SML Isuzu 6 Wheeler Trucks

Find the 6-tyre Swaraj Mazda trucks at TrucksBuses with different body lengths and payload capacities. Also at TrucksBuses, you can find all SML 6-wheeler trucks available for sale in India through the dealership network of SML Isuzu.
The top SML Isuzu 6 tyre truck models are the SML Supreme Global Series 8T, SML Samrat 1312 XT and SML Samrat GS 10.7T. These 6-wheeler SML trucks come in diesel fuel variants with different mileage per liter range.

SML Isuzu 6 Wheeler Truck Models

Top FAQ About SML Isuzu 6 Wheeler / Chakka Trucks

SML 6 wheeler cargo trucks come in 4x2 axle configraution.

SML 6 tyre trucks run on diesel and CNG fuel.

SML 6 Wheeler Trucks are commonly used for light goods transportation in industries such as agriculture, and logistics.

The engine power of an SML 6 Wheeler Truck varies depending on the model and configuration, but can range from 101 to 114 horsepower.

SML 6 tyre trucks are meant to be fuel efficient, and these 6 chakka trucks from SML provide a great mileage of approximately 12 to 14 kilometers per litre.

SML Isuzu prestige GS truck has the lowest price and its price starts from Rs 13.69 lacs and goes up to 14.89 lacs in India.

SML 6 wheeler trucks has a payload capacity of 2.5 to 5.5 tons.

About SML 6 Tyre Trucks in India

SML 6-wheeler trucks are available in variable configurations and payload capacity. SML provides services in different transportation industries in India. A wide range of Swaraj Mazda dealership network, provides these 6-tyre SML trucks across India. These SML Isuzu trucks are also known as Swaraj Mazda. The 6-chakka trucks are available in different gross vehicle weights and loading span sizes.

Get all the details include price, specifications, loading capacity and mileage of 6-tyre SML trucks.

SML 6 Wheeler Truck Price in India

The SML 6-chakka trucks come with cool adaptability under an affordable price range. The SML 6 chakka truck price range starts from Rs.13.69 lacs to Rs. 18.26 lacs. These 6 tyre SML trucks provide superb performance along with cost-effectiveness. These trucks are suitable for agriculture, transport-specific weights and logistics purposes. Some suitable price ranges of SML Isuzu 6-tyre trucks in India are listed below:
  • SML Isuzu Prestige GS: Rs 13.69 lakhs to Rs 14.89 lakhs
  • SML Samrat 1312 XT: Rs 17.82 lacs to Rs 17.92 lacs
  • SML Super Global Series: Rs 15.81 lacs to Rs 15.89 lacs
The different truck models of SML Isuzu are SML Isuzu Sartaj, SML Isuzu Samrat GS and SML Isuzu Super GS. The SML Isuzu Supreme GS 8T truck and the SML Isuzu Samrat 1312 XT truck are the best in this category. At TrucksBuses, you can get loans and discount offers from your neighborhood showrooms in India.

SML 6 Wheeler Truck Mileage Per Liter

SML 6-wheeler trucks have high durability even in case of traveling long distances or short distances. These trucks can carry heavy loads with superior fuel efficiency. The 6-tyre SML Isuzu trucks have powerful SLT6 Inline CRDI engines that ensure a high fuel average. The SML 6-chakka trucks are suitable for regional logistics and long-distance coverage, with superior mileage. The mileage of the SML 6-chakka truck is about 5 kilometers per litre to 11 kilometers per liter. These truck models have large fuel tank capacity that helps them go for miles without the need to refuel. TrucksBuses offers valuable information about the mileage of the SML 6-chakka trucks.

SML6 Tyre Truck Specifications

1. Gross Vehicle Weight:
The gross vehicle weight of the SML 6 chakka trucks ranges from 6.5 tons to 13 tons. These trucks are quite suitable for light commercial transportation like e-commerce and logistics.
2. Power and Torque:
SML 6-wheeler trucks are powered by  SLT6 Inline CRDI diesel engines that can produce up to 101 horsepower to 114 horsepower and 315 Nm to 400 Nm of high-end torque.
3. Advanced Safety Features:
SML offers various safety features in these SML 6 chakka trucks. These features include power steering, service air brakes and seat belts. All these features enhance their safety quotient to some extent.
4. Emission Compliance:
SML trucks are designed with low-emission features that are good for the environment. Thus, all the latest SML 6-tyre trucks come under BS6 emission norms compliance.
5. Body Length:
These Swaraj Mazda trucks come in different body lengths options like 14 feet, 14.2 feet, 17 feet, 17.2 feet, 19.3 feet and 21 feet.

Latest SML 6 Chakka Trucks

SML provided some latest Swaraj Mazda 6-wheeler trucks with advanced enhanced features. These SML 6-chakka trucks come with valuable features that may intensify vehicle productivity. The latest 6-tyre SML Isuzu trucks are the Supreme GS 8T, SML Isuzu Super GS and SML Isuzu Metro. The latest 6-chakka SML truck has a 4-cylinder and SLT6 Inline CRDI engine. Its engine displacement is 3455 cc. This powerful engine produces a power range of 101 HP  to 114 HP and a high-end torque of 315 Nm. The latest 6-tyre SML trucks come in variable body lengths of 14 feet, 17 feet and 19 feet. At TrucksBuses, you can check all key details about the latest 6-wheeler SML trucks.

Best SML 6 Tyre Trucks

Among a large number of SML 6-wheeler truck models, some trucks perform better. The SML Isuzu Supreme GS 8.5T truck is the best 6-chakka truck. The best 4x2 axle SML Isuzu Supreme GS 8.5T gross vehicle weight is 8500 kilograms. SML Isuzu Supreme GS 8.5T has a 4-cylinder, SLT6 Inline CRDI engine of 3455 cc displacement. It produces a power of 101 horsepower and a high-end torque of 315 Nm. TrucksBuses provides individual sections to check other details about these SML trucks.

SML 6 Chakka Truck Dealers

TrucksBuses assists you in dealing with authorized SML truck dealers in your nearby locations. We assist you in finding the nearest dealers of SML 6-tyre trucks. A wide network of trusted and authorized dealerships is available across India. Here, buyers will get top-notch after and before-sale help services. They are providing you with a smooth path during the whole purchasing process. Check your nearby SML Isuzu truck dealers from the dealer locator section of TrucksBuses.

Customer Feedback for SML 6 Tyre Truck

The practical feedback gives the right guidance to new customers. Customers like the superior fuel efficiency and low acquisition cost of SML 6 tyre trucks. Due to their easy handling, buyers praise SML 6-wheeler trucks. Customer reviews give an insight into the engine performance of these trucks. You can check the reviews of these 6 tyre SML trucks here at TruckBuses.

Purchasing the Best SML 6 Chakka Trucks from TrucksBuses

TrucksBuses provides a user-friendly platform to purchase the latest SML 6-wheeler trucks. Here, you can compare all SML Isuzu 6 tyre truck specifications, price, features, photos, videos and mileage. Get all detailed information about SML 6-wheeler trucks from the comfort of your home. With our updated portal, you can get the latest models at discounted offers. Thus, TrucksBuses is the best online platform to get satisfying resolutions.