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M Auto Founded in April 2015, this company has always thought about the environment and is a pioneer of gender equality in work front. The company does a commendable job by manufacturing battery powered 3-wheelers and an admirable effort of employing a large number of women and transgender. The company is a proud owner of the largest fleet of e-vehicles which is about 20,000 in the nation running efficiently in various cities.

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FAQs on M Auto Commercial Vehicle

There are many options for buying a M Auto Commercial Vehicle in India, but TrucksBuses.com is one of the best online platforms. Which can tell you all the details of the vehicle in a single click.
M Auto commercial vehicles prioritize safety and come equipped with standard features such as seat belts, headlights, brake lights, rearview mirrors, and strong body structure to ensure the safety of passengers and cargo.
M Auto Aara is the most popular M Auto commercial vehicles.
M Auto Commercial Vehicles offer three-wheeler options with fuel-efficient engines and robust build quality, resulting in low maintenance costs. The spacious cabins make them suitable for a variety of commercial applications.
The price range of M Auto commercial vehicles may vary depending on the specific model, features and location. M Auto commercial vehicle price Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 2 lakhs.
Average maintenance costs for M Auto commercial vehicles vary by vehicle age, condition, and owner's maintenance and repair practices.
M Auto is a commercial vehicle manufacturer based in India. The company produces a range of tricycles designed for various commercial applications. In which passenger and loading type vehicles come.