Tata 30 Seater Buses in India

Tata brings an average size 30 seater bus for commuting stage and staff at a cost-effective price. Tata has a large network of dealers in India where you can easily find this 30-seater Tata bus. This 4500 mm wheelbase Tata bus has a 2x2 seating layout option for passengers.

This 30-seater Tata bus also comes with a GVW of 8000 kilograms and a 99 horsepower engine. Here you can check this 30-seater Tata bus price, images, mileage, wheelbase and EMI options, stay with us for more updates.

Tata 30 Seater Bus Models

Top FAQ About Tata 30 Seater Buses

A Tata 30 Seater Bus is a commercial vehicle designed to transport passengers over short to medium distances.
The seating capacity of a Tata 30 Seater Bus is 30 passengers.
Tata 30 Seater Buses are commonly used for passenger transportation in industries such as tourism, hospitality, and public transportation.
The engine power of a Tata 30 Seater Bus varies depending on the model and configuration, but can range from 90 to 140 horsepower.
Yes, Tata 30 Seater Buses are designed to be fuel-efficient, with some models featuring advanced fuel-saving technologies.
Tata 30 Seater Buses come with safety features such as seat belts, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits to ensure the safety of the passengers.
The maintenance cost of a Tata 30 Seater Bus varies depending on factors such as usage, age, and maintenance schedule. However, Tata Motors offers a comprehensive maintenance program to help reduce costs for customers.

About Tata 30 Seater Bus

The 30-seater Tata bus model is famous for average size buses and its Anti-skid vinyl floor added more attraction to this bus model. Tata Motors is a well-known manufacturer for its durability, dependability, and inventiveness. With its ability to combine capacity, comfort, efficiency, safety, and connection, this bus offers a comprehensive response to the problems associated with urban transportation.

The reason behind the production of the Tata 30-seater bus is to enable quick commutes through congested intercity areas. The best-performing Tata bus in the 30-seater category is none other than the Tata Starbus LP 710. The price of this 30-seater Tata bus starts from Rs 24.5 lakh in India, which is also available at discounted prices or loans on TrucksBuses.

Tata 30-Seater Bus Price in India

Here, you can find the price variability of the Tata 30-seater bus. If you are inquiring about the price range of the Tata 30-seater bus, then the Tata Starbus LP 710 bus stands as a competitive option. The ex-showroom price of the Tata Starbus LP 710 bus starts from Rs. 24.5 lakhs in India. The Tata 30-seater bus reflects the ideal balance between cost and excellence. We provide the most suitable vehicle information as per the customer's requirements at a reasonable price range and also offer discount offers that make it comfortable for customers.

Tata 30-Seater Bus Mileage Per Litre

This 30-seater Tata bus model includes the Tata Starbus LP 710 bus. It runs on diesel fuel and offers an impressive mileage range of 7 kilometers per litre to 8 kilometers per litre. Tata 30-seater bus incorporated advanced technologies to optimize mileage and reduce operational costs. For more detailed information about the mileage of this bus, you can take practical feedback from other owners.

Tata 30-Seater Bus Dealer List

TrucksBuses.com provides a simple platform for clients to connect with authorized Tata 30-seater bus dealers in their area. Customers may easily access a complete list of the authorized Tata bus dealers in their region by searching city, state, or individual bus models. The dedicated customer support team is on hand to provide advice and assistance in finding the most suitable 30-seater Tata bus dealers. If customers need assistance during their search or have any questions, we connect consumers with reputable Tata bus dealers to meet their transportation needs.

Tata 30-Seater Bus Specifications and Features

1)Gross Vehicle Weight
The gross vehicle weight of the Tata 30-seater bus is 8000 kilograms which helps in carrying different types of passenger loads.
2) Power and Torque
Tata 30-seater bus operated on diesel fuel and produces a power of 99 HP and a high-end torque of 300 Nm. Customers may select the degree of performance that best meets their unique requirements, whether for local or long-distance travel.
3) Safety Features 
Upholding passenger safety as a priority, Tata’s 30-seater bus is equipped with essential safety features like seat belts, fire extinguishers, and strategically placed emergency exits, reinforcing a secure travel environment.
4) Price Range 
The 30-seater Tata bus price range starts from Rs 24.5 lac in India. Tata Motors is positioning the 30-seater bus as a reliable and affordable choice, delivering quality and cost-effectiveness in one package.

Best Buy of Tata 30-Seater Bus

Introducing the most recent 30-seater Tata bus, the pinnacle of transportation in intercity areas efficiently. With a gross vehicle weight of 8000 kilograms and 99 horsepower, this bus is designed to meet a variety of travel demands readily. It can travel on various terrains including metropolitan roads and country roads thanks to its strong engine and suspension system. The seating layout of this bus is 2x2. The most contributing model of the Tata 30-seater bus family is the Tata Starbus LP 710 bus. It comes under BS6 emission norms compliance. Tata Starbus LP 710 bus is a symbol of Tata Motors dedicated to providing excellent transport solutions catered to the requirements of enterprises. This bus ensures economical operations and contributes to reduced environmental impact.

Buyer Reviews About Tata 30-Seater Bus 

Customers are happy with the performance, reliability, and passenger comfort of the Tata 30-seater bus, giving it a high position in today's market. Comments from people using the model of Tata 30-seater bus highlight the adaptability and power of these vehicles. Tata 30-seater bus is a superb and trustworthy option for passengers traveling in congested areas. These feedbacks confirm its position as a top-rated commercial vehicle among its customers.

Purchasing Tata 30-Seater Bus from TrucksBuses

The guarantee of quality and dependability stands out as a major advantage when thinking about buying a 30-seater Tata bus. By always putting each customer's requirements first and providing value-added solutions, TrucksBuses stands as a reliable and customer-centric platform for purchasing the Tata 30-seater bus model.