Tata Pickups

Tata Motors has established itself as a reputable brand in the world of commercial vehicles, recognized for producing vehicles that meet a variety of transportation demands. Tata Pickups stand out among its excellent portfolio as dependable pickup that expertly combine durability, adaptability, and performance to satisfy the needs of many sectors and organisations.

Due to their adaptability, Tata Pickups are an excellent asset for companies of all sizes. These vehicles are excellent at adjusting to a variety of settings, from urban delivery to challenging off-road terrains.

Top FAQ About Tata Pickups

The payload range of Tata pickup is 1000 kg to 2000 kg.
TrucksBuses.com is an online platform for buying and selling commercial vehicles, including Tata pickups. Using this platform can provide customers with a wide selection of options and convenient purchasing options.
Tata Yodha is the lowest priced Tata pickup, with prices starting at Rs 8.2 Lakh.
The most expensive Tata pickup model in terms of price is the Tata Yodha 4X4. The price of this Tata pickup is Rs 9.25 lakh.
Some popular and highly demanded Tata pickups are Yodha 2.0 and Yodha 1700.
You can find the best Tata pickup with the best offers and best prices on our site, TrucksBuses.com.
Tata pickup has recently launched Yodha 2.0.

About Tata Pickups

Tata Pickups serve a variety of industries, including logistics, construction, agriculture, and more, with payload capabilities ranging from low to heavy-duty ranges. Tata Pickups consistently demonstrate their versatility, whether moving cargo inside city boundaries or through difficult rural terrain.

Tata Pickups are essential in adjusting to changing demands in a transportation environment that is continually changing. Tata Motors has added eco-friendly pickup truck alternatives as part of its growing focus on sustainable solutions. These solutions support government and commercial initiatives to promote cleaner travel options while also assisting in the reduction of emissions.

Tata Pickups are affordable and offer good value in the commercial vehicle industry, as seen by their price range, which ranges from Rs. 7 to Rs.10 lakhs*. Tata Pickups are a realistic alternative for a variety of sectors thanks to this range, which serves a wide range of businesses from tiny startups to major multinationals. These pickups, which start at Rs. 7 Lakhs, are an affordable option for companies looking for dependable transportation without sacrificing quality. The Rs. 10 Lakhs* figure, which represents the top of the range, indicates the addition of cutting-edge features, performance improvements, and greater payload capacity. The dedication of Tata Motors to provide a low price range is consistent with the company's goal of producing durable and adaptable cars that help companies succeed.

Tata Pickups Mileage

Tata Pickups are efficient and economical in the world of commercial transportation, as seen by their range of mileage, which ranges from 12 to 18 kilometers per liter (KMPL). These pickups provide a tactical edge for companies looking to reduce operational expenses thanks to their mileage range. Even under strenuous working conditions, the lower end of the range, at 12 KMPL, guarantees stable fuel efficiency, enabling ongoing savings. The 18 KMPL* benchmark at the top end shows the potential for great fuel economy, significantly improving the value of Tata Pickups. This range of mileage demonstrates Tata Motors' commitment to offering products that not only perform admirably but also improve the bottom lines of companies by lowering fuel costs and environmental effects.

Tata Pickups Dealer

The performance of the brand in the commercial vehicle industry is greatly influenced by the dealer network for Tata Pickups. As authorised Tata Motors dealers, Trucksbuses.com guarantees the availability of excellent, authentic pickups that are all covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Customers may easily find the best model for their unique needs with the help of Tata Pickups dealers, taking advantage of the dealers' in-depth knowledge of the market. These dealers put a high priority on client happiness and provide outstanding post-purchase assistance, including upkeep services and simple access to replacement components. This strong dealer network, which acts as a trusted and crucial partner in boosting the brand's image, serves to further amplify the innovation and dependability symbolised by Tata Pickups.

