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At Tresa Motors, we are proud to be at the forefront of the green transportation revolution. Founded in 2022 by visionaries Rohan Shravan and Ravi Machani, Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicle is a trailblazing company based in Bangalore, India.

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Top FAQs About Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicles

Tresa commercial vehicles are very popular in India beacause of their top-notch engineering, advanced technology, and robust build quality, all at a competitive price point.
Modal vo.1 is the most popular model of Tresa commercial vehicles.
On road price can be different by state ,city and road tax. You can check the latest price of Tresa commercial vehicles on
You can find nearest dealer of Montra Comemercial vehicles on TrucksBuses by using dealer locater tool in India.
Tresa commercial vehicles offers different gross vehicle weight options with attractive look and heavy build quality and extra range in electric vehicles.

About Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicles

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation has led us to create cutting-edge commercial electric vehicles that redefine the norms of the industry. We understand the critical role that businesses play in shaping a sustainable future, and our range of electric trucks is designed to meet diverse transportation needs while minimizing environmental impact.

Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicle Price: Affordable and Competitive

One of the key advantages of choosing Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicles is the attractive pricing we offer for our electric trucks. Our commitment to making electric transportation accessible to a wider audience is reflected in our competitive pricing strategy. By opting for Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicles, businesses not only contribute to a greener planet but also make a sound financial investment for the long term. We believe that sustainability should not come at the cost of affordability, and our pricing policy is a testament to that belief.

Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicle Price in India: Unmatched Value for Quality

In India's fast-evolving commercial vehicle market, Tresa Motors stands out as a brand that delivers unmatched value for the quality of its products. Our electric trucks boast top-notch engineering, advanced technology, and robust build quality, all at a competitive price point. By offering exceptional value for money, we ensure that businesses across the country can embrace eco-friendly transportation without compromising on performance or efficiency.

Find Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicle Dealers Near You

With our growing network of authorized dealers across India, accessing Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicles has never been easier. Our dealership partners are carefully selected to provide the best customer experience, offering expert advice, seamless sales support, and reliable after-sales service. Whether you are in a bustling city or a remote town, you can find a Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicle dealer nearby, ready to assist you in making the transition to electric transportation.

Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicle Models: Tailored Solutions for Your Business

At Tresa Motors, we recognize that each business has unique transportation requirements. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of commercial electric vehicle models to cater to various industries and needs. Our fleet includes electric trucks with GVW ranging from 18 tons to 55 tons, providing flexibility and versatility for businesses of all sizes. From short-haul deliveries to heavy-duty logistics, Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicle models deliver optimal performance while reducing your carbon footprint.

Embrace the future of green transportation with Tresa Motors Commercial Vehicle. Join the movement towards sustainability, profitability, and innovation by choosing our electric trucks for your business needs. Together, let's build a greener and more prosperous tomorrow.