12 Wheeler Tippers / Dumpers in India

The 12 wheeler tipper is a genuine workhorse in the world of heavy-duty construction machinery. Due to their extraordinary carrying capacity and adaptability, these enormous trucks have earned their place on construction sites, mines, and infrastructure projects all over the world.

These 12 tyre tippers from different brands are available for sale in multiple configurations of load body. To check details of latest 12 wheel tipper price, specifications, loading capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired 12 wheel tipper truck model from the list below.

12 Tyre Tipper Models

Top FAQ About 12 Wheeler Tippers / Dumpers

12 wheeler tipper has twelve wheels and is used for heavy-duty hauling and transportation of bulk materials.
Popular brands that offer 12 wheeler tippers in India are Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, and Mahindra.
12 wheeler tippers are commonly used in construction, mining, and infrastructure projects.
Different types of 12 wheeler tippers include rear tipper, side tipper, and bottom tipper.
The fuel efficiency of a 12 wheeler tipper varies between 3-4 km per liter.
The price of a 12 wheeler tipper ranges from 45 to 80 lakhs in India.
Tata Prima 4928.S is one of the most popular 12 wheeler tippers in India.
Ashok Leyland 3118 is one of the lowest-priced 12 wheeler tippers.
Tata Signa 4825.TK is one of the highest-priced 12 wheeler tippers.
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About 12 Tyre Tipper

A robust dump truck known as a 12 wheeler tipper has three axles that each support four wheels for a total of twelve wheels. Numerous advantages of this design include better weight distribution and enhanced load-bearing capability. 12 wheeler tippers are made to be effective. They can run smoothly even when under large loads because of their potent engines and well-designed gearbox systems. Tippers are frequently seen transporting materials like sand, gravel, and building debris on construction sites. They are crucial in this business because of their capacity for navigating difficult terrain.

The 12 wheeler tipper has made a name for itself as a key piece of heavy-duty construction machinery. These workhorses will probably continue to rule construction sites, mines, and infrastructure projects all over the world due to their enormous carrying capacity, adaptability, and constant technological developments. The industry is changing to solve environmental issues and boost productivity, thus the big 12 wheeler tipper will continue to be a useful tool in the field of building.

12 Wheeler Tipper Price in India

The 12 wheeler tipper price range, which ranges from Rs. 39 to Rs. 62 lakhs* (Indian Rupees), indicates the considerable investment necessary to purchase these powerful workhorses. This price discrepancy may be explained by elements including the brand's reputation, technical details, added amenities, and the vehicle's overall construction quality. Tippers at the lower end of this spectrum may have basic functionality that is suitable for a variety of applications, whereas those at the higher end frequently have more sophisticated technologies, improved safety features, and larger payload capacities that make them ideal for operations that are more demanding and versatile. The final decision within this pricing range is based on the unique requirements and financial limitations of enterprises and building projects.

12 Wheeler Tipper Mileage

The 12 wheeler tipper mileage range, which ranges from 2 to 5 KMPH*, highlights the various degrees of efficiency within this class of heavy-duty trucks. The make and type of the tipper, the engine's specs, the load capacity, and the driving circumstances are some of the variables that affect the mileage variation. Tippers that are built for greater payload capabilities and outfitted with cutting-edge, fuel-efficient technology tend to be at the higher end of this spectrum and offer better mileage. On the other hand, less modern or older cars may get lower mileage ratings. So when considering 12 wheeler tippers, enterprises, and building projects should carefully weigh their budgetary needs against their demand for fuel economy to maximise operational expenses and productivity.

12 Wheeler Tipper Dealer

The 12 wheeler tipper dealers provide the main entry point to a broad and cutting-edge selection of heavy-duty transportation options. These dealers, who work within a vast network, provide a variety of 12 wheeler tippers that have been carefully created to meet a variety of needs. These dealers serve as skilled advisers and are essential in helping consumers select the best model for their unique needs. The 12 wheeler tipper dealers provide customised alternatives to meet special needs, whether the demand is for building projects, mining operations, or industrial logistics. Beyond offering a variety of vehicles, these dealers are dedicated to providing great after-sales assistance and emphasising a complete ownership experience. This assistance includes both routine maintenance services and the purchase of genuine replacement components, ensuring the smooth functioning and lifespan of these heavy-duty vehicles.

