Top BS6 Ashok Leyland Trucks in India

Ashok Leyland is a flagship company of the Hinduja group, specializing in the manufacturing of commercial vehicles. It is the 2nd largest manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles in India and 10th largest in the world as a truck manufacturer. What has really worked for them throughout these years is their well-knit network of sales and services that is spread across the country.  

Their main competitors in HCV segment includes Tata Trucks, BharatBenz trucks, Eicher Trucks and Buses, Mahindra Truck and Bus and to stay above them, they need to keep innovation and improvement at the core of their products and services. The company introduced a unique iEGR technology in BSIV vehicles, a technology which did not require consumption of ad-blue (liquid urea based solution). When all the manufacturers including market leader Tata trucks from Tata Motors’ stable had come up with ad-blue based SCR technology for meeting emission norms, iEGR BS4 range of Ashok Leyland trucks became strong choice for heavy truck buyers.

Ashok Leyland’s iGen6 Technology

Now, with the advent of BS6 from 1st April 2020, Ashok Leyland has introduced Mid-Nox technology, also referred to as iGen6 technology, that consumes lesser DEF compared to its pure SCR technology based competitors. A complete range of BS6 Ashok Leyland trucks and buses has been introduced by the commercial vehicle manufacturer across the segments. Ashok Leyland truck mileage is likely to surprise the market in BS6 again, as in the past.

Modular Platform on Ashok Leyland BS6 Trucks

You may have heard of modular kitchens? What do they offer? Efficient and maximum space utilization, ease of installation, are movable and more. Well, the haulage truck from Ashok Leyland work on similar lines, not that you can carry the truck in your arms, but the way they have been designed i.e. one may observe a reduced number of parts and inter-operability between vehicular modules. The benefits are a plenty as being modular lessens spare parts variants to a great extent and maximum efficiency can be achieved with reduced dependencies.

Let us have a look at the major BS6 Ashok Leyland truck models introduced so far:

Ashok Leyland BS6 Truck Models

Ashok Leyland 1920 BS6

Ashok Leyland’s 1920 is powered by 6-cylinder H Series CRS engine that produces a maximum power of 200 HP and a maximum torque of 700 Nm. It has three variants to offer, namely the Cowl with Chassis, Cabin and Chassis and Cabin with Load Body. The deck lengths vary from 18 ft. to 32 ft., which makes it well-suited for applications as per user-requirements.

The 1920 comes mounted with a 380 mm diameter, organic clutch with a booster intact and the engine is mated to a 6 speed (6F + 1R) cable shift gearbox to offer superior mileage and exceptional performance. A gradeability of 23% gives it an edge over its competitors when it comes to traversing upward slopes.

Ashok Leyland 1920 BS6

With features such as power steering, a digital instrument cluster with mileage indicator and telematics are some of the advanced features aboard the Ashok Leyland 1920 truck.

Ashok Leyland 2820 BS6

The name says it all, this Ashok Leyland 10 wheeler truck has a massive Gross Vehicle Weight of 28000 Kg, which makes it look like a monster on the road. Similar to the Ashok Leyland 1920, H series CRS engine is in action here and delivers a maximum power output of 200 HP and a torque of 700 Nm. The truck comes in a 6x2 axle configuration, a couple of variants in the load body, and cargo lengths starting from 20 ft. and going up to 32 ft. Built with specifications like these make Ashok Leyland 2820 the ideal choice for transportation of heavy machinery, auto parts, industrial goods and much more.

Ashok Leyland 2820 BS6

The Mid-NOx technology ensures low consumption of AdBlue and enhances vehicle productivity and mileage. With features such as these, it can be rightly claimed that the 10 wheeler Ashok Leyland 2820 offers superior return on investment. 10 wheeler Ashok Leyland truck mileage was admired in the past and the same is likely to continue with 2820 as well.

Ashok Leyland 3520 BS6

Ashok Leyland 3520 with 8x2 axles, overcomes the 2820 in GVW, as this one is a mammoth 35000 Kg. It is powered with the same engine and delivers the same output in terms of power and torque as compared the former. The truck can achieve a top speed of 80 Km/Hr. Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks come in both twin steerable axle configuration as well lift axle configurations.

Ashok Leyland 3520 BS6

This Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler truck has air brakes with ASA technology that offer superior safety. The engine is a powerful 5660 cc and comes mated to a 6 speed (6F + 1R) and an 8 speed (optional) synchromesh gearbox to offer a superior Ashok Leyland truck mileage. 

The diesel-powered Ashok Leyland 3520 owing to its wide range of deck lengths and wheelbases comes out as the ideal truck for inter state distribution movement of goods.

