Top Ambulances in India

This wide range of mileage underscores the versatility of ambulances, making them well-equipped to cater to diverse emergency medical scenarios. Whether navigating through busy urban streets or traversing challenging terrains, the overall performance of these top ambulances ensures efficient fuel consumption while maintaining the agility required for swift response times.

The price range of top Ambulance starts from ₹ 8.26 lacs to ₹ 27.36 lacs. In essence, the varying features and specifications of these ambulances exemplify their commitment to combining economic operation with the exigencies of delivering life-saving medical assistance.

Ambulance Models

Top FAQ About Ambulance

The top ambulances include Mahindra ALSV, Force Traveller Ambulance, and Tata Winger Ambulance.
It comes with advanced life support equipment, a stretcher, oxygen cylinder, and more.
It has a seating capacity of two, including the driver.
The fuel efficiency may vary depending on the engine type and driving conditions.
The price may vary depending on the brand, model, and features.
They come with safety features such as airbags, ABS, and more.
The warranty period may vary depending on the brand and model.
The maximum speed may vary depending on the engine type and other factors.
Mahindra ALSV is considered one of the best ambulances for critical patients.

About Ambulance

Exploring the landscape of top ambulances reveals a fascinating array of models, each uniquely characterized by its exceptional mileage capabilities. These ambulances stand out with mileage figures from an economical 9 kilometers per liter to an impressive 21.84 kilometers per liter. The features option of the ambulance are such as Type B patient transport ambulances, Type C basic life support ambulances and Type D advanced life support ambulances.

To gather comprehensive information on the latest ambulance prices, specifications, seating capacity, mileage, and more, simply visit the site of and click on your desired ambulance models from the curated list below. Stay informed and make the right choice for your specific requirements.

Top Ambulance Price in India

The price range of the top ambulance depends upon the model, configuration and many other features. The different prices range reflect variations in specifications such as gross vehicle weight (GVW), power output and fuel type. Each of these top ambulance models offers distinct features and capabilities, catering to diverse healthcare requirements and facilitating the choice of a suitable option while adhering to budget considerations.

The latest model price of Ambulance are:

                Model                                                                            Price 

Tata Magic Express Ambulance                                                   Rs. 8.26 lakh
Force Trax Ambulance                                                                 Rs. 13.14 lakh to Rs.13.71 lakh
Tata Winger Ambulance AC 3488                                                Rs. 16.01 lakh to Rs. 27.60 lakh
Supro Ambulance.                                                                       Rs. 8.47 lakh and Rs. 9.2 lakh

Top Ambulance Mileage

Ambulance mileage varies among models. The Tata Magic Express Ambulance and Mahindra Supro Ambulance lead with around 21.84 and 21.94 kilometers per liter respectively, allowing medical teams to cover more distance efficiently. Other models like the Force Trax Ambulance and Force Traveller Ambulance 3350 T2 offer 12-14 and 9-11 kilometers per liter respectively, still ensuring reliable service over long distances. These options cater to different needs and budgets, offering flexibility for healthcare providers to choose accordingly.

Top Ambulance Dealer

Finding a reliable dealership is key when buying a top ambulance. has partnered with trusted dealers nationwide, giving you direct access to reputable sellers. Our platform features a special section to help you find authorized ambulance dealers near you. We offer essential contact details, detailed dealership info, and helpful customer reviews, empowering you to make confident, informed choices. Trust us to connect you with the right ambulance dealer for a smooth and satisfying buying experience.

Top ambulance Specifications and Features

Mileage Range: The mileage of top ambulances varies from low, starting at 9 kmpl, to a high of 21.84 kmpl, depending on different models. This range ensures both fuel efficiency and performance, catering to diverse operational needs.

Price Range: The price spectrum for these top ambulance models extends from 8.26 lakh to 27.6 lakh, providing a variety of options that align with different budgets and requirements.
Power Variability: These ambulances offer a wide range of power between 47 HP and 115 HP, corresponding to various models. This diverse power range accommodates different medical scenarios and terrain challenges effectively.
Safety Features: These top ambulances are equipped with crucial safety features like airbags and ABS, ensuring the well-being of patients, medical staff, and drivers during emergency transport.
GVW Capacity: The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) can reach up to 3965 kilograms allowing these ambulances to carry a significant medical equipment and personnel load while maintaining optimal performance.
Fuel Efficiency: All top ambulances run on diesel fuel, striking a balance between power and efficiency to support emergency response and medical services effectively.

Latest Top Ambulance

Eicher Skyline Ambulance D Type is the latest model of ambulance. It accommodates a spacious seating capacity of 8+P, providing ample room for medical teams and patients alike. It comes with  1999 cc, 3-cylinder diesel engine, which exerts a high end-torque 285 Nm, that ensures its agility and responsiveness play a critical role in addressing emergency scenarios effectively. The Eicher Skyline Ambulance D Type strikes a harmonious balance with its substantial Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 4995 kilogram, solidifying its place as a compelling forefront solution in the realm of modern ambulance services.

Best Top Ambulance

The Force Traveller Ambulance 3350 T2 is the best model of the ambulance. It comes with a 2596 cc, 4-cylinder diesel engine that produces a power of 115 HP. It is fueled by diesel, its powertrain ensures reliability even in demanding medical emergencies. The gross vehicle weight of this ambulance is 4125 kilograms. With a well-engineered engine and its capacity to seat medical personnel and patients comfortably, the Force Traveller Ambulance 3350 T2 stands as a prime option in the landscape of ambulance solutions. 
           The Force Traveller Ambulance 3350 presents an equally formidable offering. It also produces a power of 115 HP. The gross vehicle weight of this ambulance is 3965 kilograms. The shared features across these two variants reaffirm their reliability, responsiveness, and adaptability to various scenarios.

Customer Reviews for Top Ambulance

Customers admire the top ambulance models' outstanding performance, reliability and ability to meet various medical needs. They appreciate their smooth handling in critical situations and comfortable designs for both medical personnel and patients. The combination of advanced features, strong build and user-friendly layouts receives praise, making these ambulances dependable choices for modern healthcare needs.

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