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Evage Motors is a major commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. The Evage truck series represents long platform trucks that are efficient and capable vehicles. Evage trucks are available in multiple configurations and load body length options. The top 2 Evage truck models in India are Evage DMN8 and Evage FR8. With a strong dedication to innovation and a focus on customer satisfaction, the Evage segment is constantly redefining the truck business.

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About EVage Trucks in India

With a strong dedication to innovation and a focus on customer satisfaction, the Evage segment is constantly redefining the truck business. These EVage trucks represent the high mileage, performance, and reliability for which Evage Motors is recognized. Check out the list below for key details of the latest Evage truck price, specifications, loading capacity, and mileage, click on your desired Evage truck model.

Evage Truck Price Range in India 2024

To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information for Evage trucks in India, it's best to visit the official website of Evage Motors or contact authorised dealerships directly. They can provide you with the latest pricing details based on the specific model and configuration you're interested in. Additionally, you can check online automotive marketplaces like TrucksBuses.com for pricing information on Evage trucks.

Evage Truck Mileage Per Litre

This phase explores the mileage range of these Evage trucks. The Evage trucks run on electric fuel with superior mileage. The mileage range can be different depending on various criteria like driving habits, road conditions, vehicle payload capacity, and average vehicle speed. Evage trucks come with large fuel tank capacity and run miles without needing refueling. 

Evage Truck Dealers in India

Here, you will find an extensive dealer network for supplying Evage trucks in various body length options. The licensed truck dealers are reliable and provide authorised information about Evage trucks. TrucksBuses play a vital role in connecting you with authorised dealers in your neighborhood. Evage truck dealers are dedicated to providing the best mobility solutions and prioritise your convenience, dependability, and safety. TrucksBuses listed dealers also provide post-purchase support like simplified maintenance services, easy replacement parts, and expert advice.

Evage Truck Specifications and Features

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: Evage trucks offer a wide range of GVW capacities ranging from 2550 kg to 44000 kg. Due to the large range of options available, organizations can select the best vehicle to meet their unique load-carrying needs, from light urban logistics to heavy industrial transportation.
  • Engine: Usually equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine suitable for commercial applications. For example, the Evage FR8 cargo truck produces a 24 horsepower range and 114 Nm of high-end torque.
  • Fuel Economy: Many Evage trucks are built with excellent fuel efficiency in mind, which reduces operating expenses and has less negative impact on the environment. These trucks are built to deliver the maximum possible mileage, helping businesses cut down on their transportation costs and carbon emissions.
  • Payload Capacity: The payload capacity of Evage truck models ranges from 928 kilograms to 30 tonnes.
  • Safety Features: Incorporation of advanced safety features such as service air brakes, EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), airbags, and sturdy chassis construction for enhanced protection.

Popular Evage Trucks

  • Evage DMN8: Known for its robust performance and reliability, the Evage DMN8 is a top choice for businesses requiring efficient transportation solutions. It has a payload capacity of 25 tons to 30 tons and 10x4 axle configurations. With its long platform and versatile configuration, it is suitable for a variety of industries and applications.
  • Evage FR8: The Evage FR8 is known for its exceptional mileage and load-carrying capacity. It has 928 kilograms of payload capacity. Also, it has a 24 horsepower engine with is designed to tackle long-distance transportation tasks with ease, offering a combination of power, efficiency, and durability.
These two Evage truck models are one of the most sought-after choices in the market due to their superior features, adaptability, and reputation for delivering reliable performance in demanding environments.

Customer Insights for Evage Trucks

While specific customer feedback for Evage trucks may vary, it's common to find positive reviews highlighting various aspects of these vehicles. Here's a general overview of the typical feedback:
Reliability: Many customers praise the reliability and durability of Evage trucks, saying they perform well even in challenging conditions.
Fuel Efficiency: Many users appreciate the fuel efficiency of Evage trucks, noting that they deliver good mileage, which helps reduce operating costs.
Performance: Customers often mention the powerful performance of Evage trucks, they have enough power to handle heavy loads and navigate difficult terrain.
Overall, customer feedback for Evage trucks tends to be favourable, with many users expressing satisfaction with their performance and reliability.

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