Tata CityRide buses with new front facia spotted on road

Tata buses have been known for their superior build quality, long life, reliability and comfort. The company operates in the ILCV (Intermediate & Light Commercial Vehicles) bus market in India under 3 popular brand names to cater to different segments. While on the higher end of spectrum, Tata Starbus Ultra caters to premium segment with its LPO bus platform, Tata Starbus (Marcopolo) caters to the mid segment and Tata CityRide buses cater to the value segment. Both the Tata Starbus Ultra as well as Tata Starbus range of buses are manufactured at TMML plant situated at Dharwad (Karnataka) while the CityRide brand of staff and school buses are manufactured at ACGL plant located in Goa. New Tata CityRide School Bus
New Tata CityRide School Bus
Tata CityRide buses, are quite popular in the school bus segment. While the Tata CityRide school bus model available few years ago did not gain that much traction owing to its plain looks, the last existing model (introduced around 3 years back) was a hot selling cake in the market. India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Tata Motors has introduced a yet another upgraded version of the CityRide brand of buses. new-tata-cityride-school-bus-rear new-tata-cityride-school-bus-rear Special point to notice in the new Tata CityRide bus is U-shape blackened FRP paneling on front facia as well as the rear facia. While the arc type smiley front on the earlier Tata CityRide buses did make a lot of happy customers in the market, the response on the newly introduced body only time will tell. One interesting change on the inside is fresh light green coloring of seats which used to be a bland grey earlier. Also, one can notice the panic button & VTS in these newly manufactured buses. New Tata CityRide School Bus Interiors New Tata CityRide School Bus Interiors Popular Tata school buses under the CityRide brand include :
  • Tata CityRide School Bus on LP 407/34
  • Tata CityRide School Bus on LP 709
  • Tata CityRide School Bus on LP 909
  • Tata CityRide Bus on LP 1112 – wider body most ideal for staff and college applications
  • And the recently introduced Tata City Ride School Bus on LP 407/29
Tata CityRide Bus Competitors While Tata Starbus Ultra competes with Eicher Skyline Pro range of buses, Tata CityRide bus range competes with Eicher Starline buses, SML Isuzu (often referred to in the marketplace as Swaraj Mazda buses), Mahindra Tourister Excelo range of buses and the popular Ashok Leyland Lynx Smart as well as Lynx Strong. Visit TrucksBuses.com to compare buses in India.