Under ETO Scheme ETO Motors Consigned 150 Auto Drivers in Mumbai

ETO motoer

Electric motors became India's largest electric mobility company as a service (EMaaS). It has up to 150 on-board drivers in Mumbai under their OWN YOUR ETO scheme,, which is a first -of -its -kind scheme that aims at the ETO 3 wheeler auto drivers in Mumbai. 

With the blessings of honorable chief guest Jitendra Babu Rao Patil, Joint Transport Commissioner, Government of Maharashtra, the driver partner recruitment was held on Dec 28, 2023. Loads of auto unions participated in this event from which around 150 auto drivers were selected for (OYE) scheme. 

All the driver partners are going to use an app provided by ETO. This app will give them the access to passengers requesting rides nearby in which a driver can easily publish his around 95 trips per week without any cancellation. All the drivers using this app will get their payment weekly through this app only as it is a part of OYE program. 

Managing director of ETO Motors, Mr Sunrendra Nath stated that “ We are India's largest EmaaS company with approx 1,500 driver partners and 1,500 electric three wheelers in different states of all over India. We give them an opportunity to earn a decent living through our app and consider that three wheeled vehicles are easy to use and also a most important step to restrain vehicle emissions and pollution. 

With this scheme we believe that our first 150 drivers will not only make a small contribution to job creation, but also provides an opportunity to the driver partners to drive the state -of -art e3Ws and transport passengers and with the help of our auto workers union, we also plan to add 500 e3Ws every quarter to ensure the peace of mind of Mumbaikers so that they could breathe easily”.

At the present time, ETO motors has partnered with the metros such as Delhi metro, Hyderabad metro, Nagpur metro for first mile, last mile and last mile connectivity of passengers as per the release statement. The e3W was manufactured at ETO’s motors state -of -the -art research and development laboratory. 

The press released that the e3W is manufactured with a sharp focus on safety and technology. This includes a fully integrated vehicle control unit loT connectivity platform. 

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