Piaggio sets up its first electric vehicle showroom in Chennai


Piaggio, leading manufacturers of Electric Vehicles in India has inaugurated its first electric vehicle showroom in Chennai. The available range in the showrooms will be that of Ape Electric FX range. The new range is said to have the ability to contribute to the transportation of both cargo and passenger segments of commercial vehicles.


The best-in-class performing cargo transport vehicle in the FX range is the Ape E-Xtra FX and it provides a power output of 9.5 kW while the electric vehicle for the passenger segment is the Ape E-City FX and has features to prioritize the comfort of the passengers as well as the profitability of the business. The cargo vehicle E-Xtra FX has been designed for the purpose of being used as a delivery van with a customizable metal body.


Earlier in July, Piaggio had Honourable Transport Minister of Telangana had unveiled its new range of electric vehicles under the Ape Electric range. Mr. Saha Nair, EVP and head of commercial vehicle business back then had made the statement that the FX range would be catering to the needs of their customers and revolutionize the industry in terms of saving the environment from pollution. The slogan behind the campaign was said to be “Ape goes electric, India goes electric.” The electric vehicles were announced with a super warranty of 3 years/ 1 lakh kilometres and 3 years of Free Maintenance service from Piaggio.


In a press release from September, the commercial vehicle giants made an announcement regarding their partnership with MoEVing, one of the companies devoted to increasing the market share of electric vehicles in India. Earlier in August, they had announced a similar partnering with another one of the tech-devoted companies, Three Wheels United (TWU), to work towards the same goal. As a combined count of both the partnerships over a few hundred vehicles have been deployed by the partners of Piaggio working towards the common aim of greener India.

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