Used Ashok-leyland Trucks for Sale

Frequently Asked Questions on Used Ashok Leyland Trucks

The highest selling used ashok leyland truck models are 1618, 2518, 3118, 3718 and Ecomet 1214.
Yes, you can contact the seller if you like any particular vehicle by clicking on the contact seller button.
Yes, you can avail the financial facility on the used second hand Ashok Leyland trucks through with good rate of interest, minimum documentation and maximum loan amount.
The buyer can directly contact the seller of any second hand Ashok Leyland old truck available for sale and it is purely the buyer's choice to accept or reject the seller's offer after checking the vehicle physically, due diligence of vehicle history and document check up. It is purely up to the buyer to co-ordinate directly with the second hand Ashok Leyland truck seller whose details are available. TrucksBuses does not take any responsibility for any dealings directly between the buyer and seller.
The price of any used Ashok Leyland truck depends on its year of manufacturing, kilometer running, body type, vehicle condition, document validity and tyres. Therefore, old Ashok Leyland truck second hand price vary a lot from vehicle to vehicle but it can start from as low as Rs 80000 and can go as high as Rs 40 lacs.
As far as the old model Ashok Leyland second hand trucks for online sale is concerned, is the best online platform to check all the old trucks across the country.
You can find a lot of second hand Ashok Leyland trucks at . Ashok Lyland used truck dealers and brokers who offer a lot of old second hand Ashok Leyland truck options are available at
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About Used Ashok Leyland Trucks For Sale in India

TrucksBuses offers different used Ashok Leyland truck models. You can find the details of your preferred vehicle along with all the basic information. TrucksBuses provides valuable information about Ashok Leyland trucks. You can check the model, year, mileage and condition of the truck. It is a convenient way to explore options and make an informed decision.

Price Range of the Second Hand Ashok Leyland Trucks

Ashok Leyland trucks have different price ranges. The price of an Ashok Leyland truck varies according to factors like tyre quality, engine condition, year of manufacture, body condition, number of owners, kilometres travelled and registration year. Current credit status may affect the price range. Also, verify ownership details before finalising this used Ashok Leyland truck. The price of the Ashok Leyland trucks starts from ₹ 4,80,000 to ₹ 36,50,000. It's essential to research and compare prices across different listings to find the best deal that suits your budget and requirements.

Nearest Dealers of Used Ashok Leyland Trucks

For suitable vehicles, buyers should discuss with dealers about available vehicle options. Many reliable dealerships of used Ashok Leyland trucks are available in cities near you. They provide details of options available for second-hand Leyland trucks. You can find your vehicle as you need and budget. You can always try to contact the seller directly by avoiding multiple brokerages.

Checklist Before Purchasing Old Ashok Leyland Trucks

Before buying a used Ashok Leyland truck, it is important to go through a comprehensive checklist to ensure that you are making a wise investment. Here is a checklist that you can follow:
  • Vehicle History: Get a vehicle history report to check for any previous accidents, repairs or major problems.
  • Mechanical inspection: Have a qualified mechanic do a thorough inspection of the truck, including the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension and electrical systems.
  • Body and Frame Inspection: Check for signs of rust, corrosion, dents, and structural damage on the body and frame.
  • Tyre Condition: Inspect the tyres for tread depth, wear patterns, and signs of damage. Ensure they are roadworthy.
  • Test Drive: Take the truck for a test drive to assess its performance, handling, and any unusual noises or vibrations.
  • Documentation: Verify all necessary documents, including registration papers, insurance, service records, and any warranties.
  • Price Comparison: Research the market value of similar trucks to ensure the asking price is fair and reasonable.

Popular Truck Models of Old Ashok Leyland Brand 

  1. Ashok Leyland 2516: Known for its robust build and powerful performance, the Ashok Leyland 2516 is a popular choice for heavy-duty applications such as construction, mining and long-distance transportation.
  2. Ashok Leyland 3118: Ashok Leyland 3118 is famous for its high payload capacity, better engine performance and reliability. It is usually used for carrying heavy goods over long distances.
  3. Ashok Leyland 3718: With its robust build and efficient engine, the Ashok Leyland 3718 is desired for heavy-duty tasks like carrying heavy cargo, containers and construction material.
  4. Ashok Leyland 4923: The Ashok Leyland 4923 is a powerhouse among heavy trucks, known for its exceptional performance, durability and ability to tackle challenging terrains with ease.