Best 50 Seater Buses in India

There are a variety of 50 seater buses available in India from different bus manufacturers.

These 50 seater buses from different brands are available for sale in multiple seating configurations. To know about latest 50 seater bus price, specifications, seating capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired 50 seater bus model from the list below.

50 Seater Bus Models

Top FAQ About 50 Seater Buses

Popular brands in India that offer 50-seater buses include Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Volvo Buses, and Scania Buses.
50-seater buses are used for various applications such as inter-city transportation, staff transportation, and tourism.
Different types of 50-seater buses include standard buses, luxury buses, and AC buses.
The fuel efficiency of a 50-seater bus varies based on factors such as engine capacity, load, and terrain.
The price of a 50-seater bus in India ranges from INR 40 lakhs to INR 2 crores depending on the brand, type, and features.
The most popular 50-seater buses in India are Volvo 9400, Ashok Leyland 12M, and Tata Marcopolo.
The lowest-priced 50-seater bus in India is the Tata Marcopolo with a starting price of around INR 40 lakhs.
The highest-priced 50-seater bus in India is the Volvo 9400 with a starting price of around INR 2 crores.

About 50 Seater Buses

These Latest 50 Seater Bus Models are well known by average sized buses. It has a specific position in the passenger transportation industry. It is positioned between the bigger, more conventional buses and the smaller, new 50-seater buses. With its ability to combine capacity, comfort, efficiency, safety, and connection, this bus offers a comprehensive response to the problems associated with urban transportation.

For high comfort, these 50-seater buses have comfy seats, air conditioning, and entertainment systems are also provided. At TrucksBuses, you will get a detailed summary of the 50-seater buses provided by their manufacturers. The updated portal of TrucksBuses assists you with all new technologies of recently launched buses. These latest 50-seater buses epitomise the talent and dependability that defines top buses. This tradition is showcased by these 50-seater buses, which combine cutting-edge technology with dedication to responding to the changing demands of contemporary cities.

50-Seater Bus Price in India

If you are inquiring about 50 seater bus price, these are the top models of 50 seater buses BharatBenz 1017 school 39 & 49 seater bus, Tata Starbus AC school LP 913 CNG and Eicher 3011L Skyline Pro RouteKing bus stands as a competitive option. The price of a 50-seater bus in India ranges from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 1 crore depending on the brand, type, and features. This wide range of offerings ensures that educational institutions can find the ideal 50-seater bus that not only meets their capacity needs but also falls within their budget. 

50-Seater Bus Mileage

These top 50-seater bus models, including the Eicher 3011L Skyline Pro RouteKing bus and Tata Starbus Prime LP 812/52: 50 seater bus These top brand-new 50-seater bus models offer an impressive mileage range of 5 kilometres per litre to 6 kilometres per litre. This remarkable fuel efficiency reflects the 50-seater bus's dedication to providing cost-effective and environment-conscious transportation solutions. Be it the versatile 50-seater bus designed for various applications or the 50-seater school buses, brands like Tata, BharatBenz, and Eicher Motors among others consistently deliver vehicles that strike a harmonious balance between performance and fuel economy. With a commitment to both passenger comfort and economic operation, these brand-new models of 50-seater buses provide a reliable and sustainable option for a wide range of transportation needs. For a high clarification about the mileage of these buses, you take practical feedback from other owners. You can check the mileage and other details on 

50-Seater Bus Delars List

Finding certified 50 seater bus dealers in your area is made easy with the help of user-friendly Internet platform. Customers can easily get the complete database of nearby dealers by visiting the website and using the user-friendly search criteria. Customers can use these search filters to narrow down their options using parameters like city, state, or certain 50-seater bus models they are interested in. The dedicated customer support team is on hand to provide advice and assistance in finding the most suitable 50-seats. The bus Dealers if customers need assistance or have questions during their search. connects consumers with reputable 50-seater bus dealers to meet their transportation needs, be it for a single bus purchase or to accommodate fleet demand.

