Force Traveller BS6 variants with price details

Travellers from Force Motors have been ruling city roads and outstation travel for quite some time, and this has been possible because of their versatility and inherent capabilities to adapt across multiple businesses and platforms. From serving as a tourist van, Traveller school bus, to an Ambulance, as a smart CitiBus and also as a Goods Carrier, the Force Traveller has touched across multiple domains. The Force Traveller, also widely referred to as Force Tempo Traveller by its customers, primarily falls under the category of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs). Owing to its monocoque body structure and superior power to weight ratio, competitive Force Traveller price, mileage that is class leading in the segment compared to any chassis based bus, it is one of the most preferred choice for tour & travels segment.

Force Traveller is now BS6 compliant and comes with approx 200 mm longer semi forward design, produces almost 28% higher power than before, digital instrument cluster and more. The new Traveller BS6 is equipped with SCR technology of meeting emission norms, which means now you will need to refill DEF (liquid urea bases solution) apart from diesel. For our readers wondering about the seating capacity options and features available, the list of Force Traveller models and variants is as under:

Force Traveller 3350 BS6

I bet some of you might be wondering what does 3350 stand for in the name? Well, it is the dimension of the wheelbase in mm, and is a naming convention followed by Force Motors for its other models as well. Built on a wheelbase of 3350 mm, Force Traveller 3350 is a D + 9/12/13/14 seater passenger van. It has a GVW of 3965 Kg and is armed with the diesel powered FM 2.6 CR ED engine and generates a maximum power output of 115 HP and a torque of 350 Nm. Force Traveller comes fitted with semi-elliptical leaf springs with telescopic shock absorbers and the engine is mated with G32-5 speed gearbox, thereby delivering both a comfortable and quality ride. With a fuel tank capacity of 70 litres and superior Force Traveller mileage, one can travel miles without refueling.


One of the highest selling model on this wheelbase is Force Traveller 12 seater. Some of the notable features that the Force Traveller 3350 has to offer are a choice of high back and reclining seats in the passenger space, a power steering and an option to mount the air-conditioner unit. Force Traveller 12 seater mileage hovers in the range of 11-14 KMPL depending on road, traffic conditions along with driver's skills. When one looks at the safety aspect, widely touted Force Tempo Traveller comes incorporated with both disc brakes and large drum brakes acting on the front and back wheels respectively. Force Traveller 14 seater price starts from Rs. 14 lakh.

Force Traveller Super 3700 BS6

With a wheelbase of 3700 and a GVW of 4300 Kg, Force Traveller 3700 Super offers four seating layouts namely, D+ 9/12/16/17. It runs on the same platform i.e. engine, technology and gearbox as in Traveller 3700. The Force Traveller Super interiors comprise of high back reclining standard seats for enhanced passenger comfort, bottle holder, mobile charging point, seat belts and an optional air-conditioner unit. On the exteriors, Force Traveller Superior comes with visually attractive blue coloured stickers running along the body length.

One of the most preferred variant on 3700 wheelbase is Force Traveller 17 seater van which comes in 2x1 seating layout. The Force Traveller 17 seater mileage per liter ranges between 10-14 Kmpl depending on passenger load, road condition, traffic condition and driver behavior. The Force Traveller 17 seater price starts from Rs. 15 lakh and the Force Traveller AC model is priced at Rs. 16 lakh.

Force Traveller Super 4020 BS6

One of the highest selling model on this platform is Force Traveller 20 seater, though it comes in 19+D configuration as well. Force Traveller 4020 Super is another offering in the people-mover van that one can consider for both inter and intra city commute. It comes armed with the same engine and runs on the same technology as other Traveller variants, and generates similar power and torque outputs.

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Variations are seen in the wheelbase and tyre size i.e. 4020 mm and 235/65 R16, respectively. Force Traveller 20 seater van is approx. 7 meters long and 1.9 m wide. The vehicle achieves a regulated top speed of 80 Km/Hr and has a booster coupled to the clutch. 

The Force Traveller 4020 Super comes incorporated with top-quality high back seats, a monocoque body crafted to provide complete safety and exceptional ride quality, and a twin blower AC with climate control (optional). Force Traveller 20 seater price compared to any regular bus makes it an attractive proposition to buy. BS6 4020 Force Traveller 20 seater on road price starts from Rs. 15 lakh.

Force Traveller Twin Tyre

On the same 4020 wheelbase, the Force Traveller twin tyre variant is also available for sale. Earlier it was widely referred as Force Traveller T2 or Traveller 26. It offers a wider 2225 mm body for enhanced seating space, enhanced shoulder space and suitability for 2x2 seat layout. With a GVW of 5900 Kg and 2596 cc FM 2.6 CR engine, this Force Traveller variant offers a maximum power of 115 HP and a torque of 350 Nm. The max seating capacity on this variant is 25 plus driver.

Force Traveller 3050 BS6

It is the smallest or the 2 window option of Force Tempo Traveller, as is rightly called by layman. It offers comfortable 9 seats but has option of 12 and 13 seats also. Force Traveller 3050 is available in both high roof as well as flat roof option. The BS6 compliant 3050 Force Traveller 13 seater price starts from RS. 11 lakh.

