Eicher introduces new Pro 3015 XP Truck


Introduction to heavy duty Eicher Pro 3015 XP

In this uprising decade of industrialization , Eicher trucks came up with its new launch of a muscular model heavy duty haulage truck called “Eicher Pro 3015 XP” .This is designed with extreme salient features having unending advantages or profits. The heavy duty Eicher Pro 3015 XP truck is based on the previous Eicher Pro 3015 model of Eicher trucks. The main difference between the two is, latter has an extra payload capacity and remarkably high GVW than the Eicher Pro 3015, which turns out this new model as a most suited and serviceable in this modernity of heavy haulage trucks.      


Eicher Pro 3015 XP specifications

The new Eicher Pro 3015 XP has various authentic and upgraded specifications. It has an Eicher engine “E494” with 3.8 l and 3760 cc having CRDI TCIC (common rate direct injection turbocharge (inter cooler), 4 cylinder inline and a BS6 diesel engine. The Eicher Pro 3015 XP engine provides an ultimate power of 180hp@2600 rpm and a torque of approx 600nm@1200-1800 rpm. The engine of Eicher Pro 3015 XP  is based on Eicher Eutech 6 technology consists the systems like DOC( diesel oxidation catalyst) , DPF(diesel particulate filter),SCR(selective catalytic reduction) , ASC(ammonia slip catalyst ) are preferably used. The ET 60s7, 7 speed gearbox having 362 mm diameter clutch is used in Eicher Pro 3015 XP which gives the truck model, a gradebility of 24% .There is a Monatron propeller shaft is used with no lubrication required that ultimately reduces its maintenance cost. In front suspension, parabolic leaft springs with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers are provided and in rear suspension semi elliptical leaf springs with helper springs are installed which gives the truck an outstanding extra payload capacity.