Eicher Staff Buses in India

Transportation that is dependable and efficient is essential for guaranteeing smooth operations and employee satisfaction in the fast-paced corporate environment of today. Companies looking for reliable, cosy, and environmentally responsible transportation for their employees now turn to Eicher staff buses as the go-to option. These buses have grown to be a popular option for businesses in a variety of sectors since they were created using the most recent technology and made to conform to strict safety regulations.

These Eicher staff buses are available in multiple wheelbase options and seating configurations. To know about latest Eicher staff bus price, specifications, seating capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired Eicher staff bus model from the list below.

Eicher Staff Bus Models

Top FAQ About Eicher Staff Buses

Eicher Staff Buses have different seating capacities depending on the specific model, but they typically range from 18 to 60 seats.
Eicher Staff Buses are equipped with powerful and efficient engines that range from 3.8 liters to 5.2 liters, delivering power output ranging from 140 to 210 horsepower.
Yes, Eicher Staff Buses are designed to be fuel-efficient, which means they deliver good mileage and reduce operating costs.
Eicher Staff Buses are equipped with either air or leaf spring suspension systems, depending on the specific model and application.
The cabin of Eicher Staff Buses comes with an optional air conditioning system.
The warranty offered on Eicher Staff Buses varies depending on the specific model and region, but typically ranges from 1 to 5 years or a certain mileage, whichever comes first.
Yes, Eicher offers customization options for their Staff Buses to fit specific requirements such as seating capacity, interior amenities, and more.
Eicher Staff Buses are equipped with a range of safety features such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), reverse parking sensors, speed governors, and more.
The maintenance cost of Eicher Staff Buses varies depending on factors such as the specific model, usage, and maintenance schedule. However, Eicher is known for their reliable and low maintenance vehicles, which can help reduce overall operating costs.

About Eicher Staff Buses

its extensive and dependable transportation options, Eicher staff buses have revolutionised the corporate computing environment. These buses support staff well-being and a strong company image in addition to addressing the difficulties of everyday commuting.

By putting safety, comfort, and sustainability first, Eicher staff buses have emerged as the go-to option for businesses wishing to improve the commute experience for their staff members. Eicher staff buses serve as a testament to the value of offering smooth and effective transportation options to foster a motivated and happy workforce as companies place a growing amount of emphasis on establishing an enjoyable and rewarding work environment.

Eicher Staff Buses Price in India

For their high quality and dependability, Eicher staff buses were well-liked and respected in the Indian market. The cost of an Eicher staff bus varies in India based on the model, amenities, seating capacity, and extras. For Eicher staff buses, the typical price range began at approximately Rs. 16 lakhs and may go as high as Rs.40 lakhs or more for higher-end variations. It's important to keep in mind, though, that expenses may have changed as a result of a variety of variables, including inflation, shifts in manufacturing costs, and modifications to bus models. It is advised to go to TrucksBuses.com, an authorised Eicher dealership, for the most up-to-date and accurate price information. To make sure you receive the most return on your investment, always do extensive research and weigh your choices before making a buying decision.

Eicher Staff Buses Mileage

The expected mileage for the Eicher staff bus is between 3 and 6 KMPL*. These estimates, however, are approximations and rely on a number of variables, including driving habits, passenger load, road conditions, slopes, and average speed. Therefore, prospective purchasers shouldn't entirely depend on these figures and instead should ask other bus owners for real-world input to determine the bus's actual fuel economy. The bus has a big gasoline tank and is recognized for being fuel-efficient, enabling longer travel without frequently stopping to replenish. The bus's fuel economy and large fuel tank capacity make it a good option for long-distance travel, minimising operating problems, even though the mileage values offered are only estimates.

Eicher Staff Buses Dealer

The dealer network for Eicher staff buses is a crucial component of the company's success in the corporate transportation sector. These licensed retailers are essential in offering authentic Eicher items and top-notch customer support. TrucksBuses.com, an authorised dealer, provides businesses with professional advice on choosing the best staff buses for their unique needs since they have a thorough grasp of the transportation industry and Eicher's product line. Eicher staff bus Dealers put a high priority on security, dependability, and comfort to make sure businesses have the best mobility options for their staff. Their dealerships also provide maintenance services, replacement parts that are easily accessible, and post-sale assistance, assuring smooth operations and minimising downtime for business fleets.

