Best Loading Auto 3 Wheelers

There are variety of loading auto 3 wheelers available in India from different 3 wheeler manufacturers.

These loading auto 3 wheelers from different brands are available for sale in multiple body configurations. To know about latest loading auto 3 wheeler price, specifications, loading capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired 3 wheeler model from the list below.

Top FAQs About Loading Auto 3 Wheelers

The most popular Loading Auto 3 Wheeler in India are Lohia Humsafar Cargo Petrol, Bajaj Maxima C CNG and Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX.
Yes, loading autos are well-suited for navigating through narrow streets and congested areas in urban environments.
No, loading autos are designed for cargo transportation only.
The average mileage of a loading auto can vary depending on the engine and model, but it typically ranges from 20-25 km/l.
Yes, loading autos can be customized with various add-ons and modifications to meet specific business requirements.
Yes, loading autos are relatively simple to maintain, with low operating and maintenance costs.
Loading autos can run on petrol, diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas).
The maximum weight capacity of a loading auto can vary, but it typically ranges from 500 to 1000 kg.
A loading auto is a small commercial vehicle designed for carrying goods and cargo.