Mahindra 14 Wheeler Trucks

The commercial vehicle industry has made incredible strides throughout the years, & Mahindra is one of the leading participants in this industry. Mahindra, which is renowned for its creative thinking and strong, engineering, has paved the way in producing vehicles that meet the various demands of enterprises. The Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck distinguishes itself as a representation of strength, effectiveness, and dependability within its amazing fleet. 

There are a variety of Mahindra 14 wheeler trucks available for sale in India through the dealership network of Mahindra Truck and Bus. These Mahindra 14 tyre trucks are available in multiple configurations of cabin and load body. To check details of latest Mahindra 14 wheeler truck price, specifications, loading capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired Mahindra 14 tyre / chakka truck model from the list below.

Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck Models

About Mahindra 14 Wheeler Trucks

Heavy-duty commercial vehicles like the Mahindra 14 Chakka Truck are made to transport large goods over long distances. This mammoth on wheels has a GVW that may range from 42000 kg, making it ideal for moving materials and cargo over a variety of terrains. Due to its excellent technical and safety requirements, it is a preferred option for companies in the logistics, building, mining, and other heavy sectors.

Powerful and dependable, the Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle intended for difficult transportation jobs. It has an outstanding gross vehicle weight from 42000 kg making it perfect for a variety of sectors. The strong chassis and suspension of the truck provide stability on unpaved surfaces, while airbags and ABS put the safety of the driver and passengers first. Despite its size, the vehicle is fuel-efficient, lowering operating expenses and having a smaller negative impact on the environment. The driver can operate comfortably in the cabin thanks to its ergonomic design. Overall, the Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck is a top pick for companies looking for dependable transportation solutions because of its superior performance, efficiency, and safety.

Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck price in India:

Heavy-duty commercial vehicles like the Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck are well-liked choices for many Indian businesses because of their remarkable performance and dependability. The Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck's pricing might vary depending on many variables.

Depending on the individual model, configuration, features, and region, the price of the Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck in India normally varies between Rs. 40 lakhs and Rs. 50 lakhs. The truck may come in a variety of variations with varying cargo capacity, engine choices, and other features, which might affect the final cost. The price of the vehicle might also be affected by changes in the market, inflation, and any upgrades or technological or design advancements. 

The Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck continues to be a popular choice for companies engaged in logistics, construction, agriculture, waste management, and other heavy-duty applications despite price variations. It continues to be a key asset in supporting India's economy and assisting with the efficient operation of many sectors because of its reputation for toughness, adaptability, and sturdy engineering.

Mahindra 14 Wheeler Trucks Mileage:

Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck mileage is estimated to be in the range of 3-4 KMPL* at the broadest level. The mileage of a commercial vehicle like the Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck is influenced by various factors, including its engine capacity, load-carrying capacity, road conditions, driving habits, and maintenance. Heavy-duty trucks are anticipated to have poorer mileage in comparison to smaller vehicles intended for higher fuel efficiency due to the nature of their uses. Diesel engines, which are popular for their torque and hauling power but may use more fuel than smaller petrol engines, are typically used in these vehicles.

Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck Dealer:

A Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck distributor is a company that Mahindra & Mahindra has selected to be authorized to sell and distribute 14 Wheeler Trucks to customers. With a variety of truck types, customizations, and services available, these dealers serve as the main point of contact for prospective customers. They offer details on the features, attributes, costs, and available financing choices for the trucks. Furthermore, Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck sellers could provide maintenance assistance, spare parts, and after-sales services, making sure that clients get a complete answer to their heavy-duty transportation demands. These dealers are vital to building a solid customer-business connection and advancing Mahindra's commercial vehicle capabilities since they are familiar with the company's goods and ideals. You can find Nearest Mahindra 14 chakka truck dealer at TrucksBuses in a single click.

Latest Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck:

The latest Mahindra 14-Chakka Truck is Mahindra Blazo X 42 Truck. The Mahindra Blazo X 42 is a versatile and adaptable heavy-duty 14-wheeler vehicle created for a variety of commercial uses. With a GVW of 42,000 kg, it performs quite well. The mPOWER 7.2 Litre FuelSmart CRDe engine produces 1050 Nm torque at 1200-1700 rpm and 280 HP @ 2200 rpm. Customers may select between two models, both of which offer stability and increased weight-bearing capability thanks to the 10x2 axle layout. The truck has a speed limiter and fuel-smart technology that optimizes fuel efficiency according to load and gradient. It supports a variety of cargo capacities and has two wheelbase options with deck lengths ranging from 28 to 32 feet. 

With a 90,000 km oil change service interval and a 6-year/6-lakh km driveline guarantee, the Blazo X 42 requires less maintenance. Fully adjustable power steering, air brakes, and a suspension interior are among the comfort and safety features. The Mahindra Blazo X 42 competes with other 14-wheeler trucks on the Indian market and offers dependable performance and efficiency while exhibiting Mahindra's superior engineering and dedication to its clients.

Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck Specifications:

Here is an extract of the Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck’s specifications:

● Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): These trucks have a robust design and a GVW of 42,000 kg, making it appropriate for a variety of heavy-duty commercial applications.

● Engine: These trucks are propelled by a reliable mPOWER 7.2-liter FuelSmart engine with common rail fuel injection, which ensures a strong and fuel-efficient performance for handling high loads and difficult terrains.

● Gearbox: These trucks have a 6-speed Eaton 6S gearbox, which provides precise and smooth gear changes, improving overall drivability and operating effectiveness.

● Maximum Speed: These trucks top speed is restricted to 80 Kmph in order to encourage cautious and safe highway and city driving.

● Compliance with Emission Norms: By adhering to BS6 emission standards, These Mahindra 14 Wheeler Trucks helps to safeguard the environment by cutting back on hazardous emissions.

● Fuel Type & Tank Capacity: These Mahindra 14 chakka Trucks can hold 330 liters of diesel fuel and an extra 50 liters of AdBlue, which is used to reduce NOx emissions. It runs on diesel fuel.

● These Mahindra 14 tyre Trucks has a 395 mm dia organic clutch with a wear indicator that enables smooth gear engagement and enables drivers to keep an eye on clutch wear for prompt repair.

● Electrical: These truck's two 12V, 150 Ah batteries provide consistent starting power and electrical capability for a variety of parts.

● The 10x2 axle arrangement increases stability and weight-bearing capability while providing flexibility for various freight transportation demands.

● These Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck is available in two variants, the Cowl with Chassis and the Cabin and Chassis, offering flexibility to fulfill various business requirements.

● These truck's oil change service interval is set at 90,000 km, which lowers maintenance needs and downtime. It also has a 6-year, 6-lakh-mile driveline warranty, which gives customers peace of mind about its dependability.

● Features that prioritize driver comfort and safety include the truck's complete suspension cabin, tilt telescopic adjustable power steering, and air brakes, which make for a smooth and controlled driving experience.

Customer Reviews of Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck:

Customers have generally had favorable things to say about the Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck, applauding its strong performance, fuel economy, and capacity to manage high loads. The innovative features like speed limitation and fuel-smart technology, as well as the mPOWER 7.2 Litre FuelSmart engine, are valued for their contributions to increased economy and lower emissions. Drivers praise the cozy and well-designed interior as well as the safety features like adjustable power steering and air brakes. The truck's dependability and longevity, backed by Mahindra's driveline guarantee, are valued by customers. Longer service intervals and less maintenance needs result in less downtime and lower operating expenses. Overall, the Mahindra 14 Wheeler Truck has received favorable reviews from pleased customers and is a durable and effective option for a variety of sectors.

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