Ashok Leyland 4220 BS6

The BS6 compliant 4220 Ashok Leyland truck is a 42 Ton vehicle and comes armed with the CRS, iGen6 technology engine. With a good gradeability of 21.82%, this 4220 Ashok Leyland 14 wheeler truck can traverse steep slopes with ease as compared to its counterparts. The feature that is bound to grab a prospective buyer’s attention is the 9-speed synchromesh (9F + 1R) gearbox and the hydraulically assisted power steering. To add to it, the 4220 has an improved cowl, a sleeper cabin option and is being offered in two variants: value/economy and premium. 

Ashok Leyland 4220 BS6

It delivers high on comfort – the driver cabin being spacious and airy with a new and improved suspension system and air-cooling, reliability and safety – powerful braking system thanks to ABS with the ASA acting on the rear side and an interactive digital instrument panel with driver assistance

Ashok Leyland 4225 BS6

14 wheeler Ashok Leyland truck also comes with a more powerful 250 HP engine. The powerful Ashok Leyland 4225 comes with a 4 cylinder A series engine and offers a high torque rated at 900 Nm.  Ashok Leyland 14 wheeler truck 4225 comes attached with the semi-elliptic multi leaf at the front and non-reactive parabolic shaped suspension at the rear, ABS incorporated braking system, and an engine coupled with a 9-speed (9F + 1R) cable shift gearbox to provide a safe ride with a superior mileage.

Ashok Leyland 4225 BS6

Ashok Leyland 4225 comes attached with a number of utilities such as an interactive digital cluster with driver assistance, a provision for AC/HVAC, grease-less clutch operation, reverse parking assistance and the ADDA and more to make the occupant’s ride a comfortable and an enjoyable one.

Ashok Leyland 4825 BS6

Ashok Leyland’s 4825 is the all-new 26 wheeler truck offering 47.5 tonnes of gross weight, with modularity at its core. This Ashok Leyland 16 wheeler truck is armed with the A-series BS6 complaint 4-cylinder CRS coupled with the iGen-6 technology, diesel powered engine, that promises to deliver a max. power output of 250 HP and a torque pegged at 900 Nm. The engine is matched to a 9-speed (9F + 1R) cable shift gearbox.

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The BS6 Ashok Leyland 4825 comes installed with Reverse Parking assistance that sounds an alarm to caution the driver and the ADDA (Advanced Digital Drive Assist), primarily for ease in navigation. There is a new and improved cooling system in place, with the incorporation of state-of-the-art cabins such as the G-cowl, M, U and V, and the next-GEN Mid-NOX technology to keep fuel consumption in check. With features such as these, the Ashok Leyland 4825 rides high on safety, mileage and comfort. It helps increase both the driver and vehicle productivity.

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015 HE BS6

The Ecomet Series of Ashok Leyland trucks has been around for quite some time. They have been crafted to deliver high on utility i.e. load carrying capacity and supreme ride quality. Almost every model comes with a number of variants in terms of deck lengths and wheelbase options, and this has been done to take care of the customer requirements.

Ashok Leyland Ecomet BS6

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015 HE BS6 is the latest to enter the 10 Ton segment with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 11,500 Kg. It is powered with the H-series BS6 compliant 4-cylinder CRS with iGen6 technology and this propels a max. power output of 150 HP and a torque rated at 450 Nm. Ashok Leyland 1015 BS6 comes fitted with a digital instrument cluster with a mileage indicator, power steering and a reverse gear buzzer to signal a passer-by.  With features such as these, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015 HE BS6 is bound to deliver high on occupant comfort. It offers multiple load body options spanning from 14 ft to 19 ft that makes it suitable for a multitude of applications.

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1115 HE BS6

The Ecomet 1115 HE BS6 from Ashok Leyland is another entrant in the 11 Ton segment with an axle configuration of 4x2. It comes armed with same H-series BS6 compliant 4-cylinder CRS, iGen6 technology engine that is capable of achieving a maximum power output of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 450 Nm.

With an engine displacement of 3839 cc, an attainable speed of up to 80 Km/H, a synchromesh 6 speed (6F + 1R) cable shift gearbox coupled to the engine to offer superior mileage and inclusion of a manually tiltable day cabin, Ashok Leyland 1115 Ecomet promises to deliver high on thrill, comfort, a much desired mileage and thereby provides the required boost to travel long distances. Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1115 HE BS6 also comes accompanied with the ADDA i.e. Advanced Digital Driver Assist that plays an important role in sustaining the occupant’s productivity on road.

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215 HE BS6

Ashok Leyland’s Ecomet 1215 HE is amongst the latest entrant in the 12 Ton category. It is well-suited for transportation of various commodities ranging from groceries, white goods, LPG cylinders, to tankers and more, owing to its wide cargo space and a load span that extends from 14 ft to 24 ft. This makes the 1215 HE a good choice for last mile distribution.

The H-series BS6 4-cylinder CRS with iGen6 technology comes into play here as well, with a maximum power output of 150 HP and a torque of 450 Nm. Ashok Leyland 1215 Ecomet comes attached with a semi-elliptic multileaf type suspension in action at both the front and rear ends, and this coupled with a synchromesh 6 speed (6F + 1R) gearbox delivers quality riding and a superior mileage respectively. Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215 HE comes equipped with power steering and Reverse Parking Assistance System (RPAS) to aid the driver and caution the people outside.

