Ashok Leyland Introduces AVTR 4120 - India's first 4-axle 8x2 configuration truck with dual tyre lift axle

Ashok Leyland unveils the revolutionary AVTR 4120, a 14-wheeler long-haul vehicle that operates at a GVW of 40.5 tonnes and has an 8x2 axle-configuration mounted on a 4-axle platform. The AVTR 4120 comes equipped with an additional payload of 5 tonnes, which is significantly higher than its contemporaries, thereby generating higher revenues.


Ashok Leyland's AVTR 4120 dual axle configuration translates into a higher TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and better mileage. Let's understand how - The cargo truck operates at 40.5 tonnes with the lift-axle down, and at 28 tonnes when shifted upwards.  The latter configuration proves to be economical when the vehicle is loaded partially or lightly or is returning empty. 

The BS6 AVTR 4120's second axle is Dual Tyre Lift Axle. The provision of lifting the axle means fewer wheels are rolling on the surface, resulting in a lower fuel consumption and a reduced tyre wear.

 The 4120 by Ashok Leyland is built on the latest and newest modular platform for trucks - the AVTR. The cargo vehicle is backed by superior H-Series iGen6 technology engine and advanced telematics, the i-Alert. It also offers multiple cabin options - the M Cab, U Cab, and N Cab. The engine churns out 200 HP of maximum power and 700 Nm torque. The Ashok Leyland AVTR 4120 comes equipped with the Patented Parallelogram Technology, which allows for better tyre performance and long life. Another variant of the same 14 wheeler 8x2 truck offers 250 HP of max power and 900 Nm torque. This model is expected to be christened as AVTR Ashok Leyland 4125, however not officially revealed as yet.

The 4120 AVTR provides the ultimate driving experience possible due to the truckload of features onboard - suspended driver seat and cab with dampers, anti-roll bar placed in the front, ample storage space, metal-front facia, music system, and HVAC options.

Earlier in March, Tata Motors sent shockwaves down the CV industry with the launch of its 10-wheeler 6x2 3118 with DLTA. The AVTR 4120 could very well be the response of Ashok Leyland to Tata Motors. It is going to be highly interesting to watch as to who will win the market share.