Force Traveller Wider 3350

The Traveller 3350 Wider Body by Force Motors is available in both 12 and 13 seater options.. It is powered by the same FM 2.6 CR ED SCR Technology engine as its counterparts and generates a maximum power of 115 HP and a torque pegged at 350 Nm.

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The BS6 compliant 3350 Wider has a GVW of 4125 Kg, overall length, width and height as 5615 mm, 2225 mm and 2670 mm, which is slightly more than its counterparts. The vehicle comes in the 4x2 axle-configuration, has an anti-roll bar, and a pretty decent ground clearance of 200 mm that makes maneuvering bumpy Indian roads a less tedious process.  

The diesel powered Force Traveller mileage is a good one and also reduces the number of visits to a re-fueling station, thereby easing load on the owner's pocket. Some of the features are power steering, an optional air conditioner unit, mobile charging point, bottle holder and standard passenger seats with high-back as an option. 

Force Traveller School Bus BS6

The Traveller School Bus, the yellow mini-van you often see honking outside student homes in the wee hours. All the models discussed above i.e. Traveller 26, 3050, 3350, 3700 and 4020 are already plying on roads as school buses. Force Motors, with their Traveller School Buses, have paid utmost attention towards the safety of the young ones with features such as hand-grails near the entrance, railings outside the windows, chin guards and grab handles, first-aid, fire extinguisher and an emergency door at the rear side of the bus. Traveller School bus variants are as under:

Force Traveller School Bus 3350

The Traveller 3350 School Bus from Force Motors has a 13 + A + D seater layout. Being a kids wagon, utmost attention has been paid towards the safety of the young ones with must-have features such as hand grails near the entrance, grab handles and an emergency door at the rear side of the bus. The BS6 compliant sports racks for convenient storage of school bags and other accessories. Force Traveller 14 seater school bus price starts from 12,57,755.

Force Traveller School Bus 3050

The Traveller School Bus 3050 can ferry up to 16 students (excluding the driver) at a go. When one looks at the safety aspect, this Force Traveller school bus does not disappoint as it comes incorporated with hydraulic, dual circuit, vacuum assisted brakes with ABS & EBD. With easy access to the emergency door situated at the rear end, inclusion of both a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, under-storage, driver partition, a smart dashboard and a large internal rear-view mirror, Traveller school bus has been winning parents and students trust for years.

The Force Traveller 16 seater school bus price starts from 11,89,321.

Force Traveller School Bus 17 Seater

Force Motors Traveller School Bus 3700 is a D + 17-seater mini-bus. One might have observed how high students jump on their seats when a normal bus encounters a speed-breaker, and chances of being injured rise significantly. Well, with Force Motors low design in place, it has been engineered in a way that delivers considerably low vibrations and harshness in the passenger space.  Like the models discussed above, the 3700 School Bus also comes loaded with a multitude of features addressed towards the safety of its occupants. Force Traveller 17 seater School Bus price starts from Rs. 13,99,949.

Force Traveller School Bus 20 Seater

The 4020 Traveller School Bus is another addition to its fleet of school-going mini-buses. The vehicle comes equipped with the monocoque type body structure that provides the much-desired safety and superior ride quality. The mini-bus also sports an optional Child Bus Tracker (CBT) system, that assists anxious parents keep an eye-out on the whereabouts of the bus and their child. The Traveller 4020 is a D + 19/20 seater bus, comes docked with a host of safety features and adequate storage space for school bags and other accessories. 

The Force Traveller School Bus 20 seater is priced at 14,50,769.

Force Traveller School Bus 25 Seater

The Traveller 25, as the name suggests can accommodate a massive 25 students (excluding the driver), just like any other regular school bus. With a ground clearance of 190 mm, the Traveller 25 School bus facilitates convenient and safe movement in and out of the vehicle. Other features linked that address the well-being of students include chin guards, rail guards, stanchion bars and window bar railings. The BS6 compliant Force Traveller 25 seater price starts from Rs. 17,01,316

Force Traveller Smart CitiBus

The Smart CitiBus is a city minibus versions. The low floor height makes entry and exit a less tedious process. It comes incorporated with multitude of features namely, passenger information system, stop button with a bell, internal camera and ITES integrated module. The door is of the jack knife type and stanchion bars help in maintaining balance while movement of passengers.

Force Traveller Ambulance BS6

The patient transport ambulance by Force Motors has been there for years, rushing through traffics, and doing its best to extend all the necessary support to both the patients and the team comprising of doctors and nurses. Force Traveller Ambulance comes in three variants Type B, Type C and Type D.

Some of the features the Force Traveller Ambulance comes incorporated with are a 10g approved and tested loader stretcher, dis-infected interiors with anti-bacterial properties, a provision for oxygen trolleys, air-conditioner unit, adequate space for medical inventory and the patient's family, top-notch wailing horn and high intensity flasher and a 270 degree rotatable door with self-locking.

Trust and Reliability are synonymous with this offering from Force Motors, serving Indian customers for decades together.