BharatBenz BS6 Trucks Launched - Complete Details

Implementation of BS6 emission norms from April 1st, 2020 has become the talk of the town. India has taken a leap from BS4 to BS6, bypassing BS5 emission norms and with which we are entering into an era of least polluting vehicles ever on the Indian roads. There is no doubt that the norms are getting more stringent and this surely must have been a challenge for Indian Auto Industry. Commercial vehicles are where we focus on and we will take you through a wide range of BS6 BharatBenz Truck range being introduced by Daimler India Commercial Vehicles recently.

BharatBenz BS6 Truck Range

BharatBenz offers five pillars of Profit+ Technology namely fuel efficiency, safety and comfort, reliability, maintenance cost and connectivity. Usage of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology in exhaust after treatment system is making sure the vehicles are BS6 compliant. Vehicles offered under BharatBenz trucks portfolio are as under:


BharatBenz Trucks in Medium Duty Range (MDT):

BharatBenz MDT trucks are being offered with GVW upto 16 tonnes. Driver comfort plays a critical role in productivity output from a transport solution. Seats are installed with 3 way adjustable options for appropriate driver ergonomics and body postures. Brake and accelerator pedals are of pendant type design to reduce driver effort and fatigue. Power windows in truck cabin are available at press of a button, as an optional feature. Multi leaf suspension is installed for both front and rear axles .Hydraulic assisted power steering also reduces driver effort in daily running operations.

BharatBenz 1015R Truck

BharatBenz 1015R is available under 10 ton GVW category. It gets powered by a 4 cylinder, 3.9 litre diesel engine producing maximum torque of 460 Nm and maximum power of 110 kW. 6 speed manual transmission (6F + 1R) along with unitized fuel injection pump offer superior mileage to BharatBenz 1015R truck. Air brakes along with fog lights and seat belts improves driver safety. BharatBenz 1015R comes in four different wheel base options, namely 3360 mm, 3760 mm, 4250 mm and 4800 mm and their respective truck body lengths are 14.6 ft, 17 ft, 20 ft and 21 ft and are listed with GVW of 10 tonnes.

BharatBenz 1015R

BharatBenz 1215R Truck

BharatBenz 1215R / 1215 RE is powered by same engine as used in 1015R. BharatBenz 1215R comes with wheelbase options like 4250 mm, 4800 mm and 5050 mm, offering body lengths of 20 ft, 22 ft and 24 ft. It has GVW of 12 tonnes. It can attain a top speed of 80 KMPH with speed limiter. Warranty of 3 years, unlimited km on driveline and hydraulic assisted power steering surely makes it an attraction for transport solution providers.

Bharatbenz 1215R

BharatBenz 1415R Truck

BharatBenz 1415R is available with maximum GVW of 14.5 ton in tubeless tyre option. This BharatBenz truck’s cabin is equipped with adjustable seat and power steering for driver comfort along with mobile charging point and bottle holder. HVAC and music system are optional . BharatBenz 1415R truck can be purchased with high side deck, fixed side deck or drop side body variants.

BharatBenz 1415R

BharatBenz 1617R Truck

BharatBenz 1617R truck is powered by a unique 4 cylinder engine producing maximum torque of 520 Nm and maximum power of 125 kW. This BharatBenz truck comes in two variants cabin and chassis, cabin with load body. Loading spans available are 20 ft, 24 ft and 31 ft, making it suitable for multiple loading requirements. It comes with sleeper cabin for driver comfort in long route operations. ABS enhances safety of the truck and driver in BharatBenz 1617R.


BharatBenz Trucks in Heavy Duty Range (HDT):

When it comes to heavy trucks, HDT range of BharatBenz multi axle trucks give serious competition to market leaders like Tata trucks and Ashok Leyland trucks. These are offered with two GVW options of 28 and 35 tons. They are built upon with objective of low maintenance. Longer engine oil change interval reduces operational costs. Rear suspension is designed with requirement of minimal greasing points. Clutch wear indicator helps in preventive maintenance.

BharatBenz 2823R Truck

BharatBenz 2823R is a 28 ton GVW rigid truck. It is powered by 6 cylinder, 7.2 litre diesel engine producing maximum torque of 850 Nm and maximum power of 180 kW integrated with 6 speed manual transmission (6F + 1R) which gives it a top speed of 80 Kmph. Fuel tank capacity comes in two options of 380 and 200 litres. This 10 wheeler BharatBenz 2823R truck comes with three different wheel base options namely 5175 mm, 5775 mm, and 6375 mm and their respective truck body lengths are 24 ft, 28 ft and 31 ft.

BharatBenz 2823R

BharatBenz 3523R Truck

BharatBenz 3523R comes under 35 ton GVW category. Truck cabin is fully suspended and hydraulically tiltable with provision of sleeper berth. Front suspension has parabolic leaf springs with telescopic shock absorbers and rear suspension has balancer type semi elliptical springs which in tandem with front suspension provide good ride and handling.  This 12 wheeler BharatBenz 3523R truck comes with 11R20 / 295/90R20 tube type tyres or 295/80R22.5 tubeless tyres.

