under an affordable price range that meets your requirements. 

Pre-Owned Truck Dealers in Maharashtra

Find a dealer in your nearest city and get vehicle details or advice for used trucks in Maharashtra. They can provide valuable information on various used truck models without multiple brokerage or additional expenses. If you have selected your favourite second-hand truck, negotiate the price directly with the dealer. This approach ensures transparency and helps you find the best deal for your needs. 

How to Buy Trucks in Maharashtra?

Buying a truck in Maharashtra is easy if you follow these steps:
  • Research: Determine your requirements such as payload capacity, model preferences and budget.
  • Find Dealer: Look for authorised dealerships or trusted platforms like TrucksBuses offering certified used trucks in Maharashtra. 
  • Inspect: Carefully inspect the condition of the truck's engine, body and tyres. Check documents for ownership history and service records.
  • Paperwork: Complete all necessary paperwork including transfer of ownership, insurance and registration.
By following these steps you can buy a truck in Maharashtra efficiently and safely.

Available Models of old Trucks on TrucksBuses

A variety of used trucks in Maharashtra are available here on TrucksBuses. Here you can get only a maximum of 15-year-old truck models. Many used truck models ranging from 2009 to 2024. You can also check whether it is the first owner, second owner, third owner, or more. You can easily filter out these used trucks depending on your requirements.