12 Wheeler Tipper Specifications and Features

Safety Features: To lower the danger of accidents, many 12 wheeler tippers now come equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS), traction control, and stability control.
GPS tracking: Many current tippers have GPS tracking devices installed, making it possible to watch their whereabouts, speeds, and fuel usage in real-time. Fleet management and security are improved.
Gross Vehicle Weight: The normal GVW range for 12 wheeler tippers is between 33,000 kg and 35,000 kg. They are perfect for heavy-duty mining and construction applications because of their outstanding weight-bearing capability, which enables them to move massive amounts of materials.
Power and torque: These tippers are outfitted with strong engines that produce between 200 and 350 HP and a significant 1000 Nm of torque between 1000 and 1700 rpm. They are able to move huge loads across difficult terrain because of their impressive torque and power combination.

Latest 12 Wheeler Tipper

The latest update to the extensive line-up of 12 wheeler tippers is the Eicher Pro 6035 TM Transit Mixer, which was created to fulfil the exacting requirements of the construction and transportation industries. This heavy-duty workhorse can easily negotiate difficult terrain while towing considerable cargo thanks to its powerful 260 HP engine. Its exceptional hauling capability and excellent Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 35,000 kg make it a solid option for projects needing the timely delivery of building materials.

The Eicher Pro 6035 TM Transit Mixer's 7698 cc, 6-cylinder diesel engine provides the physical force necessary for heavy-duty jobs while also ensuring fuel efficiency, which lowers operating expenses. Excellent performance is guaranteed even in difficult circumstances thanks to the 1000 Nm of torque that is accessible between 1000 and 1700 rpm. This tipper can move materials between job sites quickly and efficiently, saving time, with a peak speed of 80 kmph. Its large 220-litre diesel fuel tank capacity guarantees continuous operation without the need for regular refuelling, increasing output. The Eicher Pro 6035 TM Transit Mixer offers dependability, efficiency, and performance in the realm of heavy hauling thanks to all these qualities taken together, making it a top pick among the newest 12 wheeler tippers.

Best 12 Wheeler Tipper

Of all the 12 wheeler tippers now on the market, the Eicher Pro 8035 XM Tipper is without a doubt the finest. It's a monster with an incredible 350 HP engine that can easily handle the most difficult heavy-duty chores. Its remarkable load-carrying capability is highlighted by its astounding Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 35,000 kg, which makes it the ideal option for projects needing effective and considerable material delivery.

A 7698 cc, 6-cylinder diesel engine, a remarkable technical wonder that not only provides raw power but also assures outstanding fuel efficiency, greatly lowers operating expenses, is housed under its sturdy hood. With a stunning torque of 1350 Nm, which is accessible between 1200 and 1600 rpm, it ensures great performance even in the most trying circumstances. With a maximum speed of 60 kmph, the tipper is well-suited for heavy carrying and provides efficient and secure transportation. Additionally, its enormous 315-liter diesel fuel tank capacity ensures continued operation without the trouble of routine refueling, thereby increasing production. With its unmatched mix of power, performance, and efficiency, the Eicher Pro 8035 XM Tipper unquestionably merits its position as the best-in-class among all 12 wheeler tippers.

Customer Reviews for 12 Wheeler Tipper

12 wheeler tippers are extremely well-liked, and for good reason. These heavy-duty trucks provide a number of benefits for both drivers and businesses. First and foremost, as several pleased customers confirm, its driver-friendly design offers comfortable sitting and smart device integration, making the driving experience quick and pleasant.

Their remarkable fuel efficiency is one distinguishing quality, which not only reduces expenses for businesses but also complies with environmental standards. Their cost-effectiveness is further increased by the reduced maintenance requirements. Safety is the top priority, and 12 wheeler tippers are well-equipped with high-tech equipment like powerful braking systems and several airbags to guarantee the safety of everyone onboard, supporting their reputation for dependability. These tippers are recognized for their toughness, being able to traverse difficult terrain, and adhere to strict schedules, making them essential assets for several sectors.

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