Mercedes-Benz 2441 Super High Deck Coach - India’s longest bus launched

Daimler Buses India, a unit of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) recently launched the Mercedes-Benz 2441 Super High Deck Automatic Coach. With an overall length of 15 meters, it is India's longest coach and the unique aluminique body makes it the lightest in the segment.

Mercedes Benz 2441 Super High Deck Coach

Mercedes Benz 2441 Super High Deck Coach

The company manufactures both fully built buses as well as bus chassis. While DICV operates under the BharatBenz brand in 9 Ton and 16 Ton segments in India, the Mercedes-Benz brand operates in high end luxury 24 Ton segment with rear engine. In the 9 ton segment, BharatBenz school bus, staff bus and tourist bus are offered on 914 and 917 platforms, both as chassis as well as fully built-up options. In the 16 Ton segment, BharatBenz 1623 coach chassis was introduced last year and has gained good acceptance in the market. In the high end luxury, 24 Ton Mercedes Benz Super High Deck is aiming to redefine the segment. These modern next generation buses are manufactured at its state-of-the-art Oragadam plant near Chennai.  Daimler Buses portfolio in India is expanding day by day, which shows the market potential there is and also the company’s commitment to the World’s second largest bus market. Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) bus sales figures grew by 80% last year despite a sluggish overall bus industry.   Background of High End Luxury Bus Industry in India Presently there are three key players in the luxury bus market in India namely, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Scania. Volvo buses have been the market leader ruling the roads, since its Introduction in India, with over 4000 buses plying across length and width of the country.

Mercedes Benz 2441 Super High Deck Coach Interiors

Scania buses has been its tough competitor, and snatched a considerable market share from the Volvo. After witnessing a sluggish growth for a couple of years, the demand for premium buses has sizzled the market in recent times. Before the introduction of Volvo buses, Indian bus transporters had to depend on additional auxiliary engine based buses to support the AC application. After Volvo drove into India, the fully air-conditioned & rear engine mounted coaches built on the bus chassis played a crucial role in transforming the face of luxury bus market in India. On the other hand, with an aim of meeting the need of comfortable and safe bus travel in the country, another Swedish manufacturer, Scania launched the Metrolink range of 12 meter, 13.7 meter and 14.5-meter long luxury coaches in India. Recognizing the potential for luxury buses in the market, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) launched this 15 meter long bus in India, that offers up to 59 comfortable push back seats. The splendidly designed and robust aluminique body of Mercedes Benz Super High Deck coach meets the international standards of safety. With considerable rollover strength, the vehicle is lightest in its category.

Mercedes Benz 2441 Super High Deck Automatic Coach

It contributes to an unbeatable fuel efficiency and drag-free movement due to the aerodynamic body styling. Mercedes Benz 2441 Super High Deck Coach Interiors The rear tag axle is steerable, thus reducing the vehicle’s turning circle diameter and improving the ability to navigate sharp turns effortlessly. Also, the flat floor construction enables a hassle-free movement of passengers in the aisle space. The sophisticated color theme adds a splendor to the interiors of this Mercedes Benz Super High Deck bus. The toughened wide window glasses with green tint allows the passengers to enjoy a clear panoramic roadside view.   Driveline Powering the Mercedes Benz 2441 Super High Deck Automatic Coach Powered by 6-cylinder OM457 water-cooled engine with 12 Litre displacement & enabled by SCR technology, this mammoth luxury coach produces massive 408 hp and a maximum torque of 1900 nm. The 6 speed automatic transmission with electronic controlled gear shifting mechanism renders the driver a smooth and comfortable driving experience for long hours. Mercedes Benz 2441 Super High Deck Automatic Coach The recently introduced Mercedes-Benz 2441 SHD replaces the earlier launched 2436 SHD, with a couple of upgrades including more power than before. Comfort & Safety features in Mercedes Benz 2441 Super High Deck Automatic Coach State-of-the-art front and rear air suspension enables the passengers to cruise over all kinds of  roads without even letting them know a bit about the surface. The 960 mm seat pitch in Mercedes Benz Super High Deck, offers ample leg room & great comfort to passengers to stretch their legs and relax during long journeys. This luxury Super High Deck coach incorporates a generous 14 cubic meters luggage space with 0.9m opening height. Let it be the overnight journey or the weekend travel, the abundant luggage space allows the passengers to carry the luggage as per their needs.   The tilt & telescopic steering along with 3-way adjustable air suspended driver seat further leads to most comfortable driving position. Dual circuit full air service brakes and the spring loaded rear brake chambers with air release enables jerk-free, emergency break actions and ensure utmost safety to the driver as well as to the passengers. Electronic Braking System (EBS) including Disc brakes with Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Anti-slip Regulation (ASR) lead to a more confident driving control and enhanced stability while quick cornering. Even the fuel tank is nestled in the frame on top of the rear axle to avoid any chances of fire. In addition, the thermostat based fire detection system in the engine compartment ensures a great safety. 600 Litres of total fuel tank capacity ensures covering farthest of the destinations without refill. Apart from this, the Mercedes Benz customer service network has the highly skilled technical staff to ensure quick and perfect service of the vehicle. Also, the multi-lingual, and animated system of the online technical information platform facilitates information access at all service centers across the country. The advanced diagnostic system aids in troubleshooting the unforeseen problems and the mobile service workshop units ensures a quick reach. At present, the demand for the air-conditioned luxury buses has grown tremendously due to the modern lifestyle and most prominently, the rising levels of mercury in almost every city. The splendid, robust design and the advanced technology make Mercedes Benz Super High Deck automatic luxury coach, an unbeatable champion in the league.