VECV introduces new intercity coach and sleeper buses with price and features

VECV launched Intercity Coach and sleeper bus range

On 7 Oct 2021, Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV) came up with the brand new intercity coach and sleeper buses which are built in the manufacturing plant at Hosakote, Karnataka by using the existing 12.4 meter Eicher chassis. With these ultimate progressive ideas, VECV aims to deliver the broader range of contemporary as well as world leading buses in India. The crash tested body and astonishing features of VECV bus shapes the bus future of India which excites thousands of people to travel more and make uncountable memories.

These all new coach and sleeper buses of 6000’ series are upgraded, developed and equipped by Volvo Group, having more than 1, 00,000 units sold in 41 countries. The buses are engineered with a dynamic and legendary VEDX5 BSVI engine that gives a class leading reliability and a guaranteed assurance for 9 out 0f 10 engine upto every 6,00,000 kms. The unmatched 210 hp power and a torque of 825 Nm delivers by the engine which left far behind the performance of BSVI technology .The new VECV buses with M booster+ technology, fuel coaching system and  radial tubeless tyres delivers a class leading fuel efficiency which is 5 % higher than the competitive brands. Crash tested 6016 chassis body is manufactured superiorly with optimized aggregates. Equipped with LFL propeller shaft, 425 l diesel tank, 90 amp alternator, air suspensions, VEDX5 engine and high tensile Domex chassis makes VECV coach and sleeper buses an upgraded version of this new era of bus industrialization. Modernise with superior technologies like APDA, Volvo group global EMS, High pressure file system, cruise control, tilt and telescopic power steering as well as intelligent driver information system. Volvo new coach and sleeper buses aims to provide an unlimited services , with its more than 300+ dealership network in all over the India, To each and every customer of VECV. with a lot of additional features ,such as, 11300 litres luggage space ,AC louvers, spacious environment, comfortable seats, LED ambient, USB ports, VECV claims to set the benchmark in the bus industry. The price of the buses will range between 40 lakhs to 1 crores.

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