SML 32 Seater Buses in India

In the lineup of Swaraj Mazda bus models 32 seater category known for its demands in the Indian market. Next, we will discuss the best SML 32-seater buses which have great features, safety, and comfort.

The top SML 32-seater buses in India are SML Isuzu Prestige School 3335, SML Isuzu Prestige School 4240, SML Isuzu BH School bus 4240 and SML Std 3940 bus. These bus models come in the wheelbase option of 3335 mm to 4370 mm equipped with seating layouts of 2x2, 3x2 for staff and stage carriage and 3x3 for school buses.

SML Isuzu 32 Seater Bus Models

Top FAQ About SML Isuzu 32 Seater Buses

As the name suggests, a 32 seater bus has a seating capacity of 32 passengers.

The engine used in a 32 seater bus can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. However, many buses in this category are powered by diesel engines.

The average mileage of a 32 seater bus can vary depending on the engine, terrain, and driving conditions. However, many buses in this category have a fuel efficiency of around 10-12 km/litre.

Most 32 seater buses come with standard safety features such as airbags, seat belts, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and fire extinguishers.

The price of a 32 seater bus can vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and features. However, in general, these buses can range from INR 15-20 lakhs or more.

About Swaraj Mazda 32 Seater Busese

Swaraj Mazda Limited or SML is a reliable and trustworthy brand known for its wider bus lineup. These SML 32-seater buses are mainly used for school and college purposes. The seats are spacious and comfortable. SML 32-seater buses have great safety features and have been built especially keeping comfort in mind. With great utilities and design SML 32-seater buses are a favorite among passengers.

These buses have jack-knife-type passenger doors with box-type chassis frames. You can check the important details about their specifications, mileage, price, and dealers from the below list.

Latest SML 32-Seater Bus Specifications

Purchasing will be easy after evaluating every specification and feature of the SML Isuzu 32-seater bus. The following specifications are:
  • Safety Features: For safety, the SML 32-seater buses have adjustable driver seats, adjustable power steering, service brakes, parking brakes, an anti-roll bar, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid box. 
  • Comfortable Features: To provide comfort, SML 32-seater buses have bench-type high-back passenger seats with sliding glass windows. 
  • Tyres: The SML 32-seater bus tyres are of variable sizes. The tyre sizes range from 7.50×16 – 16PR to 8.25×16 – 16PR.
  • Engine: These SML 32-seater buses have a 4-cylinder SLT6 CRDI TCIC engine of 3455 cc.
  • Power: The power produced by SML 32-seater buses ranges from 100 horsepower to 114 horsepower. 
  • Wheelbase: The SML 32-seater bus wheelbase ranges from 3335 mm to 4370 mm.

SML 32-seater Bus Mileage Per Liter

At TrucksBuses, we provide the approximate mileage data of SML buses. The mileage is an important factor before purchasing any vehicle. The mileage of SML 32-seater buses ranges between 5 kilometers per liter to 9 kilometers per liter. These SML 32-seater buses run on diesel fuel and have a fuel tank capacity of 90 liters. It is sufficient for the buses to travel a long distance. It does not need frequent refueling. The mileage value of SML 32-seater buses is satisfactory which follows BS6 emission norms compliances.

SML 32-Seater Bus Price in India

The SML 32-seater buses have a reasonable price. It is cost-effective as the buses are durable and are of excellent quality. With great comfort and performance, the price of SML 32-seater buses is in various ranges. It is budget-friendly, and at TrucksBuses you get all the facilities to buy the best SML 32-seater bus. Below we are going to provide some popular SML 32-seater bus models' price lists in India:
  • SML Isuzu S7 CNG School 4240: Rs 21.68 lacs
  • SML Isuzu S7 CNG School 5100: Rs 22.83 lacs
This price range is reasonable as per the specifications of SML 32-seater bus models. You can also avail of these bus models on loans.

SML 32-Seater Bus Dealers

Now you can find SML 32-seater bus dealers at TrucksBuses. We bring you an updated dealers portal where you will get a list of authorized Swaraj Mazda or any other bus dealers and you can choose anyone from the list. TrucksBuses have a linkup with these dealers and we help you to connect with these dealers to purchase SML 32-seater buses. This is all possible to do in the comfort of your home. These SML Isuzu dealers will guide you through the process. 

Customers talk about SML 32-seater Bus 

The customers of SML Isuzu bus models are already conscious of their ultimate performance. But if we talk specifically about the reviews of SML 32-seater buses. Then it will give you satisfaction and reliability. These buses have huge space for different kinds of applications in multiple seating layout options. By checking these reviews, will be a helpful way to know about the extra information on maintenance charges and servicing intervals. You can know about the fuel average and fuel efficiency, which is great. If there are common problems in mechanical parts you will know it through the customer reviews.