Best Ashok Leyland 16 Wheeler Tippers

Ashok Leyland 16 Wheel Tipper price starts from Rs. 54 lakh to Rs. 65 lakhs in India. These Ashok Leyland 16 tyre tippers or dumper trucks are available for sale in multiple body configurations and powertrain options to suit your requirements. To check details of latest Ashok Leyland 16 tyre tipper price, specifications, loading capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired Ashok Leyland 16 wheeler tipper truck model from the list below.

Ashok Leyland, a prominent commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, offers a diverse range of trucks tailored for various applications. Within their lineup, Ashok Leyland provides 16 wheel tippers designed specifically for heavy-duty hauling and construction purposes. Ashok Leyland's 16 wheel dumpers are renowned for their reliability, durability, and exceptional load-carrying capabilities. These vehicles are engineered to withstand demanding terrains and challenging working conditions, making them well-suited for construction sites, mining operations, and other similar applications.

About Ashok Leyland 16 Wheeler Tippers

The 16 tyre tippers from Ashok Leyland are built to handle heavy loads efficiently, delivering optimal performance and productivity. These Ashok Leyland 16 chakka tippers are equipped with powerful engines and robust drivetrain systems, ensuring ample power and torque to tackle large-scale hauling requirements. Ashok Leyland places a strong emphasis on safety in their 16 wheel tippers. These vehicles are equipped with advanced safety features and technologies, designed to enhance driver and occupant protection, as well as minimize risks in hazardous environments.

The cabins of Ashok Leyland's 16 wheel dumpers offer spaciousness and ergonomic design, prioritizing driver comfort during extended working hours. These cabins are thoughtfully designed to provide a conducive environment for operators, enabling them to operate the vehicle with ease and focus.

In summary, Ashok Leyland's 16 tyre tippers are widely recognized in the commercial trucking industry for their reliability, durability, and efficient performance. They provide a robust and dependable solution for heavy-duty hauling and construction needs, contributing to increased productivity and profitability for businesses operating in demanding environments.

Ashok Leyland 16 wheel tippers features

Here are some notable features of the Ashok Leyland 16 tyre tippers:

Strong and Sturdy Construction: Ashok Leyland's 16 wheel tippers are built with a robust chassis and frame, providing excellent strength and durability to handle heavy loads and challenging terrains.
High Load-Carrying Capacity: These tippers are designed to transport large volumes of materials, offering substantial load-carrying capabilities for heavy-duty applications.
Powerful Engine: Ashok Leyland equips their 16 tyre tippers with powerful engines that deliver high torque and reliable performance, ensuring the ability to handle demanding tasks efficiently.
Spacious and Comfortable Cabin: The cabin of these tippers offers ample space and is designed with driver comfort in mind. It features ergonomic seating, convenient controls, and a well-planned layout to enhance the overall driving experience.
Advanced Safety Features: Ashok Leyland prioritizes safety by incorporating features such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS), parking brakes, seat belts, and robust chassis design to provide optimal safety for the driver and occupants.
Excellent Maneuverability: Despite their size and load-carrying capacity, Ashok Leyland 16 wheel dumpers offer good maneuverability, enabling easier navigation and operation in congested work areas.
Reliable Suspension System: These tippers are equipped with a reliable suspension system that provides a smoother ride, reducing driver fatigue and enhancing overall comfort.
Efficient Transmission: Ashok Leyland's 16 wheel tippers come with an efficient transmission system that enables smooth gear shifting, ensuring better control and optimized fuel efficiency.
Easy Maintenance: Ashok Leyland focuses on providing easy maintenance and serviceability for their tippers, with features like accessible engine compartments and user-friendly diagnostic systems.
Enhanced Visibility and Lighting: These tippers are designed with large windshields and strategically placed mirrors to provide excellent visibility for the driver. Additionally, they feature well-placed and bright lighting systems for improved visibility during night time operations.

Ashok Leyland 16 wheel tippers specifications

Here are the specifications of the Ashok Leyland 16 wheel dumper:

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): These tippers have a high GVW of 47,500 kg, allowing it to carry heavy loads.
Engine: These tippers are powered by a robust and efficient diesel engine. The engine displacement can vary with H series CRS and iGen6 technology.
Power Output: The engine generates a power output ranging from 247 hp to 250 horsepower (HP), providing ample power to tackle challenging terrains and heavy payloads.
Torque: The torque output of the engine is 900 Nm@1100-1800 rpm, ensuring excellent pulling capability and performance in demanding working conditions.
Transmission: These tippers are equipped with a manual transmission system, typically with 9 forward gears and 1 reverse gear.
Wheelbase: The wheelbase of the Ashok Leyland 10 tyre tipper ranges from 4,500 mm to 5,400 mm, contributing to stability and load distribution.
Load Body Capacity: The tipping body has a high load-carrying capacity, typically ranging from 18 cubic meters to 20 cubic meters, allowing for efficient transportation of bulk materials.
Suspension: These tippers feature robust suspension systems, including parabolic leaf springs or semi-elliptical multi-leaf springs, ensuring stability and smooth operation even on uneven surfaces.
Fuel Tank Capacity: These tippers come with a generous fuel tank capacity, usually ranging from 200 to 300 liters, minimizing the need for frequent refuelling.
Tyres: These tippers are equipped with durable and high-traction tyres suitable for off-road and on-road applications. The tyre size is typically around 10.00x20 to 12.00x24 inches.
Brakes: These tippers are equipped with air brakes, providing reliable and efficient braking performance. Some models may also feature exhaust brakes or engine brakes for additional control.
Dimensions: The overall dimensions of these tippers vary depending on the model but generally fall within the range of 8,000 mm to 9,500 mm in length, 2,500 mm to 2,700 mm in width, and 3,200 mm to 3,500 mm in height.

Ashok Leyland 16 wheel tippers price in India

The Ashok Leyland 16 tyre tipper price starts from Rs. 54 lakhs as the lowest price and ranges to Rs. 65 lakhs as the highest price.

Latest model Ashok Leyland 16 wheel tippers

Ashok Leyland 4825 Tipper is the latest model of Ashok Leyland 16 wheel dumper.

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