Eicher 60 Seater Buses in India

Eicher offers a wide range of 60-seater buses on Skyline Pro, and Skyline school bus, which specifically cater to the school, staff and tourists. The lowest-priced 60-seater bus is the Eicher 3010L Skyline Pro school bus ranges between Rs 28.42 lacs to Rs 33.92 lacs in India.

Eicher 60 seater buses is constantly setting new benchmarks in manufacturing processes, vehicle technology, and service support. These 60 seater buses is to deliver higher productivity and prosperity with high mileage efficiency. Find out more about our latest press releases, social initiatives, awards, and upcoming events in this section.

Eicher 60 Seater Bus Models

Top FAQ About Eicher 60 Seater Buses

Eicher's 60 seater buses are designed to seat up to 60 passengers comfortably.
Yes, Eicher's 60 seater buses come with air conditioning systems to provide a comfortable ride for passengers, especially during hot weather.
Eicher's 60 seater buses are equipped with advanced safety features such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and driver and passenger airbags.
Yes, Eicher's 60 seater buses are powered by fuel-efficient engines that comply with the latest emission standards, making them an environmentally friendly option.
Eicher's 60 seater buses are designed for low maintenance, which means they have longer service intervals, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The maintenance schedule will depend on the specific model and usage of the bus.
The length of Eicher's 60 seater buses varies depending on the model, but they typically range from around 11 to 13 meters.
Yes, Eicher offers customization options for their buses to fit specific requirements such as seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, and more.
The maximum speed of Eicher's 60 seater buses varies depending on the model and engine capacity, but they typically have a maximum speed of around 80 to 100 km/h.
Yes, Eicher's 60 seater buses are suitable for long-distance travel, as they are designed to provide a comfortable and safe ride for passengers over extended periods.

About Eicher 60 Seater Buses in India

At TrucksBuses, 3 Eicher 60 seater bus models are listed with complete specificaitons, videos, price and images. These 60 seater Eicher buses come in 3x3 and 3x2 seating layout options. Applications of Eicher 60 seater bus includes staff, students of collages and schools.

Latest 60-seater Eicher Bus performance

Eicher has recently launched the 60 seater Eicher bus in an affordable price range and 5840 mm wheelbase size. The Eicher 6016N Skyline Pro Executive bus is powered by a VEDX5 engine, a 4-cylinder and 5131 cc displacement which can churn out power of 210 HP and 825 Nm torque. This engine is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. The 60-seater Eicher bus also delivers superior gradability and emission norms of BS6 and comes with high-performance brakes. The bus comes with a larger, 425-liter diesel fuel tank to cover all the long routes in one go. This 60 seater Skyline Pro Executive bus starting price is Rs 40.79 lacs in India.

Eicher 60-Seater Buses: Models and Price Lists

Here we are going to discuss the Eicher 60-seater bus price list below:
  • Eicher 6016 N: Skyline Pro Executive 60 seater - Rs 40.79 lacs
  • Eicher 3010 L: Skyline Pro School 60 seater - Rs 28.42 lacs to Rs 33.92 lacs
  • Eicher 2112 M: Skyline School 60 seater - Rs 31.14 lacs

60-Seater Eicher Bus Specification & Features

Showcasing the latest 60 seater bus specification helps you check the 60 seater details. The following specs are mentioned here:
  • Mileage: The latest Eicher 60-seater bus offers a mileage range of 3.5 kilometers per litre to 6 kilometers per litre.
  • GVW (gross vehicle weight): These Eicher 60-seater buses have a GVW range of 10625 kilograms to 16200 kilograms for comfortable journeys with heavy passenger loads.
  • Power and Torque: With power ranging from 160 HP to 200 HP and 500 Nm to 600 Nm, these 60-seater buses allow customers to choose the top level of performance that best suits their requirements, be it for local or long-distance travel.
  • Safety: Safety is another area where the Eicher 60-seater bus makes an impression. It has emergency locking retractor seat belts for driver and co-passenger and vacuum-assisted brakes with a load-conscious regulating valve for better braking.
  • Engine Displacement: Eicher 60 seater buses give an engine displacement range of 3760 cc to 3760 cc and have all types of engines meant for working in different working environments.
  • Axle Configuration: The bus axle configuration of 4x2 brings about superior performance in terms of steering and controlling the vehicle, making them best suited for both urban roads and rural roads with ease.

Eicher 60-seater Bus Mileage Per Liter

The Eicher 60 seater buses run on diesel fuel with mileage ranging between 3.5 kilometers per litre to 6 kilometers per litre. This fuel efficiency emphasizes the commitment of the Eicher buses to provide cost-effective and environmentally conscious transportation solutions. For accurate mileage of Eicher 60-seater buses, seek practical feedback from other owners through the TrucksBuses portal.

Eicher 60-Seater Bus Dealers at TrucksBuses

At TrucksBuses, many Eicher Truck and Bus dealers are listed from multiple locations in India. These dealers are listed here to resolve every customer's need who is looking for the best Eicher 60-seater bus at a cost-effective range. Finding certified Eicher 60-seater bus dealers in your area is effortless with TrucksBuses.com's user-friendly platform. This Eicher 60-seater bus dealer platform allows customers to access a complete database of nearby dealers using search criteria such as city, state, or specific bus models. The dedicated customer support team of TrucksBuses is ready to assist you in finding the most suitable Eicher 60-seater bus, whether for a single purchase or fleet demand.

Buyer Feedback for a 60-Seater Bus

Customers have positive feedback on the Eicher 60-seater bus because of its reliability, performance, and affordability. Drivers enjoyed the great build quality, well-tested engines, as well as the availability of various wheelbase options to cater to any required seating arrangement. Also, service stations that are part of the world-class brand's network are lauded for delivering quality service on time.

Buying an Eicher 60-Seater Bus from TrucksBuses

The assurance of quality and dependability set TrucksBuses.com apart when considering an Eicher 60-seater bus purchase. It counts on our dealership for an impeachable end-to-end experience and access to a variety of buses tailored to meet customer needs. Our seamless transactions and outgoing support demonstrate our commitment to customer delight, covering the entire process from the original purchase to after-sales services. By prioritizing customer requirements and providing value-added solutions, TrucksBuses stands as a reliable and customer-centric platform for purchasing Eicher 60-seater buses.