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1415 HE BS6

The all new Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1415 HE belongs to the 14 Ton segment (GVW of 14050 Kg) and is powered with the H series engine. Multiple deck lengths ranging from 14 ft to 24 ft and a large cargo space makes it well-suited for applications ranging across industries.

Ashok Leyland Ecomet Sleeper Cabin

What stands out from the rest is that Ashok Leyland’s 1415 HE has a provision for sleeper cabin also. Along with this, it comes incorporated with the revolutionary Mid-NOx technology that reduces ad-blue related expenses burden on the owner.

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE BS6

1615 HE Ecomet from Ashok Leyland is a 16 Ton vehicle, with body lengths varying across 17 ft. to 24 ft. and leads in the payload category across competition. Like its counterparts from Ashok Leyland itself, the 1615 comes armed with iGen6 technology, which is indigenous to India and deliver high on longevity and efficiency. It helps improve mileage by reducing the consumption of AdBlue. The vehicle produces a power output of 150 HP and a maximum torque of 450 Nm.

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 BS6 truck comes installed with the GSAS i.e. the Gear Shift Advisory System, which aids the driver in changing gears by providing timely signals. Like the 1415 HE, the vehicle in discussion comes in two variants i.e. the day and sleeper cabin. With features such as these, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 BS6 is the one to look out for and promises to exceed expectations with superior results.

Ashok Leyland Boss 1115 HB BS6

Powerful and profitable are the terms that define the BOSS Series from Ashok Leyland. Timely delivery & faster turn around time is what every vehicle in this category promises to offer to the businesses. It definitely is a good investment if one is looking at comfort and mileage as their parameters of judgement.

Ashok Leyland Boss 1115 HB BS6 is a 11 ton gross weight vehicle and is equipped with the H series CRS engine with iGen6 technology, which is similar to what the Ecomet has installed. It generates a power output of 150 HP with a max. torque of 450 Nm. Ashok Leyland Boss 1115 HB has a 4x2 axle configuration with a couple of body variants. A wheelbase of 3440 mm, 3490 mm, 4540 mm and 4940 mm with a provision of multiple deck lengths, makes the BOSS 1115 HB a good choice to be added to the cart.

The vehicle comes with a tiltable and telescopic steering wheel, tubeless tyres, provision for air-conditioner, a digital instrument cluster with a mileage indicator, and provides the truck driver the much-desired ease and comfort to go miles.      

Ashok Leyland Boss 1215 HB BS6

The BOSS 1215 comes attached with a hydraulically tiltable day cabin with sleeping provision, parabolic leaf springs with telescopic shock absorbers type suspension at the front and semi-elliptic leaf spring type in action on the rear wheels to offer superior comfort and a smooth ride. It is known to offer one of the best tuning circle radii in its class.      

Ashok Leyland Boss BS6

Ashok Leyland BOSS 1215 HB BS6 is equipped with a multitude of features ranging from a Gear Shift Advisory System (GSAS), music system, to pedestrian view, a projected metallic bumper and much more.

Ashok Leyland Boss 1315 HB BS6

The 1315 HB is a 13.1 Ton GVW variant that belongs to the BOSS series from Ashok Leyland. Like the other vehicles in the category, it is powered by the H series CRS engine with a displacement of 3839 cc. The engines come coupled with a 6 speed (6F + 1R) cable shift gearbox that rides high on delivering a superior mileage.

With deck lengths in the range of 14 ft. to 24 ft. wheelbase extending from 3400 mm to 5200 mm and a tyre size of 8.5x20, Ashok Leyland Boss 1315 HB is the ideal fit for transportation of voluminous and heavy loads such as parcel, e-commerce, food grains, poultry, automobile parts and much more. Ashok Leyland Boss1315 HB BS6 boasts of a multitude of features specifically the Reverse Park Alert Systems that aid the driver in obtaining a clear view of the rear side of the vehicle and the next being the Auto Exhaust brakes that ensure longevity of the braking system.

Ashok Leyland Boss 1415 HB BS6

Loaded with the all-powerful H series 3839 cc engine, a GVW of 14050 Kg, cargo body with lengths spanning in the range of 17 ft to 24 ft, and fitted with 8.25 x 20 16PR radial/tubeless tyres, the BS6 compliant 1415 HB BOSS by Ashok Leyland truck is set to take the road by storm.

Ashok Leyland Boss 1415 HB BS6 comes equipped with both the ADDA and RPAS, a tiltable and telescopic steering system and parabolic suspension acting on the front to deliver high on comfort. Basic amenities such as a quarter ventilation glass, mobile charging point, bottle holder and a music system, along with an ergonomically designed cabin is bound to give the occupant and his/her companions joy throughout the journeys that lie ahead.