BharatBenz 22 Wheeler Trucks

BharatBenz 22 wheeler trucks price starts from Rs. 39.61 lakh and goes up to Rs. 46.96 Lakhs in India. There are a variety of BharatBenz 22 wheeler trucks available for sale in India through the dealership network of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. These BharatBenz 22 tyre tractor trailer trucks are available in multiple body configurations. To check details of latest BharatBenz 22 wheeler truck price, specifications, loading capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired BharatBenz 22 tyre / chakka truck model from the list below.

Introducing the BharatBenz 22 wheeler truck, a powerful and reliable heavy-duty vehicle designed to meet the demanding needs of the transportation industry. With its robust build and superior engineering, this truck is built to tackle even the toughest of terrains and carry heavy loads over long distances. The BharatBenz 22 wheeler trucks combine strength, durability, and efficiency to provide exceptional performance on the road. It is equipped with advanced technology and cutting-edge features that enhance safety, comfort, and productivity for drivers and fleet operators alike.

BharatBenz 22 Wheeler Truck Models

Top FAQ About BharatBenz 22 Wheeler Trucks

The payload capacity ranges from 40 to 62 tons.
The engine power ranges from 230 hp to 520 hp.
They are commonly used for heavy-duty transportation, construction, and mining.
BharatBenz offers different types of 22 wheeler trucks, such as tipper, tractor-trailer, and rigid trucks.
The fuel efficiency ranges from 3.5 to 6 kmpl, depending on the model and usage.
The price range starts from around 40 lakhs and goes up to 1 crore, depending on the model and features.
The BharatBenz 5528T is one of the most popular 22 wheeler trucks, known for its performance and durability.
The BharatBenz 2823R is one of the lowest-priced 22 wheeler trucks, with a starting price of around 40 lakhs.
The BharatBenz 5528T is one of the highest-priced 22 wheeler trucks.
You can compare different models to find the best BharatBenz 22 wheeler truck for your specific requirements at

About BharatBenz 22 Wheeler Trucks

Designed to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, this truck offers excellent mileage, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses. Its spacious and comfortable cabin ensures a fatigue-free driving experience, allowing drivers to stay focused and alert during long journeys. The BharatBenz 22 tyre trucks are built to withstand heavy loads and challenging environments. Its robust chassis and suspension system provide stability and control, ensuring a smooth and safe ride even when carrying maximum payloads. The truck's powerful engine delivers impressive torque and horsepower, enabling it to handle demanding applications with ease.

With its reliable performance and low maintenance costs, the BharatBenz 22-wheeler trucks are designed to maximize uptime and minimize downtime. It is backed by a strong service network, ensuring timely support and assistance whenever needed. In conclusion, the BharatBenz 22 chakka trucks are formidable vehicle that combines strength, efficiency, and reliability. Whether it is long-haul transportation, construction, or heavy-duty logistics, this truck is built to excel in demanding conditions and deliver superior results for businesses across various industries.

Key Features of BharatBenz 22 Wheeler Truck

The BharatBenz 22 chakka trucks are designed to provide exceptional performance, safety, and comfort for drivers and fleet operators. One of its key features is its advanced technology integration, which optimizes fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. This ensures a more environmentally friendly operation while also offering cost savings on fuel expenses.

Inside the cabin, drivers will find a spacious and ergonomic environment that promotes comfort and reduces fatigue. With long-haul journeys in mind, BharatBenz has prioritized the well-being of drivers, allowing them to stay focused and alert during their trips. The cabin's design also considers the practical needs of drivers, with ample storage space and intuitive controls for easy access.

The BharatBenz 22 tyre trucks are built with a robust and durable construction. Its chassis and suspension system are engineered to withstand heavy loads and challenging terrains. This ensures stability and control on the road, providing a safe and smooth driving experience for operators.

Safety is a top priority for BharatBenz, and the 22 chakka truck is equipped with a range of safety features to protect drivers and cargo. These features may include advanced braking systems, anti-lock braking system (ABS), and electronic stability control (ESC), and driver assistance systems. These technologies work together to enhance braking efficiency, improve stability, and prevent accidents.

Specifications of BharatBenz 22 Wheeler Truck

Here are the specifications of the BharatBenz 22 tyre trucks:

• Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): The BharatBenz 22 wheeler trucks typically have a high GVW, which can range from around 55,000 kilograms, depending on the specific model and configuration.
• Engine: The trucks are equipped with a powerful engine that generates substantial torque and horsepower. The engine is designed to deliver efficient performance, allowing the truck to handle heavy loads and challenging terrains with ease.
• Transmission: The BharatBenz 22 chakka trucks generally features a manual transmission system. This allows drivers to have better control over gear shifting, enabling them to optimize performance according to the load and road conditions.
• Power Output: The engine generates a power output ranging from 281 horsepower (HP) to 320 HP@2200 rpm, providing ample power to tackle challenging terrains and heavy payloads.
• Torque: The torque output of the engine ranges from 1100Nm to 1250 Nm@1200-1600 rpm, ensuring excellent pulling capability and performance in demanding working conditions.
• Wheel Configuration: As the name suggests, trucks typically come with a 22 tyre configuration. This includes two front wheels and multiple rear axle wheels, providing enhanced stability and load-carrying capacity.
• Suspension: The trucks are equipped with a robust suspension system that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even when carrying heavy payloads. The suspension system helps absorb shocks and vibrations, contributing to driver comfort and cargo safety.
• Cabin: The cabin of the BharatBenz 22 wheeler truck is designed to provide a spacious and comfortable environment for the driver. It offers ergonomic seating, ample storage space, and user-friendly controls, promoting driver well-being and convenience during long journeys.
• Safety Features: These trucks incorporate various safety features to protect the driver, passengers, and cargo. These may include advanced braking systems, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and driver assistance systems, depending on the specific model and configuration.
• Fuel Efficiency: BharatBenz prioritizes fuel efficiency in its trucks. The 22 chakka truck is designed to optimize fuel consumption, helping businesses reduce operational costs and minimize environmental impact.

BharatBenz 22 Wheeler Trucks Price in India

The BharatBenz 22 tyre truck price or BharatBenz 22 chakka truck price starts from 39.61 lakhs as the lowest price and ranges to 47.73 lakhs as the highest price.

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Latest model of BharatBenz 22 Wheeler Trucks

BharatBenz 5528TT is the latest model of BharatBenz 22 chakka truck with price ranging from Rs. 39.61-46.96 Lakhs with 55000 Kg as GCW and 281 HP as Power and 1100 Nm as Torque output.