Eicher Starline Buses in India

Modern civilizations rely on public transit to link people and locations in an efficient and sustainable manner. Buses that are more advanced and dependable have been developed as a result of the outstanding technological and design improvements in the transportation sector throughout time. Eicher Motors, one of the major competitors in this market, unveiled the Starline line of buses to meet various public transport demands. The remarkable performance, safety features, and passenger comfort of the Eicher Starline buses have won them great acclaim.

These Eicher starline buses are available in multiple wheelbase options and seating configurations. To know about latest Eicher starline bus price, specifications, seating capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired Eicher starline bus model from the list below.

Eicher Starline Bus Models

Top FAQ About Eicher Starline Buses

Eicher Starline Buses have different seating capacities depending on the specific model, but they typically range from 18 to 42 seats.
Eicher Starline Buses are equipped with powerful and efficient engines that range from 3.8 liters to 5.2 liters, delivering power output ranging from 140 to 210 horsepower.
Yes, Eicher Starline Buses are designed to be fuel-efficient, which means they deliver good mileage and reduce operating costs.
Eicher Starline Buses are equipped with manual or automatic transmission, depending on the specific model.
The cabin of Eicher Starline Buses comes with an optional air conditioning system.
The warranty offered on Eicher Starline Buses varies depending on the specific model and region, but typically ranges from 1 to 5 years or a certain mileage, whichever comes first.
Yes, Eicher offers customization options for their Starline Buses to fit specific requirements such as seating capacity, interior amenities, and more.
Eicher Starline Buses are equipped with a range of safety features such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), reverse parking sensors, speed governors, and more.

About Eicher Starline Buses

The constant dedication to excellence and innovation at Eicher Motors led to the creation of the Starline series. These buses are made to accommodate a variety of transportation needs, from intercity to intra-city travel. The Starline buses are designed to be adaptable and dependable, guaranteeing passengers a smooth and effective journey. With a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and safety, Eicher Starline buses have established themselves as a well-liked option among fleet operators and transportation authorities worldwide.

By investing in Eicher Starline buses, cities and fleet operators show their dedication to offering dependable, effective, and environmentally responsible public transportation options. Eicher Starline buses are at the forefront of the revolution modernising public transport, delivering a greener, safer, and more enjoyable travel experience for passengers all over the world as urbanisation continues to increase.

Eicher Starline Buses Price in India

Due to their reliable performance and affordability, Eicher Starline buses were widely covered in the Indian market. The seating capacity, model variations, specs, and added amenities all had an impact on the price of Eicher Starline buses in India. The pricing range for Eicher Starline buses typically ranged from about Rs. 22 lakhs to Rs. 32 lakhs or more for top-tier models with cutting-edge facilities. It's crucial to keep in mind, though, that because of things like inflation, shifts in manufacturing costs, and model upgrades, pricing may have changed since my last update. Please visit TrucksBuses.com, an authorised Eicher dealership to get the most recent and accurate price information. To make an informed buying selection that satisfies your unique requirements and financial limits, always undertake in-depth research and compare several models.

Eicher Starline Buses Mileage

The estimated mileage for the Eicher Starline Bus is 5 to 7 Km/kg*. This data, meanwhile, should only be viewed as typical and susceptible to a number of variables, including average speed, passenger load, road conditions, and driving habits. Potential purchasers are recommended to get real-world feedback from other bus owners about the actual fuel economy experienced in realistic situations in order to make an informed buying decision. They can use this information to choose the best alternative given their particular application and financial restrictions.

Eicher Starline Buses Dealer

The dealer network for Eicher Starline buses is crucial to the company's performance in the public transport market. As authorised Eicher Motors dealers, TrucksBuses.com provides customers with authentic, premium buses that are covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. Customers may pick the best bus model for their needs with the aid of Eicher Starline buses Dealers, who have an in-depth understanding of the transportation sector. They place a high priority on client happiness and offer top-notch after-sales assistance, maintenance services, and easily accessible replacement components. The success and good reputation of the dependable and cutting-edge Eicher Starline buses are greatly enhanced by the dealer network, which serves as dependable partners.

Eicher Starline Buses features and Specifications

Power: The Eicher Starline Bus has a 115 HP engine, which is more than enough for the transportation activities it is designed to perform.
GVW: The bus's Gross Vehicle Weight of 9400 kg allows it to carry a sizable number of passengers while still maintaining stability and safety.
Fuel: CNG is used to power the bus, providing drivers with a cost- and environmentally-conscious fuel alternative.
Engine: A 3298 cc, 4-cylinder engine at the front of the bus provides power, ensuring effective operation and convenient access for maintenance.

Transmission: For the best driving experience, the 5-speed (5F+1R) ET35S5 Synchromesh gearbox offers seamless and smooth gear shifting.

Emission Standards: The bus complies with BS6 emission standards, which lowers hazardous pollutants and promotes a cleaner environment.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The bus has a fuel tank capacity of roughly 480 litres, which allows it to travel great distances between fill-ups.

Electricals: To power the bus's electrical systems and features, a 12V, 130 Ah battery (2x110 Amps) was installed.

Four-way adjustable driver's seat: Long trips may be driven in comfort thanks to this feature.

Enhanced driving comfort and control are provided by the power steering's tilt and telescoping adjustments.

Latest Eicher Starline Buses

Designed for staff and stage carriage uses, the Eicher 2090L CNG AC: Starline 39-Seater Bus is a dependable and effective vehicle. It is ideal for various uses because of its gross weight of 9400 kg and total length of 9344 mm. The bus is propelled by a 3298 cc, 4-cylinder, CNG-fueled E483 TCIC engine, which can provide a maximum output of 115 HP. The transmission for the gearbox has five speeds (5F+1R).

For a variety of transportation requirements, the Eicher 2090L CNG AC: Starline 39-Seater Bus is a useful and effective option. It has a potent front-mounted E483 TCIC engine with a 3298 cc capacity and a 4-cylinder design that produces a maximum of 115 HP and 360 Nm of torque. This Eicher bus provides long travels with a comfortable and enjoyable ride for passengers thanks to its spacious 480-litre CNG fuel tank and semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension.

Passengers may sit comfortably thanks to the 2x2 seating arrangement of the Eicher 2090L CNG AC bus. The side windows include sliding glass, which makes travelling more convenient. Semi-elliptical leaf springs in the front and rear of the car's suspension system ensure a pleasant ride for all of the passengers. Air brakes are used in this bus to provide dependable and effective braking for both drivers and passengers because safety is a top priority.

Best Eicher Starline Buses

With its remarkable characteristics, the Eicher 2090L CNG: Starline 39 Seater Bus is the best among all the Eicher Starline bus models. This bus, which has a 115 HP engine and a GVW of 9400 kg, is ideal for a variety of transportation requirements. It provides an economical and environmentally beneficial choice for operations and runs on CNG fuel. A 3298 cc, 4-cylinder engine guarantees dependable and effective performance on the road. A 5-speed (5F+1R) transmission provides fluid gear changes that improve the overall driving experience.

The Eicher 2090L CNG: Starline 39-Seater Bus has 39 seats total, including the driver (39+D). Passengers may enjoy their trips because of the 2x2 seating arrangement, which is pleasant and roomy. The bus has side windows with sliding glass that allow for appropriate ventilation and passenger comfort. All passengers will have a smooth and enjoyable ride thanks to the front and rear suspension's semi-elliptical leaf springs. For staff and stage carriage applications, the Eicher 2090L CNG: Starline 39-Seater Bus combines strength, comfort, and efficiency. This bus provides a dependable and practical transportation option for a variety of travel circumstances thanks to its powerful engine, environmentally friendly CNG fuel, and large cabin.

Customer Reviews for Eicher Starline Buses

Customers routinely praise Eicher Starline buses for their exceptional performance and features in their ratings, which are primarily favourable. The buses' cutting-edge safety features, such as ABS and a sturdy chassis, are praised by both passengers and fleet operators for assuring a secure and comfortable ride. Travellers enjoy their experience because of the roomy and comfy interiors. The buses' fuel economy and ecologically friendly design are praised for supporting sustainability goals. Customers are appreciative of the buses' dependability and little maintenance requirements, which help to keep them affordable. The positive customer reviews solidify Eicher Starline buses' standing as a trustworthy and creative solution, fully satisfying the varied demands of modern transport.

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