Tata 16 Wheeler / Tyre Trucks

Tata Motors manufactures 16-wheeler trucks, also known as tipper trucks, which are heavy-duty vehicles designed for transporting large loads over long distances. The Tata 16 wheeler trucks stand out among its diverse selection of trucks, both figuratively and physically.

These 16 tyre Tata trucks come with a body length of 28 feet and 29 feet load body span and 29 Cu.m box body options. The starting price of 16 wheeler trucks can be between Rs. 43 lacs to Rs. 65 lakhs in India.

Tata 16 Wheeler Truck Models

Tata 16 Chakka / Tyre Truck FAQs

Tata 16 Wheeler Trucks come with safety features such as air brakes, seat belts, and ABS (anti-lock braking system) to ensure the safety of the driver and other road users.
The maintenance cost of a Tata 16 Wheeler Truck varies depending on factors such as usage, age, and maintenance schedule. However, Tata Motors offers a comprehensive maintenance program to help reduce costs for customers.
Yes, Tata 16 Wheeler Trucks can be customized with features such as cabin size, chassis length, and payload capacity to meet specific requirements.
Tata Motors offers a standard warranty of 3 years or 3 lakh kilometers (whichever comes first) on its range of 16 Wheeler Trucks, along with optional extended warranty packages.
A Tata 16 Wheeler Truck is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 55-70 tonnes, designed for the transportation of heavy loads over long distances.
The payload capacity of a Tata 16 Wheeler Truck varies depending on the model and configuration, but can range from 40 to 50 tonnes.
Tata 16 Wheeler Trucks are commonly used in the construction, mining, logistics, and transportation industries for carrying heavy and bulky goods over long distances.
The engine power of a Tata 16 Wheeler Truck ranges from 177 to 267 horsepower, depending on the model.
Yes, Tata 16 Wheeler Trucks are designed to be fuel-efficient, with some models featuring advanced fuel-saving technologies.

About Tata 16 Wheeler / Chakka Trucks

Tata Motors' dedication to providing robust, dependable, and adaptable commercial vehicles is the company's 16-wheeler trucks. These trucks are appropriate for a variety of purposes since they are offered in several configurations, including tractor-trailers, tipping trucks, and more.

Tata 16 wheeler trucks are used to transport cattle, farm machinery, and agricultural products in rural regions. They are regarded as reliable and capable of meeting the needs of the agricultural industry. Tata 16 Wheeler Trucks are mostly used for long-distance freight transportation. The top 16 wheeler Tata trucks are Tata Signa 4825.T, Tata Prima 4925.T and Tata LPT 4825 range from Rs 48.42 lacs to Rs 48.70 lacs in India.

Tata 16 Wheeler Truck Price in India

Tata 16-wheeler truck is famous for its strength and adaptability. Tata's 16-wheeler trucks provide a compelling blend of performance and cost-effectiveness for any demanding application, including heavy-duty logistics, construction, mining, and others. The ex-showroom price of the 16-wheeler truck starts from Rs 29.22 lakhs to Rs. 57 lahks in India. TrucksBuses.com provides a truck EMI calculator that simplifies the installments.

Tata 16 Wheeler Trucks Price List

  • Tata Signa 4623.S CRe: Rs 29.22 lacs
  • Tata LPT 4825: Rs.42.41 lacs to Rs 42.67 lacs
  • Tata Signa 4825.T: Rs.43.36 lacs to Rs 44.42 lacs
  • Tata LPT 4925: Rs. 43.09 lacs to Rs 43.34 lacs
  • Tata Signa 4825.TK: Rs.45.32 lacs to Rs 57.11 lacs

Tata 16 Tyre Trucks Mileage Per Litre

The Tata 16 wheeler The mileage range of the Tata 16 tyre trucks starts from 2 kilometers per liter to 4 kilometers per liter. These trucks are renowned for their strong performance and large load-carrying capability. The Tata 16 wheeler trucks run on diesel fuel which boasts extra power to the vehicle.
The fuel average of 16 wheeler Tata trucks range illustrates the adaptability of these trucks, which can move heavy loads over a variety of surfaces and applications with ease. These Tata 16 tyre trucks come with the high strength and reliability that is required for challenging applications such as mining and construction.

Tata 16 Tyre Truck Nearest Dealers

When buying a Tata truck, it is important to find a reliable dealership for a hassle-free buying experience. At TrucksBuse, you can easily locate a dealer near you. Our comprehensive network of authorized dealers simplifies the process of buying a Tata truck, providing excellent support even after your purchase. The Tata truck dealers usually offer a range of commercial vehicles, including tippers, and can provide information about pricing, availability, and customization options.

Tata 16 Chakka Truck Specifications & Features

Here we are going to announce the specifications of Tata 16 tyre trucks:
1) Gross Vehicle Weight
The GVW of the 16 Chakka Truck starts from 47,500 kilograms to 49,000 kilograms, it is outstanding for heavy-duty applications. These trucks are made to withstand harsh environments and are intended to fulfill the most demanding freight transport requirements.
2) Power and Torque
The power range of these 16 wheeler trucks lies between 250 HP, there is a wide range of performance potential for various applications. These trucks have strong pulling power and traction with 950 Nm of torque.
3) Comfortable Driver Cabins:
Tata 16 wheeler trucks have smartly built interiors with air conditioning, comfortable seating, lots of storage, and simple controls.
4) Emission Compliance
To ensure environmental responsibility and legal compliance, these trucks must meet strict emission criteria. Utilizing cutting-edge engine technology, emissions are decreased and fuel economy is increased.
5) Fuel Tank Capacity: Tata 16 tyre trucks fuel tank comes with 365-litre capacity.

Latest Tata 16 Chakka Trucks:

The Tata Prima 4825.T is the latest model of the Tata 16 chakka trucks. The gross vehicle weight of the Tata Prima 4825.T is 47,500 kilograms. The Tata Prima 4825.T has a powerful 6692 cc, 6-cylinder engine that produces power of 250 HP and exerts a high-end torque of 950 Nm. It is controlled by the 9-speed gearbox and G1150 gearbox, which guarantees seamless gear changes. The maximum speed of the Tata Prima 4825.T is 80 kilometers per hour and comes under BS6 emission norms compliance. With a large fuel tank capacity of 365/300 liters, the Tata Prima 4825.T further improves its economy and allows for longer trips without the need for frequent fuel stops. This Tata 16-wheeler truck stands out above other heavy-duty commercial vehicles because it embodies strength, performance, and environmental awareness.

Good to Buy Options of Tata 16 Wheeler Trucks

The Tata Prima 4925.T and Tata Signa 4925.T have established themselves as strong competitors in the field of 16-wheeler trucks made by Tata, symbolizing strength, adaptability, and dependability. These trucks serve industries including logistics, construction, and mining, where the potential to move huge cargo effectively is crucial, thanks to their durable design, powerful engines, and significant payload capacity. They are the top Tata 16 Wheeler Trucks in their class and are trusted by companies looking for strong, reliable, and affordable transport solutions due to reasonable price, which ranges from Rs. 44.83 to Rs. 45.09 lakh. The gross vehicle weight of these Trucks is 49,000 kilograms and produces a power of 250 HP.

Customer Reviews for Tata 16 Tyre Trucks:

Customer comments for their great power, dependability, and value. They  are a popular option for long-haul and industrial applications among businesses and operators. Client reviews highlight the usefulness, effectiveness, and value that Tata 16 wheeler trucks provide to the world of heavy-duty transportation, making them a trusted and crucial asset for a variety of sectors. Users also value its fuel efficiency and comfortable cabin design.

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