Tata 12 Wheeler / Tyre Trucks

Tata 12-wheeler tippers are rugged commercial vehicles built to haul heavy loads over long distances, with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 35,000 kilograms. These latest 12-wheeler Tata Hyva are versatile, coming in various cabin and load body setups to suit different transportation needs. Commonly used in industries such as construction, mining, logistics, and long-distance transportation, they offer reliability and durability.

Prices for Tata 12-wheeler tippers start at Rs. 37.31 lacs and go up to Rs. 58.19 lacs in India. These tipers offer multiple cabin and load body configurations. For the latest prices, specifications, loading capacity, mileage, and more, check out your desired Tata 12-wheeler tipper model from the list below.

Tata 12 Wheeler Truck Models

Top FAQ About Tata 12 Wheeler / Chakka Trucks

A Tata 12 Wheeler Truck is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 49-55 tonnes, designed for the transportation of heavy loads over long distances.

The payload capacity of a Tata 12 Wheeler Truck varies depending on the model and configuration, but can range from 25 to 40 tonnes.

Tata 12 Wheeler Trucks are commonly used in the construction, mining, logistics, and transportation industries for carrying heavy and bulky goods.

The engine power of a Tata 12 Wheeler Truck ranges from 177 to 267 horsepower, depending on the model.

Yes, Tata 12 Wheeler Trucks are designed to be fuel-efficient, with some models featuring advanced fuel-saving technologies.

Tata 12 Wheeler Trucks come with safety features such as air brakes, seat belts, and ABS (anti-lock braking system) to ensure the safety of the driver and other road users.

The maintenance cost of a Tata 12 Wheeler Truck varies depending on factors such as usage, age, and maintenance schedule. However, Tata Motors offers a comprehensive maintenance program to help reduce costs for customers.

Yes, Tata 12 Wheeler Trucks can be customized with features such as cabin size, chassis length, and payload capacity to meet specific requirements.

Tata Motors offers a standard warranty of 3 years or 3 lakh kilometers (whichever comes first) on its range of 12 Wheeler Trucks, along with optional extended warranty packages.

About Tata 12 Wheeler Trucks

Tata 12-wheeler tippers are reliable in construction, mining, logistics, and transportation due to their strong payload capacity and powerful engines. These 12 chakka dumpers can carry heavy loads of up to 25 tons to 28 tons, making them ideal for heavy-duty transportation with ease. With superior engines that produce power of 177  HP to 267 HP.  Tata 12-wheeler tippers are a reliable option for the transportation needs of various industries for heavy load carriage.

Tata 12 Wheeler Truck Price in India

The price of Tata 12-wheeler tippers may vary depending on the model and specifications, ranging from Rs. 37.31 lacs to Rs. 58.19 lacs. By clicking the Check Price button and providing your contact information, you can get all the information from TrucksBuses by your home comfort. They offer competitive prices and attractive financing options for Tata 12-wheeler tippers. With their support, customers can make informed decisions, ensuring they get the right tipper at the best possible price, and benefit from excellent after-sales service and support.

Tata 12 Wheeler Tipper Dealers

Find authorized Tata 12 Wheeler tipper dealers across India for seamless purchase and reliable service. With a vast network of dealerships spread across the country, you can easily locate a dealership near you. These Tata tipper dealers offer a range of Tata 12-wheeler tipper models along with expert guidance to help you choose the right model for your needs. Whether you are into construction, mining, logistics, or transportation, these dealers ensure a seamless buying experience. Trust their expertise for genuine Tata products and dedicated support for all your tippering needs.

Tata 12 Chakka Tipper Mileage Per Litre

Discover the impressive mileage of Tata 12 chakka tippers, ensuring cost-effective operations for your business. With efficient fuel consumption, these tippers offer excellent mileage on Indian roads that ensures high profitability. Whether you're transporting goods for construction, mining, logistics, or long-haul journeys, Tata 12-wheeler tippers deliver optimal fuel efficiency. Their reliable performance and economical mileage make them a preferred choice for businesses across India. 

Specifications of Tata 12 Wheeler Tippers

  • Engine Power Range: Tata 12-wheeler tippers are available in multiple engine power options, with horsepower ranging from 186 HP to 250 HP. This wide power range allows customers to choose a tipper that suits their specific transportation needs.
  • Payload Capacity: Customers can find Tata 12-wheeler tippers with payload capacities from 25 tons to 28 tons, depending on the model and setup, offering flexibility for various transportation needs in India.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Tata 12-chakka tippers are designed for good fuel efficiency. These tippers deliver superior mileage that makes them a reliable option for transporting heavy loads while keeping low operating costs.
  • Safety Features: The Tata 12-tyre tipper prioritizes safety with various features like ABS, air brakes, and good chassis design that ensure stability and control during operation. Additionally, some models may include features such as reverse parking sensors and speed limiters to enhance safety quotient.

Best 12-wheeler Tata Dumpers

Tata LPT 3521 is a reliable and versatile tipper, suitable for various heavy-duty applications. The best LPT 3521 tipper has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 35 tons and comes with a powerful engine and robust chassis, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions. This tipper is commonly used to transport heavy loads over long distances in industries such as construction, mining, and logistics. Its spacious cabin provides comfort for the driver, while safety features like ABS and air brakes enhance safety on the road. With its efficient fuel consumption and durable construction, the Tata LPT 3521 is a popular choice for businesses looking for a dependable solution to their transportation needs.

Customer Reviews for 12-wheeler Tata Tippers

Customers admire the Tata 12 tyre tipper for its reliability and durability which makes it a suitable choice for heavy-duty applications. These tippers are appreciated for their powerful engine, which handles heavy loads easily and ensures smooth transportation. The spacious cabin and comfortable seating arrangement garner positive feedback from drivers, enhancing their experience during long journeys. Safety features like ABS and air brakes provide peace of mind, while the fuel efficiency of the tipper helps in cost savings. However, some customers notice minor issues with maintenance costs and occasional breakdowns. Overall, the Tata 12 Tyre tipper earns praise for its performance, comfort and value for money, making it a reliable asset for businesses across various industries.

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