Ashok Leyland BS6 Trucks- Price and Models

Some of the top models of Ashok Leyland BS6 trucks are Ashok Leyland 1920, Ashok Leyland 2820, Ashok Leyland 4225, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615.

Ashok Leyland trucks are renowned in India for their superior fuel efficiency and solid aggregates, making them a trusted choice for diverse transportation needs.

Ashok Leyland differentiates itself with iGen technology that provides low AdBlue consumption and AVTR modular platform that provides ease of service.

Ashok Leyland's total vehicle sales increased by 27% to 18,571 units in February 2023 from 14,657 units in February 2022.

The minimum price range of Ashok Leyland trucks is ?7.25 Lakh to the maximum price range of ?60.10 Lakh.

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