Key Details of Eicher Pro 3014 Truck

160 HP
14052 Kg
3760 cc

Key Overview of Eicher Pro 3014 Truck

  • GVW (Kg)
    14052 Kg
  • Engine
    E494, 4V CRS
  • Power
  • Torque
  • Axle Configuration
  • Variants
    Cabin and chassis
    Cabin with load body
  • Load Body Options
    Fixed Side Deck
    High Side Deck
  • Body Length
    19.2 ft
    20.2 ft
    22.4 ft
    24.3 ft
  • Warranty
    4 Years unlimited Km on engine and gearbox
    3 Years unlimited Km on vehicle
  • Service Interval
    50,000 Km (Oil change)
  • Additional
    Fuel coaching
    MBooster+ Technology for multi drive modes
    Zero speed torque booster

Eicher Pro 3014 Truck Highlights

Eicher Pro 3014 truck is powered by 4 Cylinder E494 CRS Engine with EGR technology that churns out a massive power of 135 HP and 490 Nm of Maximum Torque. Pro 3000 series of Eicher trucks are fitted with parabolic leaf springs in front with anti-roll bar to improve driver comfort. Eicher Pro 3014 truck comes with 4 years unlimited km warranty on engine and gearbox. With a GVW of 13850 Kg, Eicher Pro 3014 truck comes with multiple loading span options from 17.2 feet to 24 feet. 2.1 m wide sleeper cabin with a host of utility features, 6-way adjustable seat, cruise control, tilt and telescopic power steering make this Eicher Pro 3000 Series truck stand apart from competition. Intelligent Fuel Coaching System helps the driver to maintain that sweet spot for achieving maximum fuel efficiency by improvising driver behaviour. This truck compares with Tata Ultra 1412. Submit interest to know more about Eicher Pro 3014 truck price or any other Eicher truck price.

Frequently Asked Questions on Eicher Pro 3014 Truck

Eicher Pro 3014 truck comes with a standard warranty of 4 Years unlimited Km on engine and gearbox# 3 Years unlimited Km on vehicle
The monthly EMI of any truck depends on the interest rate offered by bank, down payment made by the buyer and the loan tenure. Considering a 10% down payment and 9.5% rate of interest, the EMI of Eicher Pro 3014 is expected to be around Rs 47317 for a 5 year period
Eicher Pro 3014 comes with a 7 speed (7F+1R)# Hybrid gear shift lever# With Double Overdrive transmission along with a 330 mm dia clutch
Eicher Pro 3014 is available in multiple body options of 8150 mm (19 ft body)# 8460 mm (20 ft body)# 9115 mm (22 ft body)# 9730 mm (24 ft body)
Eicher Pro 3014 price starts from Rs 24.52-25.95 Lakh* . The 2023 price of Eicher Pro 3014 can vary slightly from state to state and city to city.
GVW of any truck is the sum total of empty kerb weight and the payload it can carry. Eicher Pro 3014 GVW is 14052 Kg
Payload defines the loading capacity of any truck. The payload of Eicher Pro 3014 is
Eicher Pro 3014 comes with 4 cylinder E494, 4V CRS engine and the engine displacement is 3760 cc
In terms of performance, Eicher Pro 3014 produces a maximum power of 160 [email protected] rpm and a maximum torque of 500 [email protected] rpm
Eicher Pro 3014 comes with Diesel fuel option and its fuel tank capacity is 190 Litres# 425 Litres
Gradeability of any truck defines its ability to climb upward slopes. The gradeability of Eicher Pro 3014 is 25%.
The tyre size of Eicher Pro 3014 is 8.25R20# Radial tyres# 6+1 tyres
Eicher Pro 3014 comes with Air brakes# With APDA unit

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