Tata 3118 - India’s first 10 wheel truck with 31 ton GVW

Tata Motors announced the launch of Signa 3118.T, India’s first 10 wheel truck offering ever highest 31 tons of gross vehicle weight. Until now, 10-wheeler trucks offered 28 tons GVW, but Tata Signa 3118.T has managed to break that barrier being a 31-tonne 3 axle truck. Tata Signa 3118.T can be reconfigured to operate either as a 31 tons GVW with all wheels on the ground and 18.5 tons with the double tyre lift-axle up. This new 10 wheeler truck offering 31 tons GVW will be available in both Signa cabin as well as LPT cowl variants. 



Especially for tanker applications like POL tanker, milk tanker, an edible oil tanker, bitumen tanker, where the return trips are mostly empty, this new 10 wheel truck with double tyre lift axle promises superior fuel efficiency on return trips along with better tyre life. With a promise to maximize fuel efficiency, the Signa 3118.T is bound to deliver higher economic returns in the long run. 10 wheeler trucks with a 6x2 configuration comprise one single tyre axle in the front and two double tyre axles in the rear. The all-new Signa 3118.T has the potential to increase net operating margin by a whopping 45% compared to the 28-tonne truck. Moreover, the additional investment incurred with the Signa 3118.T truck’s purchase can be recovered in less than a year, thereby leading to more savings and delighted customers. It also offers 3.5 ton extra payload than a regular 28 tonner 10 wheel truck.

The all-new Tata Signa 3118.T and LPT 3118 gets powered by the BS6 Cummins engine that produces a power rating of 186 HP and an 850 Nm torque. The engine is further mated to a G950 6-speed transmission gear and heavy-duty axles. Tata Signa 3118.T is available in both the LX and CX variants and provides customers with the provision of the cowl variant. LX variant in new 10 wheel Tata 3118 offers features like air-conditioning and unitized wheel hub. This makes the Tata Signa 3118.T available across multiple deck lengths, thereby making it a suitable choice for applications across industries.

Aboard the Tata Signa 3118.T is a bucket-full of utility features, namely, gear-shift advisor, fuel economy switch for an economical drive, fleet edge telematics system integrated with the anti-fuel theft feature, reverse parking assistance, and the ICGT braking system for enhanced safety and brake life along with minimal maintenance costs.