Top 10 Electric Buses in India 2024 - Models List

India is on an oath of becoming green and polluted free, so why shouldn’t we take a stand for our country by just inculcating small things in our daily lives that can create a huge impact to our own environment. These days electric vehicles are on trend as they represent green technology and electric mobility to everyone. With this, let’s discuss top 10 best electric buses in India trending- 

Eka E9 Electric Bus

Eka E9

Manufactured by Eka Motors, Eka E9 has a seating capacity of around 31 people. Factory-built buses with air conditioning,  Monocoque chassis frame, fast charging with  disc brake with EBS service brakes and a variety of seating configurations give our Eka electric E bus range an edge. With Eka E9 bus, you have a bus for every seating capacity and need, meeting the business needs of everyone involved. The brand new Eka E9 bus comes with 268 horsepower and gross vehicle weight of 11984.

Tata Starbus Urban 9/12 m

Tata StarBus

Tata Motor’s product, Tata Starbus Urban 9/12 m is one of the best electric buses in India. It has a maximum seating capacity of 40 persons and runs at the maximum speed of 75 kms. The Tata Starbus Urban includes the gross vehicle weight of 17800 kg with a battery pack of around 186 kwh which is expandable. It is also equipped with the maximum power of 245 Kw motor and can be charged within 2 to 3 hours because of fast charging features.

The  Starbus Urban 9/12 m bus can go up to 150 kilometers in full charging at a time as it has a great battery backup. The vehicle comes with the lithium-ion expandable battery of 186 Kw. 

Ashok Leyland Circuit S

Ashok leyland circuit S

“Made in India” model, Ashok leyland Circuit S provides a great battery backup as it can travel up to 120 km on a one time full charge capacity. It has a seating capacity that ranges between 35 seats to 65 seats in the bus including the maximum power of 200 horsepower at 500 rpm. 

Price of this Ashok Leyland bus starts for 1.5 Cr which also includes some interesting features like sun mobility’s swappable battery. It’s a perfect hit as it does not require much maintenance and hence provides a great functionality.

Switch Metrodecker Electric Bus

Switch metrodecker

Designed to offer high end commutators, Switch Metrodecker Electric Bus is for providing a luxurious ride to the passengers. The electric bus has the variable seating capacity of 63+D, 84+D and 93 passengers, it has air conditioned luxury coach and comfortable seats for the passengers.

The bus can go for long distance in single charge with 4x2 axle configuration. The Switch Metrodecker works on automatic transmission and its overall width is 2500 mm. 

Switch e1 Electric Bus

Switch E1

Recently introduced electric bus from Switch bus manufacturer house is e1 Electric bus which is fully comfortable and zero carbon emission vehicle. It has 18000 kilograms gross vehicle weight and generated the power of 1678 horsepower. The brand new Switch e1 bus comes with some additional features such as wifi option and wireless phone charger options. Also the Switch e1 Electric bus front and rear are air suspension system.



Chinese manufacturer BYD K9 is one of the best electric buses among the top 10. It is equipped with the lithium ion bate=tery ig 313 kw which has a life warranty of around 6 to 10 years. The vehicle can go up to 250 kms in a single charge which is really amazing. 

The vehicle has the seating capacity of 30 people and can travel comfortably in length of 12 meters. It can get charged within the time span of 3 to 4 hours and runs with the maximum speed of 30 km/h. 

Zhongtong Electric Bus LCK6122EVG 


With a GVM of 18000 kg, Zhongtong Electric Bus LCK6122EVG is a city bus with a power battery of 400 AH. The vehicle is equipped with the lithium ion battery with maximum torque of 477 Nm and rated power of 80 Kw. For axle configuration, the vehicle has a 7.5 ton and rear axle of 13 tons. 

For suspension configuration it has air suspension including electro power type of steering and dual circuit air brakes. The vehicle also has a front disc brake and rear drum brake with ABS included. 

JBM ECOLIFE Electric Bus


With the fully built body, JBM ECOLIFE Electric Bus has the fog lights, tubeless tyres and front axle independent suspension also rear one is independent. The JBM ECOLIFE electric bus has Optional Fitments of EBS with anti lock breaking system, and also it has an emergency exit including parking brakes with the seating capacity of around 14 people. The vehicle is fully air conditioned which is also equipped with the direct type of drive, 6320 mm of wheelbase, fully built body type and comes with a luggage space as well. 

SkyPark Electric Bus

SkyPark Bus

This bus was introduced in the market by the first Telangana based automotive company. SkyPark is gaining huge popularity with its seating capacity of 36 individuals including the driver. It is equipped with the GVM of 16200 kg which is really a good one including 12 meters space inside the vehicle. 

Solaris Urbino 15 LE

Solaris Urbino

Manufactured by Solaris Bus & Coach, Solaris Urbino 15 LE can accommodate around 65 people and also has 470 Kw of lithium ion batteries. The Solaris Urbino 15 LE bus has some utility features for comfortable riding for passengers such as USB chargers, for reading it has also lamps and the seats are inbuilt with comfortable armrests.


These are the lists of all top 10 electric buses which are recently trending. These all buses have their individual specifications and qualities.

Don’t get confused while choosing which one is best for you all you have to do is to get to know what you want and what are your actual requirements. Among all these top 10 electric buses, pick one that matches your requirements and needs.

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