50-Seater Bus Specifications and Features

Mileage: These latest 50-seater buses like these top 50-seater bus models, including the Eicher 3011L Skyline Pro RouteKing bus and Tata Starbus Prime LP 812/52 bus. These top brand-new 50-seater bus models offer an impressive mileage range of 5 to 6 kilometres per litre. Here, you will get only a representative idea based on certain assumptions which are claimed by officials. We are recommending you for accurate fuel average of the latest 50 seater buses, you can take practical feedback from the owners of 50 seater buses.  
GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight): These 50-seater buses gross vehicle weight range of 8500 to 14000 kilograms. The gross vehicle weight capacity of these 50-seater buses depends on passenger capacities and transportation needs, including both small groups and heavy goods. 
Power and torque: These brand new 50 seater bus models produce power lies between 83 horsepower to 170 horsepower and with a high-end torque of 285 Nm to 520 Nm,  customers may select the degree of performance that best meets their unique requirements, whether for local or long-distance travel.  
Safety Features: Upholding passenger safety as a top priority, Tata's 50-seater buses are equipped with essential safety features like seat belts, fire extinguishers, and strategically placed emergency exits, reinforcing a secure travel environment.  
Price Range: The 50 seater bus price range of Rs. 25 lakh to Rs.1 crore positions as a reliable and affordable choice, delivering both quality and cost-effectiveness in one package.

Latest 50-Seater Bus

Introduction of the latest 50-seater buses, the principle of transportation efficiency. With high-end torque ranging from 83 hp to 170 hp and 285 to 520 Nm, it delivers solid and reliable performance with a gross vehicle weight of 8500 kg to 14000 kg. This bus has two different seating arrangements which can seat 49,50 and 51 passengers in 3x2, 2x2 and 3x3 layout. With a mileage of 5-6 kilometres per litre, the BharatBenz 1017 School 39 and 49 Seater Bus is a practical and economical choice for schools, colleges and other institutions requiring safe and pleasant student transportation.
The BharatBenz 1017 School 39 and 49 Seater Bus is also designed to operate in a variety of road conditions. It can travel on various terrains including metropolitan roads and country roads thanks to its strong engine and suspension system, making it versatile for a variety of transportation purposes. BharatBenz 1017 School 39 and 49 Seater Bus is an attractive choice for schools, corporations and organisations looking for a reliable, effective and pleasant solution for group transportation due to its remarkable specifications and emphasis on passenger comfort and safety.

Best 50-Seater Bus

These 50 seater buses are BharatBenz 1017 School 39 and 49 seater bus and Eicher 3011L Skyline Pro RouteKing 51 seater bus. The Price range of these buses starts from Rs 29.34 Lakh and Rs 37.61 Lakh, this model combines affordability with functionality, making it an excellent choice for various transportation needs. With a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 10600 kg and 12000 kg respectively, it ensures a strong and balanced performance on the road. Powered by 160 and 170-horsepower diesel engines, it provides reliable power for smooth travel over a variety of terrains. In terms of fuel efficiency, it is expected to get a mileage of 5-6 kilometres per litre. Choosing between the two buses, which both cater to different transportation demands as the top choice in the 30-seater category, will mostly depend on your individual needs and brand preferences.

Customer Reviews for 50-Seater Bus

Comments from people using the latest models of 50 seater buses highlight the adaptability and power of these vehicles. These buses have been widely appreciated for their efficiency in catering to various needs, leaving the passengers completely satisfied. The 50-seat bus series with a remarkable gross vehicle weight has won praise for efficiently fitting a wide variety of loads, demonstrating its excellent flexibility and reliability. The 50 seater bus series has also been appreciated for its economical design, as its excellent mileage helps ensure that operations are conducted economically without compromising performance. Users have shown a strong attraction for safety features such as service air brake system, pre-tensioner equipped seat belts and a solidly built body structure. These qualities highlight the unwavering dedication of these buses to provide a safe and reliable travel experience for both the passengers and students.

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