Daimler India increases existing portfolio with launch of 8 new BharatBenz Trucks and Buses

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) has increased its existing portfolio with the launch of 8 new BharatBenz BSVI models and comprises a total of 6 new trucks and 2 new buses. BharatBenz Trucks and Buses is projected to grow its sales and service network by 10% and plans to have over 250 touchpoints across India. BharatBenz, a subsidiary of Daimler AG, primarily wants to improve its reach, enhance its service capacity to 40,000 vehicles per month and cut-short the distance between two DICV dealerships from 160Km to 120Km.

The newly-launched BharatBenz Trucks ready to hit the road span across a diverse set of applications ranging from tankers to construction vehicles, all the way up to ‘reefer’ trucks.

BharatBenz Trucks - BharatBenz 1015R+ is an upgraded version of the 1015R and is now powered with the G85 gearbox for an enhanced gradeability - to traverse inclined surfaces with ease; and a promise to deliver consistently high-performance levels. The 1015R+ finds primary use in the delivery of vegetables and perishable goods.  

If one is predominantly involved in the day-to-day operations concerning FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and e-commerce, then the BharatBenz 1917R, which is available in a variety of load-span options from 20, 22, 24 and 31 (in Ft.) is the ideal choice. 



Next up is the BharatBenz 4228R that comes fitted with the M cab, that places the 4228R amongst the top of the list of fully-built trucks offering the longest loading spans. Applications range from containers to parcel transportation.

In addition to the 4228R, a special-variant – the 4228R Tanker Truck has been unveiled by BharatBenz Trucks to cater to applications that revolve around POL – Port of Loading, wherein goods are loaded into a vessel. This one comes attached with a mammoth 34-litre tanker loaded with a bunch of safety features.  

The BharatBenz 2828C is now available with an enhanced 22 CuM loading capacity with in-built protection features to ward of the risks associated with COVID-19. With the longest wheelbase in its class, the BS6 2828C is the preferred choice for coal transportation.

 The last amongst the latest entrants to the BharatBenz Truck family is the BSafe Express, which has been specifically designed for the safe and convenient delivery of COVID-19 vaccines across pan India. With valves to control temperature, humidity, and various other factors, the BSafe Express has been built to accelerate India’s COVID-19 mission.


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BharatBenz Buses – First up is the BharatBenz 1017, a 50-seater bus ideal for transportation of staff members as well as school and college students. With an enhanced capacity, the practice of maintaining social-distancing amongst the travelers would be kept intact.

The second addition to the BharatBenz Bus division is a category – the 1624 chassis, that comes attached with a parabolic suspension, and is a highly-preferred choice for intercity applications.  

To conclude, the newly-launched additions to the BharatBenz portfolio of commercial vehicles come furnished with infection-proof fabric seats, BSafe safety kits and dis-infection fogging machines.  The BSafe pack is included as a standard fitment in all BharatBenz trucks. Whereas, BharatBenz buses come installed with features such as pneumatic doors, no-touch on-boarding with auto-temperature sensor at entry points and an auto-sanitizer dispenser.