Tata Ace Gold Price in India 2023 - Mileage & Loading Capacity

Tata Motors Limited, a reputed name in the global automotive industry, has an excellent record for innovation, luxury, and quality. It was founded in 1945 as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO). Tata motors manufactures a wide range of vehicles, trucks, vans and buses. Tata motors has continued to strengthen its position. Their commitment to quality can be seen in their manufacturing facilities, research and development centers. They are known for durability and deliver superior profitability.


Tata Ace Gold

Tata Ace Gold, a new addition to the Tata Motors family, is designed for thinking about comfort, the economy and for transportation needs. It is available in three engines - diesel, petrol and CNG. In this blog we will know about the details of this impressive vehicle, including its specifications, its features and price range in India.

Tata Ace Gold - Overview

It is a vehicle that comes with a gross vehicle weight of 1670 kg. This vehicle has a gradeability of 29%. This vehicle has an engine of 702 cc and the whole structure is designed for thinking about the driver's comfort and for fulfilling the transportation needs.

1. Engine and Performance:-

At the heart of the Tata Ace Gold Mini truck is a powerful and fuel-efficient engine. This mini truck is available in three engines: Petrol, diesel and CNG. Customers have a very good choice of buying any of them. This 30 liter fuel capacity engine delivers an impressive output and maximum torque of 45 Nm. The engine is mated to a multi-point fuel injection engine transmission, ensuring smooth and efficient power delivery to the wheels. The engine displacement capacity of this mini truck is 702 cc. 

2. Design and Build:-

The truck features a robust and durable chassis designed to withstand the rigors of commercial transportation. Its 4X2 configuration ensures excellent maneuverability and ease of use, sliding and reclining driver seat that makes a comfortable environment for the driver and enhances productivity, making it suitable for both urban and long-haul applications. The spacious and ergonomic cabin provides a comfortable environment for the driver, enhancing productivity during long journeys and a sitting capacity of driver +1.

3. Fuel Efficiency:-

One of the standout features of the Tata Ace Gold Mini truck is its remarkable fuel efficiency. The CNG powertrain not only reduces emissions but also offers cost savings on fuel. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint while improving their bottom line.

4.) Safety and ground clearance:- 

Safety is the first concern, and Tata does not compromise with it at all. With a ground clearance of 160 mm, we can confidently say that it is easy to navigate on the obstacled road, keeping the luggage safe.

5.) Fuel efficiency and range:-

Efficiency is the first thing that we think before buying a vehicle, Tata always offers the most efficient vehicles and Tata Ace Gold is no exception. With a 30 L fuel tank capacity, it offers the best range for covering large distances and it offers a maximum speed of 65 km/h.

6.) Payload capacity:- 

Tata Ace Gold has an excellent payload capacity of upto 750 kgs so that vehicle cam carry a high amount of load. Payload capacity is how much weight a vehicle can carry. 

7.) Brakes and suspension:- 

Braking and suspension systems are essential for smooth and safe driving. Tata Ace Gold has front disc brakes while the rear brakes are drum brakes which are easy to operate and help in better control. It has front suspension of rigid axle with parabolic leaf spring while rear suspension of live axle with semi- elliptical leaf spring and the maintenance of this system is cost economical and provides a longer life to the system.

8.)  Load body comparison:- 

In order to buy a vehicle for your transportation needs, you must first know the body dimensions of that vehicle. Tata Ace Gold has a compact body, designed for thinking about the crowded area and narrow streets for easy navigation, its dimensions measures a length of 3800 MM, a width of 1500 MM and a height of 1842 MM. It requires a minimum circular turning radius of 4300 MM. It has a ground clearance of 160 MM and a wheelbase of 2100 MM which is best for vehicle's weight balance and steering. The front track of Tata Ace Gold is of 1300 MM while the rear track is of 1320 MM.

Model name Tata Ace Gold
Length  3800 MM
Width 1500 MM
Height 1842 MM
Ground clearance 160 MM
Wheelbase 2100 MM
Front track 1300 MM
Rear track 1320 MM
Minimum turn circle radius 4300 MM


9.) Mileage capacity:-

Tata vehicles are known for their outstanding fuel efficiency. The average value of mileage of Tata Ace Gold is 15 km per litre. This fuel consumption rate makes this mini truck cost effective and best for transportation and business needs.

10.) Warranty:-

Tata Ace Gold offers a warranty of 2 years and a distance of 72000 kms, so if there is any damage within 2 years we can change the vehicle without any loss.

Tata Ace Gold Price

Tata Ace Gold offers interesting prices according to its specifications and features, The Tata Ace Gold mini truck in India starts at Rs. 4.21 lakh and varies up to Rs. 6.69 lakhs. It is a worthwhile investment for various reasons of engine capacity, robust structure, and payload capacity. Prices can vary from state to state, according to location specific taxes.


In conclusion, Tata Ace Gold mini truck is a best buy option in your budget. Tata Ace gold comes in more other variants that’s helping buyers choose the best option according to their requirements. 
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Ques. 1 Why should we buy a Tata Ace Gold Mini truck :-

Ans.1 There are several reasons to consider buying a Tata Ace Gold Mini truck:-
Environmental benefits:- This Tata Ace vehicle is available in three variants - petrol, diesel and CNG. You can buy any of the variants. CNG is cheaper than any of the fuel and also does not harm the environment. This CNG vehicle is eco friendly.

Overall cost:-. Tata Ace Gold is a very costly economical vehicle according to its specifications and features and the overall maintenance cost is much cheaper, best for business and transportation needs.
Reliability:- Tata vehicles are known for their reliable vehicles and Tata Ace Gold vehicles are no exception. It is built to deal with tough conditions and also provide outstanding performance.

Ques.2 Where can we find Tata Ace Gold Mini truck?

Ans.2 You can find Tata Ace Gold Mini Trucks at authorized dealerships and distributors across India. It has an extensive network of sales and service outlets. Delivery of Tata Ace Gold trucks is set to begin very soon.

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