Tata Ace Just Got Bigger – New Ace HT Plus Launched


Tata Motors is introducing – Tata Ace HT Plus mini Truck, a manifestation of its one of the supreme product - ‘Chota Hathi’. Tata Motors has proved its mettle by selling more than 23 lakh of this vehicle across the nation. From past 16 years, Tata Ace has gradually bagged the first position in the segment. As we all know that Tata Ace has always been a much admired mini truck  and keeping in mind its market acceptance, the company has come up with Tata Ace HT Plus, a bigger version of with higher payload, longer load body and higher performance. 

Why Tata Ace HT Plus is more than a mini truck? 

Truly a new age and a promising vehicle, Tata Ace HT Plus has been fabricated with all the progressed specifications – a larger body length, higher payload, increased power and bigger tyres. The vehicle has been designed in a way to give it a feel of a pick-up truck but in a price of a mini truck. There is a sheer distinction between the erstwhile Tata Ace HT mini truck and Tata Ace HT Plus as the former vehicle was empowered by 702 cc naturally aspirated indirect injection engine with 16 HP power and 37.5 Nm torque and offered a moderate payload of 710 Kg possessing its 7 feet body size.

The further comparison can be seen in the below table:

Tata Ace HT Plus - now with longer load body length 

Tata Ace HT Plus mini truck has been contrived with the best in class body length of 8.2 feet and a dimension of 4070 mm x 1500 mm x 1845 mm which provides an opportunity to carry more load. The vehicle fits well in heavy traffic, narrow streets and has obedience to city movement as it features a compact body with a 9.25 m turning circle diameter and hydraulic disc brake in front and a hydraulic drum in a rear service brake.

Tata Ace HT Plus - now with more payload


With 8.2 feet longer body length and1950 kg of gross vehicle weight Tata Ace HT Plus offers a superior payload of 900 Kg. For carrying more loads, semi elliptical leaf suspension has been used as a rear suspension and a parabolic leaf suspension with rigid axle has been used as a front suspension.  

Tata Ace HT Plus - now with higher performance

Tata Motors has powered this new mini truck with an 800 cc common rail engine which delivers more power of 35 HP and 85 Nm high end torque. This diesel engine mini truck has a 5 speed (5F+1R) power transmission with synchromesh gearbox which can easily deliver a maximum speed limit of 80 Kmph. A huge fuel tank of a capacity of 30 liters brings a smile on the driver’s face as it reduces refuelling. The vehicle has also been provided with a BS6 compliant 10.5 liters capacity def tank. One of the most promising specifications is its reduction in turnaround time as it features a 36 % higher gradeability

Tata Ace HT Plus - now with bigger tyres

The vehicle is featured with 13 inch bigger radial tubeless tyres that provide a superior ground clearance of 160 mm which allows the driver to ride effortlessly on rough terrains and can glide easily on low maintained rural roads. The earlier Tata Ace mini trucks were equipped with 12 inches tyre which has been upgraded in Tata Ace HT Plus.

Tata Ace HT Plus - now with upgraded cabin

The vehicle has a stylish upgraded cabin which not only provides better safety but also utmost comfort with headrest on seats and a good legroom. The drivers can enjoy driving with an enhanced instrument cluster and a comfortable steering wheel. The provided Swish dashboard design, improved accelerator, brakes and clutch pedals and a bigger lockable glove box are some of the features which may attract customers. Tata Motors keeps in mind its customer’s valuable preferences, so has implanted the same eye-catchy rectangular headlamps of Tata Ace HT so as to give a similar look to the newly designed mini truck. 

Customers can buy this 1950 GVW Tata Ace HT Plus with both configuration, in cabin with chassis and cabin with fixed side deck body.
Tata Ace HT Plus brings a new wave in the segment as it is made in accordance to city movement beside benefiting its customers with lucrative features of a pick-up truck that will make the trips more pleasant, safe, comfortable and profitable.

Who is the competitor of Tata Ace HT Plus?

Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Mini is the main competitor of Tata Ace HT Plus in small commercial vehicle segment. Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Mini is designed with a 7.5 feet body length while Tata Ace HT Plus comes with a longer body length of 8.2 feet.  Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Mini delivers 26 HP of maximum power and 55 Nm of high end torque whereas Tata Ace HT Plus is more powerful with 35 HP of a maximum power and 85 Nm of a maximum torque. 

The further comparison between Tata Ace HT Plus & Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Mini can be seen in the below table: