Bharat Benz School Buses in India

BharatBenz is a manufacturer of trucks and buses. They designed their vehicles for high safety, luxury cabins and outstanding performance, if we talk about the BharatBenz school buses it comes with powerful engines, outstanding mileage, high torque and big tyre sizes for more ground clearance. BharatBenz school buses are basically used for child transportation and for school purposes. The BharatBenz school buses prices start with Rs 37.37 lakhs and go up to Rs 37.70 lakhs in India.

Bharat Benz School Bus Models

Top FAQ About Bharat Benz School Buses

Bharat Benz School Bus is a commercial vehicle designed for safe and efficient transportation of school children.
The seating capacity of Bharat Benz School Bus ranges from 25 to 65 passengers.
The engine capacity of Bharat Benz School Bus ranges from 4 to 6.4 liters.
The maximum power output of Bharat Benz School Bus ranges from 140 to 280 HP.
The maximum torque output of Bharat Benz School Bus ranges from 450 to 1050 Nm.
Bharat Benz School Bus comes with a manual transmission with 5, 6 or 9 gears.
Bharat Benz School Bus comes with air suspension or parabolic leaf spring suspension.
The fuel tank capacity of Bharat Benz School Bus ranges from 100 to 400 liters.
The length of Bharat Benz School Bus ranges from 9 meters to 15 meters.
Bharat Benz School Bus comes with features like emergency exit, speed governor, and GPS tracking for enhanced safety.

About Bharat Benz School Bus

Welcome to, your ultimate destination for all things related to Bharat Benz School Buses. Discover the unbeatable range of Bharat Benz School Bus models designed to provide safe and comfortable transportation for students. Whether you're looking for the perfect seating capacity or want to explore the popular choices, our comprehensive listings have got you covered. Find the best Bharat Benz School Bus prices and choose from a variety of models to meet your specific requirements. Trust Bharat Benz for reliable and efficient school buses that prioritize the well-being of students on their educational journey.

BharatBenz school buses price in India

The price of BharatBenz school buses completely depends on modal, specifications, features, road tax, ex-showroom price and discount. Basically the price starts with Rs. 37.37 lakhs and ends with Rs. 37.70 lakhs in India. If you are looking for best prices then you can visit for best deals.

BharatBenz school buses specifications

BharatBenz offers two buses in the school buses segment both buses are known for there performance and mileage. These buses comes with the 4 cylinder engines and the power of 147 HP to 170 HP at the torque of 460 NM to 520 NM with  the 6 gearbox transmission which helps to improve driving experience and make it very easy. BharatBenz school buses offers a  sitting capacity between 39 to 49 seater depending on modal.let's talk about wheelbase it offers wheelbase 5300mm and the tyre of size 235/75 R17.5 Tubeless radial
Tyres for extra ground clearance. BharatBenz school buses come with advanced level safety features like air brakes and abs for driver safety.

BharatBenz school buses features

The features of BharatBenz school buses completely depend on brand and model. Here are some basic features that you can expect in these buses.

A very powerful engine ranging  from 147 Hp to 170 Hp, delivering outstanding performance with fuel efficiency.
The seating capacity of these buses are from 39 to 49 depending on model and configuration.
BharatBenz school buses have a fuel tank capacity of 160 litres with a well optimised fueling system.
BharatBenz School buses come with 6f+1 gearbox and it helps drivers to speed up and make the ride a very easy ride.
BharatBenz school buses are basically used for student transport; carrying students from home to school and school to home.
BharatBenz school buses come with modern safety features like, air brakes and ABS for safety of the driver.
BharatBenz school buses come with the radial tubeless tyres of size 235/75 R17.5 and the wheelbase of 5300 mm for extra ground clearance.
These buses offer some other features like adjustable seats, power steering, adjustable steering and seat belts for extra safety.

BharatBenz school buses mileage

BharatBenz school buses mileage is deepend on driver ,driving conditions ,roads and configurations. We are in 2023 and all the buses from BharatBenz are coming with well optimised fueling systems and configurations that's why these school buses give the mileage between  5 Kmpl - 6  Kmpl and it is a good number in school uses.

BharatBenz school buses Dealer

The dealers of BharatBenz school buses are available all over india. If you are looking for a trusted and local dealer nearest your local city then you can visit TrucksBuses.Com on this website by using toll local dealer near me you can find a trusted and local dealership.

Best BharatBenz school buses

BharatBenz 1017 : School 39 / 49 Seater Bus is the best bus in BharatBenz school bus segment. It comes with a  powerful engine of 170 Hp giving it the torque of  520 Nm and the wheelbase of 5300 mm for a comfortable drive. A big tyre size of 235/75 R17.5  radial tubeless tyres and a modern cabin with a lot of safety features like air brakes and abs for safety and an affordable price make this bus the best bus in this segment and this is also the latest model of BharatBenz school bus.

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Customer reviews on BharatBenz school bus

According to the customers, BharatBenz school buses are very useful and valuable just because of outstanding performance in every department. A lot of customers say that these buses offer a high seating capacity with comfortable seats and this makes these buses very special and the highest selling luxury school bus at an affordable price.