Best Delivery Vans in India

There are variety of closed delivery vans available in India from different commercial vehicle manufacturers.

These delivery vans from different brands are available for sale in multiple body configurations. To know about latest closed delivery van price, specifications, loading capacity, inside loading space, mileage and more, click on your desired delivery model model from the list below.

Delivery Van Models

Top FAQs About Delivery Vans

Financing options such as loans and leasing are available from banks and other financial institutions for purchasing a delivery van.
The life span of delivery vans can vary depending on usage and maintenance, but typically ranges from 5 to 10 years.
The maintenance cost of delivery vans is relatively low compared to other commercial vehicles, and can be estimated to be around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per year.
The cost of delivery vans varies depending on the brand, model, and features, but typically ranges from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 7 lakhs.
Delivery vans come with features like power steering, power brakes, and airbags for enhanced safety.
The average mileage of delivery vans ranges from 15 km/liter to 20 km/liter depending on the model and load.
Delivery vans are available in both diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas) fuel options.
The payload capacity of delivery vans ranges from 500 kg to 1.5 tonnes.
Delivery vans are light commercial vehicles designed for transporting goods over short distances.
The most popular Delivery Van is Force Traveller?