Top 18 FAQs Before Buying a Used Commercial Vehicle

There are many commercial vehicle types available in India. A commercial truck is a registered vehicle used for a company's business, such as hauling any hazardous materials. Commercial trucks are classified into different categories on the basis of GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). If you are planning to buy a new or used commercial vehicle for your company or business purposes, then you must know the details of the commercial vehicle.

Some following questions related to commercial vehicles will help you get appropriate answers and solutions related to commercial vehicles. We hope that these Commercial Vehicles FAQs will be of great help to you in gaining knowledge about Commercial Vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions On Used Commercial Vehicles

Q1. What is a commercial vehicle?

Ans. We have seen the term commercial vehicle related to business-oriented cargo transportation and its loading-unloading applications. In general terms, those vehicles which are designed to help in the movement of heavy goods are called commercial vehicles.

Q2. Types of commercial vehicles?

Ans. Our inventory of commercial vehicles in India will provide you with the right choice for your operations. Along with this, you can choose any one of these according to your need and demand.

  • Tippers
  • Trucks
  • Bus
  • Tractor Trucks
  • Mini Trucks
  • Pickups
  • Transit Mixer
  • 3 Wheeler

Q.3 Which is the most trusted brand in the commercial vehicle market?

  • Tata Motor Limited - Tata Motor is the first and most popular brand in the list. It is an Indian automotive manufacturing company that manufactures Tata trucks, Tata mini trucks, Tata buses, sports cars, construction equipment and military vehicles. You can buy Used tata Trucks, Used tata Buses And used tata 3 wheeler of this brand.
  • Ashok leyland - Ashok Leyland company is India's largest commercial vehicle. It is the second largest manufacturer in India after Tata Motor which produces Ashok Leyland Trucks, Heavy and Medium Commercial Vehicles & Ashok Leyland Bus. You can buy Used Ashok Leyland Trucks, Used Ashok Leyland Buses from this brand.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra - It is also a popular brand among automobile manufacturers in India. M&M also produced trucks, mini trucks and buses. You can buy Used Mahindra Trucks, Used Mahindra Buses and Used mahindra 3 wheeler from this brand.
  • Eicher Motors
  • Force Motors
  • Bharat Benz
  • Volvo Trucks

Q.4 What Kind of Used Vehicle You Want?

Ans. First of all, you have to decide which brand of old vehicle you want to buy like a used truck, used bus, used 3 wheeler etc.

Q.5 What should we do before buying a second hand vehicle?

Ans. First, look into the condition of the vehicle you want to buy. Set your budget based on the vehicle's condition after inspecting it, but make sure the vehicle you buy is in good condition. Examine whether or not all of the vehicle's components are in good working order. To ensure satisfaction, test drive the vehicle yourself. Examine all of the documents required for the Vehicle.

Q6. What is the best age to buy a used vehicle?

Ans. The best age to buy a used vehicle depends on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the intended use of the vehicle. However, for many buyers, a used vehicle that is between 2 and 5 years old is a good option.

Q7. What is important to think when buying a used vehicle?

Ans. If buying a vehicle for work is considered a major decision for its owner, imagine the complexity involved in buying a fleet of vehicles for business use. If you are buying a used vehicle, then it is very important to check its quality. because light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, tippers, tractors and used buses, which need to be driven on long routes for long hours and even days, ideally with high-quality, Should be robust, comply with all safety norms and require low maintenance. Below are some points on which you can buy a used commercial vehicle after checking the quality.

  • Engine condition
  • Check the Interior and Exterior
  • Chassis condition
  • Tyre condition
  • Battery condition
  • Insurance
  • Warranty
  • Check all the Safety Features
  • Take a test drive
  • Documentation
  • Dealer support

Q8. Is mileage important while buying a used vehicle?

Ans. well yes it is! The following reasons show how important mileage is on a used vehicle:

  • Helps in determining the age of the vehicle.
  • Low mileage means that the vehicle is not in good condition.
  • Determines the maintenance records of the vehicle.

Q.9 How much should you pay for an extended warranty on a used vehicle?

Ans. Most used vehicle dealerships offer extended warranties on the vehicles they sell. You have the option of purchasing an extended warranty from the dealership or a third-party agency. It would be beneficial to buy the extended warranty from the dealer during the transaction. There will be additional offers as part of the deal, and you'll be able to save money while doing so.

Q.10 What should I look for in a used vehicle warranty?

Ans. Before purchasing an extended vehicle warranty you must read the warranty documents, identify the exceptions and confirm the services offered.

  • Warranty Limitations
  • Coverage Options
  • Servicing Options

Q.11 Why are you selling the vehicle?

Ans. Unless you are buying a certified vehicle through a reputed and trusted company that specializes in selling used vehicles, you need to ask the seller the reason for abandoning the vehicle. Who knows there might be some serious issue with the vehicle that will cause them to sell?

SELLER SHOULD KNOW - Inspection prior to purchase will reveal the true condition of the vehicle, and thus should answer this question honestly.

Q.12 Does the vehicle have an accident history?

Ans. You must know about the history of the vehicle and must report it if you are serious about buying it. This gives you time to carefully weigh your decision. For example, if you know that the vehicle has faced a major accident and has been refurbished, there is no point in buying such a vehicle. And if the accident was minor, you might get a good deal.

Q.13 What are the financing options for buying a vehicle?

Ans. You cannot pay instant cash while buying all second hand vehicles. Some of you have to think a lot about finance options like loans. Hence, it would be better to ask the seller in detail about the financing options available to buy the vehicle. Will they accept payment through other banks if they disburse the loan after processing? Or do they require a check or immediate cash payment? Accordingly, you have to decide whether you are ready to buy or not.

Q.14 Can I buy a car as per my current insurance plan?

Ans. If you already have an insurance plan, it is always wise to see if your new car can replace the old car and you can continue with the plan. While this is something that your insurance advisor will guide you about.

Q.15 Which is the best platform to buy a used commercial vehicle?

Ans. Yes, is the best platform for buying used commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, mini trucks, 3 wheeler of popular brands.

Q.16 How to Buy Used Vehicles in India?

Ans. Know a step by step guide to buy your vehicle.

  • First of all go to the website of TrucksBuses.
  • Go to the used vehicle section.
  • Select the vehicle you want to buy.
  • Now click on the contact seller of the vehicle you want to buy.
  • Fill in your details in the contact form. and relax, we will contact you soon.

Q17. How to contact Vehicle Nearest Dealers?

Ans. Yes, this is a very important question. We want to buy a vehicle but we can not find the nearest dealer so now feel stress free because TrucksBuses is the platform where all your problems regarding vehicle sell or purchase can be solved in just one click.

Q18. Can we contact the nearest dealer through call?

Ans. Yes, you can call TrucksBuses on 7011928595. We are well positioned to provide a one-stop solution for all your new and used commercial vehicle buying and selling needs.