Bharat Benz Staff Buses in India

BharatBenz is one of the biggest brands of the commercial vehicle industry and they have a positive image in front of customers. Let's talk about the staff buses from BharatBenz. These buses are very popular and used for human transportation like company staff pickup and drop, institute students and for long journey travel. The price of BharatBenz staff buses starts with Rs 35.81 lakhs and goes up to Rs 39.90 lakhs in India.

List of Bharat Benz staff buses available in India are mentioned below with key highlights and specifications. These Bharat Benz staff buses are available in multiple wheelbase options and seating configurations. To know about latest Bharat Benz staff bus price, specifications, seating capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired Bharat Benz staff bus model from the list below.

Bharat Benz Staff Bus Models

Top FAQ About Bharat Benz Staff Buses

Bharat Benz Staff Bus is a commercial vehicle designed for transportation of employees and staff.
The seating capacity of Bharat Benz Staff Bus ranges from 18 to 65 passengers.
The engine capacity of Bharat Benz Staff Bus ranges from 4 to 6.4 liters.
The maximum power output of Bharat Benz Staff Bus ranges from 140 to 280 HP.
The maximum torque output of Bharat Benz Staff Bus ranges from 450 to 1050 Nm.
Bharat Benz Staff Bus comes with a manual transmission with 5, 6 or 9 gears.
Bharat Benz Staff Bus comes with air suspension or parabolic leaf spring suspension.
The fuel tank capacity of Bharat Benz Staff Bus ranges from 100 to 400 liters.
The length of Bharat Benz Staff Bus ranges from 9 meters to 15 meters.
Bharat Benz Staff Bus comes with features like air conditioning, comfortable seats, and ample legroom for enhanced passenger comfort.

About Bharat Benz Staff Bus

BharatBenz staff buses are made with advanced technology. These buses offer a high class seating capacity with good quality seats and safety. BharatBenz never compromise in safety and comfort that's why they offer a luxury experience with safety at the affordable price range.

BharatBenz staff bus price in India

BharatBenz is the only brand that gives a luxury experience with comfort at an affordable price. Basically the price depends on brand, model, specification, features, road tax and one showroom price. The ex-showroom price starts with Rs 35.81 lakhs and ends with Rs 35.81 lakhs for on road prices you can visit on and get best prices.

BharatBenz staff bus specification

BharatBenz staff buses are known for powerful engines and high class performance. These buses have powerful engines ranging from 147 Hp to 170 Hp depending on modal and configurations. These staff buses are having an outstanding mileage which helps drivers for a long journey and multiple drive modes, air brakes, air suspension high torque , many seating options, 3 years warranty and  M036, Synchromesh type Cable shift gearbox with 6 speed manual (6F+1R) transmission which makes these buses very special in an affordable price. For more details you can visit on

BharatBenz staff buses features

The features of BharatBenz staff buses completely depend on the model. Here are some basic features that you can expect from these buses.

1. Powerful engines ranging from 147 Hp to 170 Hp for outstanding performance with decent prices.
2. Different seating options with comfortable seats between 26 seater to 39 seater depending on the customer which one he required.
3. BharatBenz staff buses have a fuel tank capacity of 160 litres and the mileage of 5.5 KMPL to 6 Kmpl the mileage can be different depending on modal and the behaviour of driver. .
4. BharatBenz staff buses offer 6F+1 gearbox transmission with high fueling affection.
5. BharatBenz buses come with modern cabins and high level features like adjustable seats, announcement mic, music system, door controls for extra comfort of drivers.
6. BharatBenz staff buses offer air conditioners with adjustable passenger seats and big rear space for luggage.
7. Safety is always the first priority of BharatBenz and they offer advanced safety features like air brakes, ABS, air suspension, emergency gate to protect the drivers and the passengers.
8. These buses offer radial tubeless tyres with the wheelbase of 5300mm and it makes driving safe and easy.
9. BharatBenz staff buses offer some other features like adjustable steering, led headlamps, rear camera, seatbelt and hydraulic doors to make the experience more luxurious.

BharatBenz staff buses mileage

The mileage of BharatBenz staff buses mileage completely depends on driver, drivers behaviour, way of driving, road type and configurations but because of advance fueling optimal company claims the mileage between 5 to 6 kmpl and this is the best number in staff bus segment.

BharatBenz staff bus dealer

BharatBenz is the only brand that offers the dealerships all over India. If you are looking for a trusted and nearest dealer than you should visit on by helping of this website you can find your nearest dealer by using toll find dealer near me and then you can get location of trusted and nearest dealer.

Best BharatBenz staff bus

BharatBenz 1017 : Staff 35 / 39 Seater staff bus is the latest model .It generates the power of 170 Hp and the torque 520 Nm@1500 rpm and the radial tubeless tyres of size 235/75 R17.5  at the wheelbase of 5300 mm .This is the one of the luxurious bus in India, it comes with a lot of features like adjustable driver seat ,adjustable passenger seats, air conditioner , air brakes and ABS for extra safety and we know that BharatBenz  always tries to gives the best  service and a luxury experience in a affordable price range and this bus is passed in every criteria and this is the best choice if you are looking for a best staff bus than you can definitely purchase it.

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Customer reviews on BharatBenz staff buses

According to the customer reviews BharatBenz staff buses have positive reviews. A lot of customers say these buses are very useful and long term journeys and customers give these buses a five star safety rating. The modern cabin and outstanding mileage at an affordable price range is one of the most talking points of customers. Customers are very happy after purchasing theses buses and they take the next step to success.