Tata Pickups Specifications and Features

Gross vehicle weight (GVW) range: Tata Pickups have a flexible GVW range extending from 1610 to 3490 Kg, guaranteeing they can successfully manage a variety of loads and operating needs.
Dynamic Power and Torque: Tata Pickups provide a wide range of performance capabilities with power options ranging from 30 to 100 HP and torque at 140 Nm. In order to serve a variety of sectors, this varied power-torque balance assures maximum effectiveness for both light and heavy-duty jobs.
Impressive Payload Capacity: Tata Pickups have impressive payload capabilities ranging from 1100 to 1500 Kg, enabling enterprises to move items quickly. This line offers adaptable logistics and delivery options by accommodating various cargo sizes and kinds.
Safety: Tata Pickups' well-designed braking system puts safety first and is safety-centric. These pickup trucks provide safe and controlled stopping power, improving on-road safety. They are outfitted with parking brakes, hydraulic disc brakes up front, and hydraulic drum brakes in the back.
Gearbox: Tata Pickups offer flawless gear transitions for a comfortable driving experience thanks to its 5-speed gearbox (5F+1R) with synchromesh technology and cable shift system. In particular, when commuting through cities and over various terrains, this gearbox configuration enhances driver comfort and operating efficiency.

Latest Tata Pickups

Introducing the latest wonder from Tata Motors, the Tata Intra V30 High Deck Pickup, created to improve your business transportation experience. This pickup, which has a dominating 70 HP, exemplifies the ideal fusion of power and accuracy. With a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 2565 kg, it exudes strength and can carry different loads with ease.

With its 1496 cc Diesel engine and 4 cylinders, the Tata Intra V30 High Deck Pickup epitomises economy. Along with its strength, the body's 8.8 x 5.3-foot proportions offer enough room for diverse freight carrying. Notably, its capabilities are enhanced by a payload capacity of 1300 kg, which meets a range of transportation requirements. The vehicle's 2-year/72,000-kilometre warranty underlines Tata's dedication to dependability and quality. Additionally, the Additional FE switch improves fuel efficiency, in line with the contemporary need for environmentally friendly solutions. The Tata Intra V30 High Deck Pickup is designed to not only meet but also beyond the expectations of organisations looking for dependable and effective transportation solutions with its amazing specs and a range of 14-16 KMPL.

Popular Tata Pickups

Tata's lineup of popular pickups includes the well-regarded Tata Yodha 1700 Pickup High Deck, available from Rs.10.6 lahks* onwards. This versatile vehicle offers a compelling combination of performance and utility, making it a standout choice for various hauling needs. With a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 3490 kg, the Yodha 1700 Pickup High Deck boasts the capacity to handle substantial loads, while its robust 100 HP power output ensures reliable and efficient operation.
Another notable model is the Tata Xenon Yodha 1700 Pickup, equipped with the same 100 HP power and a GVW of 3490 kg. This pickup runs on a fuel-efficient diesel engine with a displacement of 2200 cc and features four cylinders, further enhancing its capability and performance. The Xenon Yodha 1700 Pickup's well-rounded attributes, from its power delivery to its engine specifications, position it as a trusted workhorse in Tata's popular lineup of pickups, catering to a diverse range of commercial requirements.

Customer Reviews for Tata Pickups

Customers frequently praise Tata Pickups for their exceptional performance and feature-rich features. Positive reviews draw attention to modern safety measures, such as ABS and a sturdy chassis design, which guarantee secure and comfortable travel and are valued by both passengers and fleet operators. The interiors are roomy and comfy, which further improves passengers' travel experiences. The pickup' fuel economy and ecologically friendly design are also praised for their contribution to sustainable transportation methods. Customers like the pickups' cost-effectiveness, which is greatly influenced by their dependability and little maintenance needs. Overall, these positive client testimonials solidly confirm Tata Pickups as a trustworthy and creative service, successfully addressing the varied needs of modern transportation.

Why buy Tata Pickups from TrucksBuses?

Choosing Tata Pickups through TrucksBuses is a wise move that has several advantages. TrucksBuses guarantees the availability of authentic and high-quality pickups, all of which are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, as an authorised Tata Motors dealer. TrucksBuses helps businesses choose the ideal pickup model based on their unique needs by utilising their significant industry experience, assuring a smooth and comfortable purchase process.

Beyond simple transactions, TrucksBuses is dedicated to providing first-rate post-sale assistance, prompt maintenance, and easy access to replacement components. By selecting Tata Pickups from TrucksBuses, businesses can confidently invest in dependable, safe, and economical transportation solutions that satisfy a wide range of operational demands.