Popular Tata Electric Mini Trucks in India


Tata is one of the leading commercial vehicle brands in India. Mini trucks are very important for small businesses in India. It is the main mode of transporting goods from one place to another. Tata has been a very important factor in growing small businesses in India. Tata mini trucks are used by most of the business people in India. These Tata mini trucks have a compact size which makes it easy to drive in densely populated urban areas where there are narrow roads. These mini trucks are also price-effective, as it is easy to purchase.

Tata has been a prominent leader in providing different fuel options of diesel and CNG in their mini trucks. Now they are coming into the electric commercial vehicle segment. Electric vehicles are a new age commercial vehicles which are gaining popularity in India. These are value for money electric mini trucks for the people as it is a fuel efficient vehicle and gives good range in a single charge. Tata electric mini trucks are eco-friendly vehicles that are beneficial for the environment.

Importance of Electric Vehicles

Benefits to the Environment - Electric vehicles are known for their pollution-free and eco-friendly nature. If we compare it with the other traditional fuel options, electric vehicles are beneficial for the environment. These Electric mini trucks produce zero emissions so it is beneficial for Indian conditions.
No relation to fuel prices - Electric vehicles have no relation to increasing or decreasing fuel prices in India as these vehicles run on battery. EV vehicles are different from traditional fuel options in India. The running cost would only depend on the electricity cost per unit in your area.
Reduce Noise Pollution - Electric vehicles produce very little noise as compared to the petrol, diesel, CNG mini trucks. It helps in reducing noise pollution immensely. You will enjoy a peaceful journey if you drive an electric vehicle

Tata Ace Electric Mini Trucks

Tata is a popular and one of the leading mini truck manufacturers in India. Other than traditional fuel options, Tata is offering its electric mini trucks to expand its mini trucks portfolio. Tata is known for providing strong and robust commercial vehicles with reliable engines. Now they are also in the segment of electric vehicles and it gives value for money vehicles to the consumer. Tata electric mini trucks consist of batteries.

Popular electric mini trucks which Tata is offering are the Tata Ace EV and Tata Ace EV 1000.

Tata Ace EV

Tata Ace EV mini truck is one the best EV mini trucks in India manufactured by Tata Motors. It is the first EV mini truck launched by Tata which creates less air pollution as compared to the other fuel options. This Tata Ace mini truck also reduces the running cost of the consumer as it gives a good range on a single charge. The Tata Ace electric is made to offer a more efficient and noise-free way of transporting goods and services. It is more useful for urban and more densely populated areas. It offers a range of 154 kilometers on a single charge.

Tata Motors Launches New Ace EV 1000 In India

Features of Tata Ace EV mini truck

Instrument cluster - The latest Tata Ace EV offers a 7 inch infotainment system and a new-gen instrument cluster.
Acceleration - The new Tata Ace EV goes from 0 to 30 kmph in 7 seconds which provides good acceleration to the driver.
IP67 rating - It also provides IP67 waterproofing standards which provides protection from rain splashes.
Gradeability - Tata EV mini truck also provides a gradeability of 22%.
Battery - It has a battery capacity of 21.3 kWh with liquid cooling system, it has fast charging system.
Range - The Tata Ace electric mini truck mileage is 154 kilometers in a single charge.
Payload - Tata Ace EV offers a good payload capacity of 600 kilograms in its mini truck.

Tata Ace EV Mini Truck Price in India

Tata offers good and reasonable prices of its mini trucks. Latest Tata Ace EV price in India starts from Rs.9.21 lakh ex-showroom. The on-road prices can change depending on the state rules and regulations.

Tata Ace EV 1000

The latest offering from Tata motors is Tata Ace EV 1000. This is a newly launched mini truck by Tata which offers good value for the customers. The 1000 in the name Tata Ace EV suggests its payload capacity. It has a 1000 kilogram payload capacity. The running cost of Ace EV 1000 Rs.1 per kilometer. Tata Ace EV 1000 mini truck is a combination of efficiency, power, and reliability. It is known for giving a good range of mileage on a single charge. This reduces the cost of maintaining the vehicle and it is beneficial for the consumer. It also has the dual capability of fast and slow charging.

Tata Ace 1000

Features of Tata Ace EV 1000 Mini Truck

High Pick up - It offers 130 Nm of torque resulting in a high end pick up for smoother and faster trips.
Range - Tata Ace EV 1000 offers a good vehicle range to the consumer. It can run up to 161 kilometers on a single charge. Which offers a good value for the end user.
Breaking - The Tata Ace EV 1000 mini truck offers regenerative braking while braking, coasting and downhill
Fast Charging- It is one of the key features of the Ace EV 1000 mini truck. In many vehicles, charging the vehicle takes a lot of time. But in Ace EV 1000, Tata offers fast charging technology which charges the battery in 105 minutes enabling multi shift operation.
Instrument cluster - Tata is offering a digital instrument cluster in its latest Tata Ace EV 1000 mini truck.
Battery - The new Tata Ace Electric has a battery capacity of 21.3 kWh with lithium-Iron Phosphate  battery chemistry.
Payload capacity - Tata offers the best in class payload capacity of 1000 kilograms. It will be very beneficial for the customer to load a large weight while transporting goods.

 Tata Ace EV 1000 Mini Truck Price in India

The latest Tata Ace EV 1000 mini truck ex-showroom price is Rs 7 lakh. New Tata Ace electric 1000 on-road price can change depending on from which city or state you are purchasing the vehicle. 


Tata Ace mini trucks have proved to be the best option for the customer. People want their commercial vehicles to be strong, reliable and fuel efficient. Tata fulfills the customer’s needs as it gives a good range in a single charge. Tata electric mini trucks focus on good fuel efficiency and eco-friendly factors as it tries to create less air pollution. Considering their cost-effectiveness, reliability, and strong body, these electric mini trucks had made transportation easy for the customer even in urban areas.

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