22 Wheeler / Chakka Trucks in India

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If we describe the 22-wheeler truck, basically it is a 10 chakka horse and 12-tyre trailer vehicle. These 22 tyre trucks are mainly used in industrial material, big machines, or construction goods transportation. The price range of 22 chakka trucks starts from Rs 37.17 lakhs and goes up to Rs 57 lakhs in India. The lowest-priced truck in this segment is Eicher Pro 6055.

22 Wheeler Truck Models

Top FAQ About 22 Wheeler / Tyre Trucks

A 22 wheeler truck is a heavy-duty vehicle that has 22 wheels, which are spread over several axles to provide higher load-carrying capacity.
Popular brands that offer 22 wheeler trucks in India include Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, BharatBenz, and Volvo Trucks.
22 wheeler trucks are used for heavy-duty applications such as mining, construction, infrastructure, and transportation of large goods and machinery.
Different types of 22 wheeler trucks include dump trucks, tractor-trailers, concrete mixer trucks, and tanker trucks, among others.
Fuel efficiency of a 22 wheeler truck depends on the model and application, but generally, they have lower fuel efficiency due to their size and load-carrying capacity.
Prices of 22 wheeler trucks vary widely depending on the brand, model, and features, starting at around 40 lakhs and going up to several crores.
The most popular 22 wheeler truck may vary depending on the specific application and market demand, but some popular models include Tata Motors Signa 4225.TK, Ashok Leyland 4825, and BharatBenz 2823R.
The lowest-priced 22 wheeler truck may vary depending on the brand and model, but some budget options include Tata Motors LPT 3723 and Ashok Leyland 1920.
The highest-priced 22 wheeler truck may vary depending on the brand and model, but some premium options include Volvo FMX 460 and BharatBenz 2828C.

About 22 Tyre Trucks in India

The latest  22 chakka trucks are suitable for heavy-duty transportation. For manufacturing a new 22-tyre truck, you will get a 10-chakka horse. These 22-wheeler trucks excel in their ability to handle massive cargo loads, navigate challenging terrain, and deliver reliable performance across a wide range of industries.

The 6x4 axle 22-wheeler truck is a major figure in the field of commercial transportation. Its versatility, load-carrying capacity and mobility make it a valuable asset in various fields and applications. As technology evolves, these vehicles are becoming more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient, keeping in mind the increasing demand for sustainable transportation options.

22 Tyre Truck Price in India

The 22-wheeler tractor-trailers are suitable for heavy load capacity under an affordable price range. The price range of the 22-tyre truck starts from Rs.37 lakhs and goes up to Rs.57 lakhs. The highest-priced 22-wheeler tractor-trailer is Eicher Pro 8055 which ranges between ₹ 56.93 lacs. 
With such prices, businesses may use the strength of these vehicles without risking their ability to maintain their financial stability. The importance of 22 tyre vehicles is further highlighted by their affordability, remarkable specifications, and wide range of applications. For companies looking for reliable, high-capacity transport solutions while maximizing their investment, this series offers a compelling offering. The 22-tyre trucks are a wise choice for organizations that want to improve their logistics and transportation capabilities. 

22 Wheeler Truck Mileage Per Litre

These 22-wheeler tractor trailer runs on diesel fuel which is good for carrying heavy loads. The mileage of a 22-wheeler tractor-trailer ranges between 2.25 kilometers per litre to 4 kilometers per litre. Its mileage reflects the difficult balance between the truck's immense power and its fuel economy. These vehicles give priority to strong engines and carrying capacity. However, their larger size and weight cause them to use more fuel than smaller vehicles. In sectors like manufacturing and logistics, efficiency matters more than fuel. 22-wheel tip trailers are also used in mining. These larger vehicles have better fuel economy and performance. This improvement is due to better aerodynamics and engines.

22 Chakka Tractor Trailer Dealers

At TrucksBuses, the 22-wheeler tractor-trailer dealers are available all across India. If you are looking for the best dealer near you then you can explore the TrucksBuses dealer segment and get a reliable dealer using the dealer locator tool. If customers require assistance or have questions during their search, the dedicated customer support team is available to advise and assist in finding the most suitable 22-tyre truck dealers. TrucksBuses.com connects consumers with reputed 22-tyre truck dealers to meet their transportation needs.

22 Wheeler Trucks Specifications and Features

Here we are going to provide complete specs and features of 22 wheeler truck:
Gross Vehicle Weight: The 22-tyre tractor-trailer has a gross vehicle weight of 55,000 kilograms, designed to carry heavy loads. 
Payload capacity: The loading capacity of a 22-wheeler 6x4 truck in India can vary from 35,000 kilograms to 40,000 kilograms. These vehicles are vital in the construction, infrastructure, and transportation of large goods and machinery, which can handle light and heavy-duty tasks.
Power & Torque: These tractor trailers are outfitted with engines that provide power outputs of 250 horsepower to 350 horsepower and strong torque of 900 Nm to 1350 Nm, Ensuring remarkable performance and the capacity to easily traverse difficult terrains and conditions.
Safety measures: The safety features of the 22 chakka tractor trailer include, air brakes for dependable stopping. An exhaust brake for better braking effectiveness, an ABS to ensure stable stops, and seat belts to prioritise safety.

Popular 22 Tractor Trailer Trucks

The most popular 22-wheeler truck may vary depending on the specific application and market demand. The Tata Signa 5530.S tractor trailer establishes a new benchmark for strength, performance, and adaptability among all 22-wheeler trucks. The gross vehicle weight of the Tata Signa 5530.S tractor trailer is 55,000 kilograms. This Signa 5530.S tractor trailer is empowered by a 6-cylinder VS X8 powerful engine of 6692 cc displacement that produces a power of 300 horsepower and a high-end torque of 1100 Nm.  Its maximum speed of 80 kilometers per litre provides economy in transportation, and a fuel tank size of 365 litres optimizes fuel efficiency.

User Reviews for 22 Tyre Trucks

According to customers, 22-wheeler trucks are very versatile and are in high demand due to power, mileage and safety. These 22-chakka tractor-trailers are among the highest-rated trucks in terms of safety and loading capacity. The 22-wheeler trucks are very popular among customers because of the best service and warranty they offer.

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