Eicher Staff Buses Features and Specifications

Engine: The 5131 cc 4-cylinder VEDX5 engine that powers the Eicher Staff Bus offers a strong performance with a maximum output of 210 HP and a torque of 825 Nm. The diesel-powered engine conforms with BS6 pollution standards and runs on diesel fuel.
The bus has a 6-speed manual (6F+1R) gearbox with an ET70S6 Synchromesh that guarantees quick and seamless gear changes.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The Eicher Staff Bus has a large 425-litre fuel tank that makes long-distance travel possible without the need for regular refuelling.
Weveller suspension is installed in the bus's front and back for a smooth ride, giving passengers a greater level of comfort.

Gross Weight and Dimensions: The Eicher Staff Bus is appropriate for a variety of stage carriage applications thanks to its gross weight capacity of 5600 to 16,200 kg and overall length of 11,714 mm.

Electricity: To power the electrical parts and operations of the bus, a 12V x 2, 150 Ah battery system is installed.

Clutch: The clutch, which ensures effective power transfer between the engine and gearbox, has a diameter of around 395 mm.

The bus is equipped with a common rail fuel injection technology, which improves fuel economy and lowers pollutants.

Latest Eicher Staff Buses

The Eicher 6016N: Skyline Pro Executive 62 Seater bus, with a gross weight of 16,200 kg and an overall length of 11,714 mm, is intended to be a dependable and effective stage carriage vehicle. It is powered by a strong VEDX5 engine with a displacement of 5131 cc, a 4-cylinder design, and an astonishing 210 HP @ 2200 rpm. Additionally, the engine produces 825 Nm of torque between 1200 and 1600 rpm. This Eicher bus assures a smooth and powerful performance because it runs on diesel fuel. A 6-speed manual (6F+1R) gearbox is in charge of controlling the power transfer, ensuring accurate and seamless gear shifting. The domex frame chassis and comfortable 5840 mm wheelbase of the Eicher 6016N offer stability and simplicity of use.

With a 3x2 seating arrangement inside the bus, passengers may have plenty of room to spread out. The side windows of the bus have sliding glass for increased convenience and ventilation. All passengers will ride comfortably thanks to the suspension system's weveller suspension in the front and rear. The Eicher 6016N places a high priority on safety, and air brakes handle all braking chores to guarantee dependable stopping power when required. Driving and riding may be done with confidence knowing that safety is well-cared for.

Best Eicher Staff Buses

The Eicher Staff Bus is a large, powerful vehicle with seating for 57 people, including the driver. It is powered by a VEDX5 engine with a 5131 cc 4-cylinder design that can generate 210 HP at 2200 rpm and 825 Nm of torque between 1200 and 1600 rpm. This bus offers dependable and effective performance by using diesel fuel. The broad range of the Eicher 6016M: Skyline Pro Executive 57 Seater bus's estimated mileage is between 3.5 and 4.5 KMPL*.

The Eicher Staff's Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 16,200 kg makes it suitable for a range of transportation purposes. It has a large seating capacity and is designed to provide a smooth ride for both drivers and passengers. This bus is appropriate for a variety of travel scenarios since it is built to accommodate the transportation demands of medium- to large-sized groups.

Customer Reviews for Eicher Staff Buses

Customer reviews for Eicher staff buses show a resounding level of satisfaction and admiration for their exceptional features and performance. The buses' emphasis on safety, equipped with cutting-edge technology like ABS and ESP, guaranteeing secure travel for workers, excite commuters in particular. The buses' plush interiors and cutting-edge facilities are highly praised for helping passengers enjoy and maximise their everyday commutes.

The eco-friendly design also meets businesses' sustainability objectives, garnering additional praise. The testimonies demonstrate how Eicher staff buses improve employee satisfaction and productivity, reaffirming their status as a dependable and preferred option for corporate transportation requirements. Client testimonials support Eicher staff buses as a dependable and remarkable response to the needs of contemporary corporate travel.

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A number of benefits may be expected if you choose to purchase Eicher staff buses from TrucksBuses. Customers can expect genuine, high-quality items from TrucksBuses, an established and accredited dealer of Eicher Motors, all of which are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Their in-depth knowledge of the transport sector enables them to offer authoritative guidance, helping businesses select the staff bus version that most closely matches their specific needs and guaranteeing a smooth and positive purchasing experience. In an effort to ensure complete client satisfaction, TrucksBuses goes above and beyond by providing first-rate after-sales assistance, prompt maintenance, and readily available replacement parts. By choosing Eicher staff buses from TrucksBuses, businesses can invest with confidence in durable, secure, and financially sound transportation solutions that are tailored to satisfy the many and unique demands of corporate employee commuting.