BharatBenz 3523R

BharatBenz 4228R Truck

BharatBenz 4228R is a 10x2, 42 ton GVW truck in rigid haulage category. This 14 wheeler BharatBenz 4228R truck offers a deck length of 28 ft and comes with a 6 years / 6 lakh Km driveline warranty. A 330 litre diesel tank and superior mileage through 9 speed gearbox lets you drive long stretches without refuelling. BharatBenz 4228R features include power steering, air brakes, 6 way adjustable driver seat, tilt telescopic steering, fully suspended cabin, optional HVAC and lot more. This 14 wheeler BharatBenz truck is a true delight in the category.


BharatBenz Tractor Trailers

BharatBenz tractor trailers are offered in three gross weight options of 40, 50 and 55 ton capacity. Truck cabins are installed with sleeper berths for adequate driver rest during long distance run of vehicles.

BharatBenz 4023 TT

BharatBenz 4023T is a tractor trailer with GCW of 39.5 ton. BharatBenz 4023T is powered by 6 cylinder, 7.2 litre diesel engine producing maximum torque of 850 Nm and maximum power of 180 kW and is coupled with a 9 speed manual transmission to attain a maximum speed of 80 Kmph. BharatBenz 4023T comes with two fuel tank options of 430 litres and 455 litres. Only front suspension is equipped with anti roll bar. HVAC is optional in BharatBenz 4023 TT.

BharatBenz 4023TT

BharatBenz 5028 TT

BharatBenz 5028T is a new concept in the tractor trailer industry. It offers a GCW of 50 ton coupled with a suitable trailer. BharatBenz 5028T is powered by 7.2 litre OM 926 diesel engine producing maximum torque of 1100 Nm and maximum power of 210 kW. 5028T has maximum speed of 80 kmph with speed limiter and 26% gradeability. BharatBenz 5028 TT features include fully suspended sleeper cabin, hydraulic assisted power steering with tilt and telescopic adjustment, mobile charging point, bottle holder, ABS and more.

BharatBenz 5028TT

BharatBenz 5528 TT

BharatBenz 5528T is a tractor trailer with GCW of 55 ton with a suitable 3 axle trailer. A unique unitised fuel injection results into optimised fuel combustion. Chassis frame is designed with C-Channel cross-section and lateral cross members. Front suspension has parabolic leaf spring with telescopic shock absorbers and rear suspension has bogie design. It is also equipped with gear shift indicator. BharatBenz 5528TT has a driveline warranty of 6 years/ 6 lac kms. Every 60,000 kms demand change of engine oil.

BharatBenz 5528TT


BharatBenz Tippers

DICV has a wide range of tippers ranging from 13-35 ton gross weight. These BharatBenz tippers are known for their superior power ratings and high performance. With cruise control feature in BharatBenz tippers, drivers can maintain truck speed for fatigue less driving. Seats are installed with 3 way adjustable options for better ergonomics. Easy gear shifting technology using ball joint mechanism ensures smoother and precise gear shifting. Brake and accelerator pedals are of pendant type design to reduce driver effort and fatigue. Reverse camera options are also available to assist in safe reversing of BharatBenz tipper trucks.

BharatBenz 1217C Tipper

BharatBenz 1217C is a medium duty tipper offering a maximum power of 125 kW. It comes with a wheelbase of 3160 mm with a 6.5 cubic metre capacity. It comes with a standard anti roll bar for both axles.

BharatBenz 1217C

BharatBenz 1923C Tipper

BharatBenz 1923C is a 18.5 ton gross weight tipper, powered by 6 cylinder, 7.2 litre diesel engine producing maximum power of 180 kW and torque of 850 Nm. BharatBenz 1923C comes with a 10.5 cubic metre body. Parabolic suspension in front offers superior riding comfort.

BharatBenz 1923C

BharatBenz 2823C Tipper

BharatBenz 2823C is powered by 7200 cc OM 926 engine, producing a power of 241 HP and comes with a day cabin. Matched with a 9 speed transmission, BharatBenz 2823C tipper offers a class leading 43.3% gradeability. It comes with a 16 Cu.M box body.

BharatBenz 2823C

BharatBenz 2828 C / CH Tipper

BharatBenz 2828 tipper offers a massive power of 281 HP and a torque of 1100 Nm. This powerful 6x4 BharatBenz tipper is meant for all the heavy demanding applications and comes with box and scoop body options. Advanced features in BharatBenz 2828 tippers include fully suspended cabin, tilt telescopic power steering, optional air conditioner, air suspended driver seat, digital instrument cluster.

BharatBenz 2828C

BharatBenz 3528 C / CM Tipper

BharatBenz 3528 C / CM are labelled with GVW of 35 ton. With maximum speed of 60 Kmph and 45.2 % gradeability , this heavy duty BharatBenz tipper offers a tough fight to its rivals. Front suspension comprises of parabolic type leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers and rear has bogie suspension with antiroll bar at both front and rear axles.

BharatBenz 3528C

Truck cabin is fully suspended and steering has provision of tilt and telescopic adjustment for comfortable driver posture and ergonomics. Both models come in 5175 mm wheelbase. BharatBenz 3528C gets a box body of 19 cubic metre whereas 3528 CM gets a scoop body of 18 cubic metre and 23 cubic metre box.